Aruba, Natalee Holloway Investigation: Another Law Enforcement & Prosecutorial Screw Up, Is Anything Done Right in this Case?


Key Stone Cops now influence Rotterdam-Rijmond police.

Forget the so-called demands that Patrick Van der Eem made, the Captioncontest_CuracaoOfficercommunication was botched up from the outset. Now Aruban and Dutch officials are just in CYA mode. So after they made the admitted screw up, they are now saying it was not possible. How convenient.

The question needs to be asked, did the case of missing Natalee Holloway ever have a chance to be properly investigated or solved? The initial stages of the Natalee Holloway missing persons investigation are well documented for their mistakes. The lack of any competent investigation or seriousness of the situation. Now after all this time we are presented with even more “Key Stone Cop” occurrences in this case. This time by the Dutch police.

The efforts of Patrick van der Eem fell on deaf ears when he went to Dutch police to become an under cover agent, “civil infiltrator.” Why? Because the conversation between Van der Eem and the Rotterdam-Rijmond police were never forwarded to any one. Not the ALE or even the Dutch prosecutors.

The minister indicated though that, as a result of the decision of the regional police Gelderland-Midden to pass the information from the conversation with Van der Eem to the corps of Rotterdam-Rijmond only and not to the Aruban authorities, ‘all special cases’ will from now on be brought up in the regular deliberation of the Public Prosecutor with the chief of police.  

The Dutch Public Prosecutor was also not informed of the conversation.  The minister realized in February that this was an assessment mistake.

Really? Not sharing information is a mistake? What was your first clue? The incompetence and obstacles that have been presented in the case of missing Natalee Holloway go beyond all reasonable bounds of normalcy. How many times can law enforcement and prosecutors continually screw up before it becomes obvious that it is not incompetence, but instead a consistent pattern of behavior of cover up and the want to just make a problem go away?

Infiltration was not possible due to demands of Van der Eem (Amigoe: 5/19/2008)

ORANJESTAD – The efforts of a civil infiltrator as well as an undercover agent was legally not possible due to ‘the conditions’ that Patrick van der Eem has set late last year for his cooperation, says the Dutch minister of Justice Ernst Hirsch Ballin as a result of questions of the Standing Parliament Committee Justice about the Dutch interference in the Holloway-case.

The minister indicated though that, as a result of the decision of the regional police Gelderland-Midden to pass the information from the conversation with Van der Eem to the corps of Rotterdam-Rijmond only and not to the Aruban authorities, ‘all special cases’ will from now on be brought up in the regular deliberation of the Public Prosecutor with the chief of police.  

The Dutch Public Prosecutor was also not informed of the conversation.  The minister realized in February that this was an assessment mistake.  He now assures the committee that the ‘bottleneck’ will also be brought under the attention on National level, among others in the meeting of the CIE-officials of justice.

The VVD wondered whether not giving the information could have led to improved insight of the police and justice of Aruba, before they decided to arrest Joran van der Sloot again for the second time.  Hirsch Ballin says that he has no say in this matter.  

From the minister’s answers it also appears that Van der Eem was not to be put in as civil infiltrator.  This is only possible if a criminal group of persons that supposedly derived or committed crimes with the participation of a civil infiltrator.  But this was not the case in the Holloway-case, says Hirsch Ballin.  Even putting in an undercover agent would have been against the Dutch law, due to the financial condition that Van der Eem demanded from the Dutch authorities in advance.

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    79 Responses to “Aruba, Natalee Holloway Investigation: Another Law Enforcement & Prosecutorial Screw Up, Is Anything Done Right in this Case?”

    1. richard on May 20th, 2008 9:07 am

      What is of great interest to me is what is found at the bottom of this article … Patrick van der Eem made financial demands of the Dutch authorities “in advance.”

      Is this true? If so, I don’t think this was ever disclosed. Didn’t van der Eem say his “only concern” was the injustice shown to the world?

      Now it looks as though he’s just another wannabe informer on the take?

      Nobody … not van der Eem, not the Dutch, and certainly not the Arubans … comes out of this with anything but the stink of manure around them.

      The Dutch “system” seems to be no system at all.

      So much for the assurances that the airlines, the hotels, the casinos, and all the people in the tourism industries throw at us … please, people, for your own sake, boycott Aruba.

      And remember, the Aruba Tourism Association is having the meeting in Washington, DC, in mid-June … stand up for Natalee and take part, and/or support those who do!

    2. richard on May 20th, 2008 9:12 am

      And, too, are we to believe that the producer of the Dutch TV show for whom Patrick van der Eem worked wouldn’t have influence in Dutch legal circles, and wouldn’t know the ins and outs of Dutch law (to the extent anyone does)?

      Peter de Vries is just like Greta van Susteren and his media counterparts worldwide … manipulated Beth to get an audience, then dumped her cold once he’d gotten what he wanted.

      In my eyes, all the professions of deep concern and the like were no more than surface blandishments. Nobody cares, except us here.

    3. brie. on May 20th, 2008 9:17 am

      So what Patrick did was not legally possible, wasn’t his fault, so does this mean that Beth cannot file her civil suit….you can bet your boudie Paulus got involved in that one…they never run out of crap, do they?
      SM: I don’t see how this would effect Beth’s civil suit in the NL at all. (klaasend)

    4. Herman on May 20th, 2008 9:39 am

      The Pages are rolling…
      I just stay singing… for NATALEE HOLLOWAY.
      Lonelyness creeps on my neck: it was their works trying to say how it is or was…
      Dear Monkeys: come together in Jesus name…
      I think…do you know the name angel wynton?
      Is Natalee in Holland?
      You always can choose…
      What’s going on?
      Is there someone who also triewd to betrade me in my trust?
      Understand: I see Natalee in y mind while I’m singing .

    5. Carpe on May 20th, 2008 10:11 am

      The answer is blatantly obvious. Patrick Van der eem was trying to appear as a ‘do gooder’ … and he was in fact working for the Van der sloot / Kalpoe movement.

      Even the WINE THROWING incident was staged.

      They thought they could hoodwink Americans into believing that this little rank amateur Arubian-Dutch faggot reality show, and that we would all take “our dollies” (so to speak) and go home.

      They were hoping the Holloway family would at least feel like they had some answers and finality in Natalee’s death, and that it
      was the end of their nightmare. Their nightmare of being terrorized by the gang-raping, murdering, filthy pieces of toxic garbage, known as the Van der sloot and Kalpoe families, and the dirty pocket of Govt. currently in power in Aruba.
      (still covering for these vermin)

      Patrick & Peter sold it to the world:



      (why don’t we let the Holloways say if they feel that way? hmmm?)

      These people were actually hoping for the end
      of the nightmare Aruba is going through.

      Patrick also thought he could profit off of it, IN TWO WAYS, by putting out a book in America.

      They thought we’d never bother to uncover all the facts, that he used to live there right along side them all, and he was in fact family friends with these raping murdering dimestore terrorists.

      Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think all Arubans and Dutch are dirty…

      However, there are deep dirty pockets, with the ability to pull strings in both countries. They have done it. They are still continuing to
      do it even today.

      Today is day number 1,086. The BOYCOTT ARUBA still rolls on, & with every lie, they just make things one thousands times worse.

      I fully plan to keep layin’ the
      almighty f’n hurts to them. That’s
      fer surrrrre!


      We’re gonna stick it the hardcore F. on ‘em everyday because we are humans with hearts and souls still in tact.

      >We still believe in THE TRUTH.

      Something that keeps getting harder and harder to find in all of “THE GOOD PEOPLE OF ARUBA”, and even the Netherlands sometimes these days, huh?

      -Justice for Natalee!

    6. Carpe on May 20th, 2008 10:13 am

      Could somebody please shut OTIS TFU until he has checked himself into the Mayberry Inn overnight?

      They key is one the hook where Barney left it.


    7. Carpe on May 20th, 2008 10:35 am

      We do it for the love of Nat and her family, & because it is the right thing to do.

      Not out of hatred.


    8. kaye on May 20th, 2008 10:50 am

      will someone please answer me this one…..WHO is handling this case? i made contact with the Dutch officials at the Hague who informed me that they are not handling this case,they said that ALE is. Well, ALE hasn’t handled it from day one. Aruban officials have not responded to my letters either(am I surprised?). it looks like it’s a hot potato!!i read the article from Amigoe (which I don’t put muich faith in that newspaper). the article is so contradictory. It’s a classic example of cover your arse!!

      #2 Richard….i agree, Peter DV has turned out to be another Greta……very dissapointing but not totally unexpected from Greta or any other american news media for that fact. no loyalty there.

    9. kaye on May 20th, 2008 10:51 am

      p.s. ….herman dear herman……please put that Dutch wacky weed away!!

    10. brie. on May 20th, 2008 11:14 am

      Klaasend…maybe I misunderstood the article but if they are saying because he went went undercover and the proper people were not informed, then this is not legally possible so the video is not legal either and could not be submitted in a civil suit….I don’t really know but I would think they would try to say this could not be submitted for that reason….just a question…

    11. Miss-Underestimated on May 20th, 2008 11:15 am

      The way I see it, Natalee’s family has been lied to from the minute Beth arrived. But as my Swami says…..Karma… a BIOTCH….

      The day of reckoning is soon. Aruba cannot sustain against all the hits lately. Sooner than later it will sef destruct. Those of us who have been around for awhile know that all empires of corruption fall.

    12. bob on May 20th, 2008 11:45 am

      Patrick VDE looks like a gangster and I never believed his phoney tears. I never believed his constant remark “I’m doing this for the mother because I also have children.”

      But I don’t believe Aruban authorities are incompetent. They know who controls them. They can’t be competent in this case. They must answer to the gambling, drug, slavery element that keeps their sewer afloat.

    13. Miss Katie on May 20th, 2008 11:59 am

      disgusting pieces of crap that run aruba and holland..and that incompetent gueen of theres… thats getting callouses on her ass from sitting on the throne to long… all they are doing is ..making excuses excuses to cover their asses…. nothing they can say will make a difference they just keep stepping deeper in manure…
      wonder what beth thinks of peter and patrick now hmmmm……….. boils my blood at these idiots….harboring joran and covering for pauulus……. I know one thing the only way to get back at them is what
      richard said”


    14. A New Girl on May 20th, 2008 1:32 pm

      “Today is day number 1,086. The BOYCOTT ARUBA still rolls on, & with every lie, they just make things one thousands times worse.”

      And, there you have it! The bad news just keeps on coming, doesn’t it??

      Although we know a horrible injustice has taken place here, the truly aggravating and unfair thing is—those GUILTY are remaining free.

      May they each burn in hell!!!!!! I don’t believe this case will ever truly be solved. What a shame. My thoughts and prayers remain with the Holloway family.

      - No J4N ?????

      A R U B A S U C K S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    15. Herman on May 20th, 2008 1:48 pm

      Dear Kathie,

      I did… did trie to get better real answers from her: her talking about trust in God and so on.
      Perhaps she is sick… do you understand? And because I had my own worries…
      But… who is that lady with her singing from out Tennesee? She looked so hounesd to me.
      Forgive me my personal hopes in life:
      I nèver give up (I hope)
      … or else: I had and was so different in the home situation and grow-up situation: I’m not normal (I am, but I don’t get it from God as it seems)
      I am what I am… loving you so far as I can
      … but feeling at this moment a lot with Dave Holloway…
      I’m feeling clear minded
      … that’s why I’m behaving like the others will not do…
      Every time -said todfay to my dear one here, I see with a song of Jim Reeves… the face of Natalee Holloway.
      But: not happy, but herself strong helping in live.
      Inside I like you all so much,
      Herman van Dijk

    16. richard on May 20th, 2008 2:04 pm

      And not only boycott Aruba ourselves … spread the word to other people who might go.

      Aruba is back advertising on Yahoo.

      We have to remember: the money people DON’T CARE about Natalee. Or about you, or me, once they get our hotel deposits and air fares.

      And, it appears, our government does not care.

      It’s up to “We the people” … I know, grammatically it should be (in this case, “Us the people”) … and nobody is doing more than Vicki and Jodi in organizing and preparing materials.

      But all of us can do something. Write letters, protest, send some cash … let them know at that you are of sterner stuff than our businesses and government.

      THEY might wink at this … we never will.

      Spread the word about Aruba. Stand up for Natalee.

    17. Carpe on May 20th, 2008 2:15 pm

      Here’s my latest LOVING NATALEE Episode

      *The lyrics are a bit “ripe for young ears”

      I figure if it is not suitable for the FP

      Klass or Red will knock the post down. It was

      pretty funny one.

    18. Carpe on May 20th, 2008 2:21 pm

      #8 Hi Kaye,

      I respecfully disagree on the Greta thing.

      That “inclined to believe him” thing was
      a bit frustrating to me, defintely.

      …but looking back on everything… (the global
      picture view) absolutely no anchor on this planet (or tv network) gave Natalee & her family more air time.

      Agree or disagree with Greta at times, she is a hero in my book for all the time.

    19. crossbow on May 20th, 2008 3:45 pm

      Can anyone please identify the purpose of this tower and what appears to be a garage?

    20. Bob on May 20th, 2008 4:22 pm

      OK, let’s stop being policically correct and stop pussy footing around: This is ALL a direct result of generations of inbreeding. It produces IDIOTS and they simply can’t help themselves.

      My only hope is that some world renowned journalist : Greta…Nancy Grace… Geraldo….anyone(?) will have the BALLS to call a spade a spade….show the world body that ARUBA and their sympathic Dutch imbeciles are not worthy of even pity.

    21. Miss-Underestimated on May 20th, 2008 5:04 pm

      Someone needs to get a squeeze on the Dompig’s.
      Michael knows what happened and daddy shut him up

    22. crossbow on May 20th, 2008 7:11 pm

      Notice how they can’t seem to remember her name. It is NATALEE ANN HOLLOWAY.

    23. Kat_Gram on May 20th, 2008 7:34 pm

      Well “Even putting in an undercover agent would have been against the Dutch law, due to the financial condition that Van der Eem demanded from the Dutch authorities in advance.”
      What did he ask for ? He didn’t get that much from Devries. He spent the time and the time he spent was taken away from his legitimate business interests. We all can’t afford to do months of full time volunteer work and Van Der Emm GOT THE GOODS and they still chose to do nothing. These statements are coming from the ones who did the choosing to do nothing for three years and who gave every advantage to the Sloots. They have been exposed and they will lash out at Devries and anyone else who they can. That is my take on all of this about Van Der Emm and Devries. The case was ” solved ” by Beth within 48 hours.

    24. richard on May 20th, 2008 9:08 pm

      Problem is, KatGram, I don’t think we’d ever heard this before. No specific sum is mentioned.

      Did van der Eem ask for anything?

      Did deVries know anything about it?

      At this stage, trust (at least on my part) is totally absent towards any and all of them, Arubans, Dutch, van der Eem, deVries ….

      I can’t see any of them who really and sincerely seems to be dedicated to seeking justice pure and simple. I could be wrong on Patrick … but a lot of other posters are also skeptical towards him.

      And deVries, in my eyes, is just another media whore. Sure he wanted Beth on his show … it gives him an enormous jump in coverage.

      Once that’s gone, so is she. So is his concern.

      Maybe I’m wrong. But nearly three years after, I haven’t seen anyone get involved just to right a wrong and to see justice done.

      That is … nobody, except for us here.

    25. Maggie on May 20th, 2008 9:46 pm

      Amen Richard….

      Just looking at Joran on tv shaking describing Natalee dying was enough to make anyone sick.. and then saying he was high on weed and making it up and now Patrick wanted money.. never heard that before either.. Probably didn’t happen, it’s just a way to keep anything from being done to the 3 last seen with Natalee again.. Par for the course, it’s either tampered with or never collected, no witness is credible unless it excludes them etc. They know what happened to Natalee. Came across this old interview of a retired Aruban detective.. This guy was trying to tell Abrams he Natalee was alive, like she ran away because of what she wrote in her yearbook. Tried to say this happened on alot of other islands before with her.. This was after a confession, and all those lies from the Kalpoes and Sloots. This *(#(&&@ was ever a cop is nuts. Problem is this is the kind of freaks Natalee’s family have dealing with all along. Trying to blame the victims. Even tries to throw Laci Petersons name in it. Said it before, will say again,, they know what happened to Natalee and anyone with half a brain knows by now.

      June 22, 2005 The Abrams Report

      ELIO NICOLAAS, RETIRED ARUBAN POLICE DETECTIVE: I believe so. I think the police and the government and the people of Aruba are doing everything they can to find Natalee hopefully alive, but of course, as in any investigation, also in the United States, sometimes you make mistakes that you would rather not have made during the (UNINTELLIGIBLE). You will see that, but I think all in all that Aruba is doing all it can to find Natalee. And I personally believe that this story will come to a good end, hopefully a good end for everybody. We will get to the bottom of this.

      ABRAMS: What do you base that on? I mean I know you believe that Natalee is alive. Why do you believe that?

      NICOLAAS: Well, because of a few things, you know. What she wrote in her yearbook that something like if I go there’s a lot of things to be seen yet, et cetera. Will you remember me? And then on (UNINTELLIGIBLE) that was (UNINTELLIGIBLE) call me, we can talk. And also on the bus trip I think it was that the mother said I won’t give in this time. And there are a lot of rumors that this has already happened on other islands, Bahamas, Barbados, Jamaica, something like that. And it all seems—it looks to me like she is a runaway teenager and maybe she doesn’t want to be found yet. And hopefully it’s that and not something worse than that.

      ABRAMS: All right. The problem with that is that sort of blames

      Natalee, right? You are saying that you think that it’s likely she ran

      away. And I think that a lot of people in Aruba want to believe that, so -

      · and look, and I’m hoping that something—look, that would be great if that were the result. My concern is that I think a lot of people in Aruba are trying to say oh, look, it is not our fault, don’t blame us. No one here would ever do anything like that.

      You know I think we have to be practical and realistic here that there’s no evidence to suggest that Natalee wanted to run away and just sort of get away from all of this. I mean by citing sort of random things that she said in a yearbook, my goodness, if everything I said in a yearbook suggested as to what I wanted in life, I’d be in big trouble.

      NICOLAAS: I’m not saying that all of Aruba is thinking it. I am thinking it. When you’re on an investigation you have to try all avenues. And the avenue that I would like people to try out—especially FBI—but also the local people are the parents. Maybe she didn’t run away, but maybe she is not alive. And who has to deal with something like that, these three boys in Aruba? (UNINTELLIGIBLE) Are there other things that we have to look at to see if there’s anything…

      ABRAMS: You know, though, from your investigation—look, you were you a long-time detective. You know that when murders occur, a lot of the time there was no gain. There was no reason. When someone gets harmed or kidnapped or whatever it is, a lot of the time there is no gain because people do dumb things for dumb reasons in a lot of cases. And I’m just concerned about sort of floating these theories that oh maybe she wanted to get away from the parents or this or that. It just sort of smudging and smearing Natalee and the parents.

      NICOLAAS: It’s not smearing, sir. It’s not smearing. Smearing is what is being done with the people of Aruba, not by your station, but with some station, radio station, et cetera. I’m just telling…

      ABRAMS: Wait…

      NICOLAAS: … that is one of the possibilities. I see at least three possibilities and don’t forget what happened to Laci Peterson. Who (UNINTELLIGIBLE) said that she was missing?


      NICOLAAS: It’s not always a gain, but always can be a reason. What is the motive for this disappearance?

      ABRAMS: Yes…

      NICOLAAS: That you have to look at.

      ABRAMS: I have to tell you, I don’t see any comparison to the Laci Peterson case. I don’t really know what the relationship…

      NICOLAAS: Not yet. I hope you won’t have to see that. I hope so, really, for Natalee’s case I hope you don’t have to see that…

      ABRAMS: I don’t even get it…


      ABRAMS: I don’t even…

      NICOLAAS: We have to look at all.

      ABRAMS: I don’t even get theoretically what would be the connection to the Laci Peterson case? That the parents somehow…


      ABRAMS: … are responsible for killing her?

      NICOLAAS: Not connection, comparison, comparison. A lot of our cases, we have to look at all possible avenues. Don’t just block your views and just look at one way.

      ABRAMS: But see I look…

      NICOLAAS: I don’t see…


      NICOLAAS: I don’t say that these three fellows are not…

      ABRAMS: Right.

      NICOLAAS: … involved. Maybe they are involved in some way. I don’t know how. I think they are hiding something. But I also think that the family knows more than they are saying.

      ABRAMS: That the family…


      ABRAMS: So the family is hiding this because what, they don’t want to really find Natalee?

      NICOLAAS: That’s why they have to find out in Birmingham and here in Aruba, they have to do a little background checking…

      ABRAMS: Yes.

      NICOLAAS: … what is really going on.

      ABRAMS: Yes…

      NICOLAAS: Some background checking will do this case a lot of good.

      ABRAMS: Yes, I’m not so sure if the kind of background checking that you’re doing—you are talking about would do any good in this kind of case because look the bottom line is you’re—the authorities where you’ve lived, and I know you respect the authorities there, have arrested these four on suspicion of homicide. That means that they suspect—and again, look I am hoping…


      ABRAMS: … hoping that Natalee…


      ABRAMS: … is on some other island and somehow she got to another island and hasn’t heard about all the attention and she’s going to come back. That would be a lovely ending. But again, even if we’re going to hope for that, I’d rather not sort of just throw out ramp speculation that maybe it is because she wanted to get away from her parents or whatever. You get the final point…

      NICOLAAS: This is—you are thinking that that’s just one possibility. But you’re not talking about the other ones. I don’t want to go into details because I don’t want to say that anybody did something…

      ABRAMS: Right.

      NICOLAAS: … but I’m telling you, don’t forget this because will you have to come maybe back on your word. Do a good background check on the family, what is really going on—mother, stepfather…

      ABRAMS: Yes. All right…

      NICOLAAS: … check on that.

      ABRAMS: I promise you if the mother or stepfather have done anything wrong in this case that we will have you back on. And when you find out that they did nothing wrong we’re going to have you back on and you’re going to apologize, all right.

      NICOLAAS: I will be glad to…

      ABRAMS: All right.

      NICOLAAS: I will be the first one to apologize…

      ABRAMS: Fair enough.

    26. Carpe on May 20th, 2008 9:59 pm

      I believe only 2 entities could fully wrap this thing
      up, so that the guilty truly pay for what they have done by killing Natalee, and continuing to terrorize this decent American family for another three years.

      1. God

      2. Double D. Nightstalkers


      I always hold out hope that the Dutch or Arubans
      could find their decency genes and drop this
      damn thing.

      However, (recap & think about this)
      in the past 6 months, we’ve watched them lie and
      bring the boys in ON NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER. Hans
      Mos, I am talking to you, ya piece of shit. You lied
      in our faces. You also lied directly 4 feet away
      from Greta Van Susteren’s face. She was looking you directly in the eyes. YOU HAD NOTHING. You told her
      you and ten lawyers had ENOUGH.

      Then you cut them loose!

      You got a full blown
      confession 1-2 months later,
      and later you claim T*H*A*T
      isn’t enough.

      You people are sadistic. You are
      f’ing jokes.

      You have no souls.

      You are an insult to the human race.

      Furthermore, I find that your mother
      dresses you funny.

      Enjoy your day, putz boy.


    27. caesu on May 20th, 2008 10:44 pm

      this dutch justice minister hisrch ballin has become a loose cannon now.

      couldn’t arrest joran van der sloot
      didn’t pass patrick van der eem on to aruba.

      maybe something for this blog:

      last week a dutch cartoonist got lifted from his bed, dragged out of his house by a 10 men police squad because of a !!THREE YEAR OLD!! discrimination complaint.
      his house was searched.
      his computer and telephone was taken.
      and he had to spend 30 hours in jail.

      read more in english including the comments:

      last night emergency debate about this:

      freedom of speech in this (liberal??) country is now gone.

      THIS is appeasing to radical islamists in reality.

    28. richard on May 21st, 2008 8:01 am

      Maggie (#25) …

      “sometimes you make mistakes that you would rather not have made.”

      Yeah, like three years of … mistakes?

      Lies, I’d say.


      And so forth.

      By the way, I’m just wondering … maybe we should contact The Abrams Report and ask them to do a follow-up. To begin with, get this guy back in front of the cameras and demand the apology that he promised.

      Of course, promises come fast and furious on Aruba. Remember the “promises” of media whore Steve Cohen that Joran was going to be brought back in for re-interrogation?

      Performance is something else.

      Anyway, we can expect nothing honorable from Aruba. It’s too bad that our own government does nothing, and that our media have their normal attention span of today’s hot headlines. What happened two weeks ago is forgotten.

    29. Blaze on May 21st, 2008 12:40 pm

      Does anyone know where the Blogs For Natalee site went? My e-mail is if you want to e-mail the link…. Thanks

    30. Maggie on May 21st, 2008 4:37 pm

      Not once during the interview does this so called retired cop mention Straten being friends of the sloots, the Sloots and Kalpoes framing 2 black security guards and letting them sit in jail for days knowing it was a lie, the lies they told the police, the confession, Straten saying he believes Natalee is dead, he seen the evidence around June 5th, all the sexual talk from Joran and describing her private body parts, lying where he left her, lying about how he got home, Kalpoes lying and cleaning their car before searches of the Sloots residence, no searches for 10 days after Natalee disappeared etc. All which happened before this guy was interviewed. Instead he is only wants to focus on the mother, stepfather and blaming Natalee. It has been that way since day one.

      Why anyone would go there, I have no idea.. Blame the victims and let the creeps walk around looking for their next victims. Imagine what they would do to a girl who didn’t have as good a reputation as Natalee did.

      We already know this guy isn’t going to come back and apologize..

    31. crossbow on May 21st, 2008 8:31 pm

      Please go here and spend some time carefully reading the garbage placed here. Realizing a lot gets lost in translation.
      With all the security VCB tries to offer WTF how safe could this Island be?
      Also they had on this site the Holiday Inn and Excelsior contracts but removed them. Geoff was also on the site but his picture was removed.
      BTW Willeim sold this business and moved back to Holland real quick after Natalee disappeared. Shortly after that so did Geoff.

    32. kiltie65 on May 21st, 2008 8:55 pm

      I got an e-mail from Blogs for Natalee this afternoon saying it is back up and running.

      What are latest sightings on Joran? Anyone know? Still in Thailand scamming older men to pay his gambling debts? He’s just about due for another “crisis” of some sort.

    33. waterboy (Jerry) on May 21st, 2008 9:23 pm


      I know this guy (We use to “hunt” together, sort of). In the late 80s, he got this contract to build similar towers (but much taller). They were called dooms day broadcasters. He built them all over the U.S. They had their own power supply in the form of a generator fueled by a large self-contained propane tanks.

      No sooner had they finished, then Clinton administration put them up for sale to the highest bidder. The same guy bought all the stuff for pennies on the dollar. I tried to buy a generator (he wasn’t negotiating).

      He was off to Singapore and other places changing the systems into some sort of cell-phone or some form of communication. He got in tight with the military, and handles some communications out of the most unlikely locations.

      This could be what we have here?


    34. molly in houston on May 21st, 2008 9:48 pm

      21: Miss U. I think that Dompig shut up Michael because he didn’t want to see him bolted to a wall on fire somewhere.

      This article makes me feel the sickest of all. No one, not anyone, is trustworthy.

      boycott aruba
      molly in houston

    35. crossbow on May 22nd, 2008 7:56 am

      Thanks Jerry: Things to ponder:
      We all jump on Paulus for allowing Joran to gamble and go drinking at Bahlia, C and C’s, etc; because it was only 17 years old. No one mentions the fact that Sanders Gottenbos, who hangs around with Joran, goes to the same places, does the same things as Joran, his father owned a boat; was only 15 years old at the time Natalee disappeared. After the police statements of Koen and Sanders; especially the fact that Sanders says his phone was stolen that day; it’s no wonder they fled Aruba. But I can’t understand why they went to Dacula Georgia and why the FBI has not been on their case.

    36. crossbow on May 22nd, 2008 8:14 am

      More Things to Ponder.
      I love Its’ slogan “Your Security is our Knowledge”.
      Does that mean we know about you privately; like spying???
      Why would Willeim van Cromvoirt lie and say he did not have the security camera contract for the Holiday Inn and Excelsior? I know he advertised that he did. On the current web site they are omitted. Why did he take Geoff’s picture off the VCB web site? Why would he say that he fired Geoff and Michael before Natalee disappeared when we know they were working the beach the night Natalee disappeared. Why would after 4 years of building up a business on Aruba, he suddenly sells it and moves back to Holland. Why did Geoff say he did not know Natalee? Which was probably the correct answer for the way it was asked; however he probably did not know Natalee’s name when he slapped her when she pushed him away at C and C’s Friday May 27th, 2005. Why was Natalee, Ruth, Lee and Madison’s room changed the second night? How did Joran know that Lee and Madison would share a bed, but Lee slept alone because Madison was with her boy friend? How did he know that Ruth and Natalee slept together and is able to describe that and the room in his book. None of the MBHS students ever mentioned that. But Joran did in his book. How did he do that? Why was Beth uncomfortable as if someone was watching her when she stayed in Natalee’s room? Why was Natalee’s room closed and renovated after she disappeared? Who sent the casino tape? Why was the person at the desk of the Holiday Inn transferred after Natalee disappeared? Why was the bartender at C and C’s transferred to Mexico after Natalee disappeared? Why does Aruba need an independent security patrol when they have almost 300 policemen. And why hire through a contractor. You know those security personnel are going to get paid less then the police; because there is a middleman; namely VCB. Both Guido and Geoff just happen to have vehicles similar to what Deepak describes are at the lighthouse. Why did they say a guard did not see Deepak’s car at the lighthouse that Sunday morning. When in fact there is no guard present that could have made that statement without lying. Just where was that woman and husband taken in the (desert?) area when she was beaten and raped.? Why was Geoff uncomfortable walking on the beach with that girl when he saw the beach patrol? Why did Ruth leave early? Why did Natalee stay? Why does Deepak get Ruth and Natalee confused as to who lost the $400.00 or so dollars. Why does Jacobs hound Beth as to whether Natalee had a debit card? Why did Joran say he liked Ruth more? He never saw her at C and C’s she left early; unless he was able to view a security video of her in her room, compliments of VCB.
      Shango: follow the music. That doesn’t necessarily mean a disco or rave club.
      Follow the music… Aruba radio, Aruba radio station, Aruba transmitting towers, and Aruba transmitting towers with attached air conditioned buildings; like bungalows.
      With access to any furnished transmitting tower building; anything could happen there. It is secluded and probably equipped with TV cameras that could transmit porn video via VCB’s equipment.
      Read every aspect of VCB web pages…. See how you fell about the company.
      With the need for hidden cameras, undercover personnel and beach patrol; if in fact these are requirements, then that doesn’t make Aruba sound like one safe happy island.
      It sounds like it is full of thieves, murderers, espionage and drug trafficking. And with all petty thievery it also sounds like the haves and the have not, mostly the have not.
      And remember Aruba through Dennis Jacobs provides all the chollers with drugs just so they leave the tourist alone and don’t sell them drugs or steal from them.

    37. MissKatie on May 22nd, 2008 9:26 am


      joran and his sweatty family

    38. MissKatie on May 22nd, 2008 9:28 am

      pray tell
      who is otis???

    39. MissKatie on May 22nd, 2008 9:43 am

      LOL KAYE

    40. kaye on May 22nd, 2008 10:47 am

      #38 miss katie…….otis campbell was Mayberry’s town drunk on the Andy Griffith Show. he was harmless but always mumbling something that no one could really make heads nor tails of. he would stumble into the jail and take the key off the hook, open the cell door, put the key back and lay down on his bunk. he tried to get sober but it just didn’t work out. i love that show!!

    41. crossbow on May 22nd, 2008 1:14 pm

      If you think hidden cameras did not play a role in this;;;
      I bring up the possibility of hidden cameras in the Holiday Inn guest rooms and the Tierra del sol Resort because of this story.
      A few years ago a couple went back to a Honeymoon Resort in the Poconos of Pennsylvania and was celebrating their 10 year wedding anniversary.
      Feeling a little adventurous they decided to rent a porn movie.
      Settling back to enjoy a little porn they thought the images on the tape looked familiar.
      The reason the images looked familiar; it was the couple being filmed while they consummated their marriage in all its’ nude splendor 10 years prior.
      Needles to say they brought charges of invasion of privacy and sued. I believe they got a few million in compensation.
      Just think about it; a cheap way to supply the adult stores on Aruba with voyeur merchandise at a fractional cost. $0.00. No one that was filmed would hve remained on the island to view these. I’m sure most of the tourist tend to stay away from the “Adult Book Stores and Services” cough cough. If in fact there were cameras in Natalee’s room and that was the reason Beth felt she was being watched; they would never release scenes of Beth in that room. It would prove hidden cameras were present.
      Or; maybe a chosen few have them, but not the general public.

    42. misskatie on May 22nd, 2008 6:19 pm

      thanks your a doll
      so were you referring to herman as otis?

    43. misskatie on May 22nd, 2008 6:21 pm

      that is an interesting inference
      its highly possible
      those creeps on that island would resort to anything
      and knowing that the person being filmed would be leaving the island.. wow
      what a story…
      glad they sued…

    44. Carpe on May 22nd, 2008 7:42 pm

      #22 Crossbow

      Geez, they just never give up spittin’ out that Dutch-Aruban schlock do they?


      What really happened that May 30th when Alabama teen Natalee Holloway vanished into the night?

      ORANJESTAD, Aruba — Things are a little different now in Aruba’s capital city which features beautiful, pastel colored, traditional Dutch-style buildings and a variety of shopping and night spots for its main source of revenue, tourists.

      Wowiw wow wow wowwwwww – Chris Walken

      They built a building or two, and repainted a few others. They changed Carlos & Charlies to Senor Moment Froggy’s…

      Yeah, things are so different in Aruba for 2008!

      Meanwhile our sweetheart is still in the sea
      there somewhere. WE ALL ARE STILL TRYING TO
      LOCATE HER, so her dear family can have something
      (ANYTHING) to perform a proper burial….

      The gang-raping murdering Kalpoes still live
      with their mommy in the Haystack @
      Mount Dootie-berg…

      The bloated murdering Vandersloot vermin still
      reside at 19 Montanja. They keep feeding their
      kid money to stay at locations where he won’t
      be hunted down to be shot.

      Book a trip to Aruba today, huh?

      Give IT UP, ARUBA. You people have no souls!

      You have been exposed to the world, & will

      continue to be throughout multiple levels.

      Justice for Nat.


    45. Carpe on May 22nd, 2008 7:54 pm

      Hey Crossbow,

      I did a blow up on that tower near the Lighthouse
      that you posted a day or two ago.

      I was thinking a cellular tower?

      It is stubby, and there are directionals all over it.

    46. Carpe on May 22nd, 2008 8:22 pm

      crossbow on May 22nd, 2008 1:14 pm

      If you think hidden cameras did not play a role in this;;;
      I bring up the possibility of hidden cameras in the Holiday Inn guest rooms and the Tierra del sol Resort because of this story.


      I would be willing to put a load of sheckles

      on the fact that hidden cameras played a big role

      in this. What I think we had going on is deep

      dirty pockets of Dutchies, and Arubans

      (that had made it into the corruption club society of Lie-Ruba)

      …also a few loser “DO-BOYS” (read: Dirt-pock

      and Sufferin’ Succotash Kalpoe.)

      That made targeting and gang-raping females…

      a team sport.

      The world can bow down and thank our Natalee Ann,
      & her wonderful family, for puttin’ the almighty cap into that chit.

      Losing Nat was a HUGE TRAGEDY. I’m just so glad
      she is saving so many other people!

      She was an angel on earth… and I know darn well
      she is up in Heaven as one right now, this very minute.


    47. crossbow on May 22nd, 2008 9:49 pm

      It would seem those towers are all over Aruba. With some help;;; They are used for transmision and what are called repeaters. Who uses them? Setar for cell phone, The TV stations, The radio Stations and Shortwave communications.
      All of Aruba is now WIFI. I guess Deepak is out of a job???
      I guess most have not visited
      With the equipment they have you can set up closed circuit tv broadcasting from almost any source to a destination without being intercepted.
      And VCB said it never had the contract for cameras at the Holiday Inn or Excelsior. Well then who the hell did? They are no other sophisticated security companies on Aruba; at least not that arrangement of equipment.
      Me thinks someone’s finger got caught in the dike.
      Oh and Carpe; I do not believe Natalee is in the sea. Nope no way. She is in water but not the open sea. Just my gut feeling by stepping outside the circle.

    48. waterboy (Jerry) on May 23rd, 2008 6:24 am

      The possibility that Natalee is in water, but not the ocean is an interesting thought.

      Of course, my main point of interest is the landfill; but I would also check the water traps on the golf course, and the cystrain (I have no idea how to spell this word) behind the sloot house or any nearby body of water, especially those areas that might have been dry on May 30, 05, but now contain water or did during searches.


    49. waterboy (Jerry) on May 23rd, 2008 6:31 am

      Someone help me out with this, but during the time that Natalee disappeared, wasn’t Aruba particularly dry weather wise? Didn’t it start to rain soon after the search began? Murph, if you are Viet Vet are out there, please tell us.


    50. waterboy (Jerry) on May 23rd, 2008 6:37 am

      Best I recall, when Natalee vanished, it was low tide. The closer you are to equator, the less the difference between low and high tide. Some said the difference in Aruba is about 18 inches. Still, that can cover a lot of flat land.

      In Valdez Alaska, the tide difference is 30 something feet, wow!


    51. kaye on May 23rd, 2008 9:01 am

      #42 miss katie……that was carpe……

    52. kaye on May 23rd, 2008 9:20 am

      #41 crossbow……call me crazy but after reading article after article, especially about the hotels and the security tapes, i’ve always felt like the young female tourist were “viewed” beforehand and then “selected” by the young men who then turned them over to the older men. thus Joran and paulus. i think that may be another reason that, supposedly, the room natalee stayed in was renovated sometime after beth left the island. so many “could be’s” and ‘what if’s”…..

    53. crossbow on May 23rd, 2008 9:43 am

      kaye 52 bingo.
      Just read Joran’s translated book.
      Unless he was in Natslee’s room how can he describe those details?

    54. misskatie on May 23rd, 2008 11:24 am

      lol oic kaye

    55. misskatie on May 23rd, 2008 11:28 am

      bingo is right I totaly agree
      I have always wondered if these girls are preselected
      someone posted that they returned to aruba and rented a porn and low and behold it was them ten yrs earlier
      so I wonder if thats what they do … new hotel rooms … if they are in cahoots with the hotel owners and it seems they are
      this would make it a likely possibility
      we all know it happends in the states what would make them any different that couple can attest to it
      they sued and won..

    56. crossbow on May 23rd, 2008 12:56 pm

      53: I have critized others for forgotten or incorect spelling and there I did it.
      There are lesson in life no matter how old we are. It is NATALEE.

    57. Herman on May 23rd, 2008 1:37 pm

      Dear Monkeys,

      On YouTube I did Natalees Abide With Me… tune it in

      Here was never a cracking pipe!
      Only a beer or a botle of wine.
      Tune it for Natalee
      God Bess

    58. kaye on May 23rd, 2008 2:27 pm

      #55 misskatie…..i’m failry new here but have followed this case from day one. i’m sure this subject has been hashed out here on this site before but there has to be a connection between the VcB security business, the hotel rooms, the internet cafe where deepak worked, the camera that freddy had and the trip made to miami shortly after nat disappeared…….i feel there was something done to Nat that was filmed, the film was sent via the internet cafe to somewhere in miami and paulus had to retreive it. i know I’ve read this before somewhere….richard? thoughts?

    59. kaye on May 23rd, 2008 2:33 pm

      #53 crossbow…..thanks, but no thanks. the thought of joran vds makes me puke. everytime i read something he has said I want to peel the skin right off his face! how do we know what is the truth from joran? we don’t. i won’t be reading his book. i won’t spend a penny of my hard-earned money on jvs. but thank you anyway for the suggestion.

    60. kaye on May 23rd, 2008 2:35 pm

      BTW………happy memorial day monkeys! god bless our troops and all the veterans who made our freedom here in the USA possible…..

    61. crossbow on May 23rd, 2008 2:44 pm

      58 I don’t know why he would go to Miami to retrieve a film. Regaining and keeping it would be dangerous. He could have requested it just be destroyed. Unless someone was blackmailing him and he had to go to Miami to prove that someone there had evidence to be able to blackmail him.
      But I believe that Williem lied about the contracts and his son. No one else on the island could supply portable equipment to transmit across the island to a specific location (s)like VCB can do.
      This scam could have gone on for quite awhile longer if nothing had happened to Natalee.
      Pink Porn was in on it; The DJ and I don’t mean Steve Croes; Rudy’s niece might have been in on it if in fact Sephanie is his niece. I still have a gut feeling the Michael Dompig’s friend Andreas left the cross and the rosary.

    62. crossbow on May 23rd, 2008 3:43 pm

      59 kaye;
      I did not say buy the book I said READ the translation that you can find here FREE.

    63. misskatie on May 23rd, 2008 8:46 pm


    64. molly in houston on May 23rd, 2008 9:31 pm

      I have always thought that Natalee was an unwilling participant in a porn movie. All the talk about cameras and watching porn, there had to be more than one reason to snag a girl at Carlos and charlies. Until Natalee came to Aruba, I think there was a huge porn-making business. I don’t know how much they dare do now. I feel like the video with Natalee would have been destoyed or taken out of circulation because of all the investigation. Nasty mess. Nasty people. Sickening. Poor Natalee.

      boycott aruba
      molly in houston

    65. misskatie on May 24th, 2008 12:18 pm

      it all led to that and thats where the video was brought into play………. pauulus was the leader no doubt…. he was at the casino… they picked her out .and set up the scenario for the event that was to take place
      evil manipulating
      pauulus will rot in hell along with his coherts

    66. kiltie65 on May 24th, 2008 12:35 pm

      Luv it that Joran, who is a total waste of oxygen, will have to spend his life looking over his shoulder, and be supported by Mummy & Daddy in various out of the way locales to be safe from those who want him out of the way…both people who despise him for his deeds, and people who participated with him in those deeds or were part of the cover up, and need him out of the way in case he blabs.

    67. waterboy (Jerry) on May 25th, 2008 7:48 pm

      Maybe no one is reading. It’s been several hours since anyone has posted. I guess everyone is enjoying the holiday.

      Everyone knows my opinion. I think Natalee’s disappearance was a simple crime (evil on good), and a simple disposal with a complex cover up with many individuals aiding in the cover-up, and in particular Paulus.

      Was it murder? Yes. Premeditated? No, but possibly? It was an impulse murder, triggered by hormones and an uncontrolled anger, by an undisciplined, demonically controlled mind and body.

      Has he murdered before? In my opinion, I would say, yes (about 75% on this). Will he murder again? I would say 100% yes.

      So what happen? Joran murdered Natalee. There is a possibility that Natalee was injured, and then murdered to keep her from revealing and disclosing her injuries.

      Joran is a weak minded individual, ruled by impulses he has never been taught or learned to control. A weak-minded imbecile carried out the disposal of Natalee’s body. It was simple, predictable, and right under the eyes of everyone. Paulus was shocked by the stupidity of his son.

      I may be wrong. I would say that there is a 30% chance that Paulus participated in assaults on or murdered Natalee. If this is the case, Natalee is not in the landfill.

      Paulus is not going to leave the disposal of a young innocent girl that he raped and murdered to his half-wit son. It is just not going to happen. He is also not going to let his stupid son know what he did with the body, not a young monster ruled 90% by emotions.


    68. always 1 on May 25th, 2008 8:40 pm

      Im here Waterboy. I used to believe like you that just Joran and the boys were involved and that it was an accident. Now I believe Joran and others stalked the girls, picked one out, but this time someone took her away and thats when she got killed. I dont believe Joran has killed before. In cases like this, I think, you have to follow the money and you will find the true killer.

    69. always 1 on May 25th, 2008 8:57 pm

      O/T I went out today to put a tiny sand bucket full of flowers on the babys grave. It was beautiful. They honor the soldiers buried there by putting a full size American Flag for each one. There was almost 2500 flags flying. It was impressive.

    70. Mary,UK on May 26th, 2008 8:42 am

      Reading some books and articles over the past few weeks, am i wright that Joran and Natalee dropped into another bar before getting into deepaks car? were the barpersons in this bar and carlos n charlies interrogated?

      On a personal note, i want Van Straaten questioned, under oath, by the Dutch authorities!!!I think if they crack this guy, they solve the case!!!!

    71. chris on May 26th, 2008 9:36 am

      Hi waterboy(Jerry), good morning and happy holiday. I’ve been here pretty much from the start, but lately am just lurking every day, several times most days if only to check if by chance someone got a hold of the sporter. There is no talk anymore about the lawsuits and as I’ve said before, it would be so good for Klaasend, who I know has info from the family, to keep us in the loop just a little bit. We all have pretty much said how we feel about who did what to whom and sooner or later something has to happen to bring this to a close. I know we will continue to support the boycott for however long it takes and thumbs up to all the monkeys who make it to the travel shows in support of Natalee.

    72. misskatie on May 26th, 2008 3:29 pm

      not to mention that with his arrogance and you owe me attitude… he will most likely someday
      cross and burn the wrong person… he has a tendency to steal and cheat people…

      he will be his own enemy

    73. crossbow on May 26th, 2008 3:31 pm

      Any bets that this is the bartender that slipped Natalee the drug. He was transferred shortly after Natalee disappeared. No one has been transferred since that hit the news. Hmmmmmm

      As part of the Mexican chain Anderson Group. Carlos ‘n Charlies recently had a personnel exchange. Mr. Juan Gabriel Montalvan from Cancun, Mexico obtained the opportunity to travel to Aruba to know another culture and receive training at Carlso ‘n Charlies in Aruba. In turn Reginald Perez of Aruba, traveled last Monday to Cancun, Mexico as part of the exchange and training program of the restaurants of the Anderson Group. The exchange was possible thanks to the cooperation of DINA (Department of Immigration and Naturalisation) and Immigration in Aruba and Immigration in Mexico.
      Anderson Group is the mother company of Carlos ‘n Charlies and has 60 restaurant outlets in Mexico, the Caribbean and the USA known as Carlos ‘n Charlies and Señor Frogs.
      Reginald p Perez will be trained in Carlos ‘n Charlies and Señor Frogs on the island of Cozumel and in Cancun, Mexico. This is a unique opportunity for him to learn the operations control systems in the areas of storeroom, kitchen, bar ans client service. Reginald is presently in charge of cost control at Carlos ‘n Charlies in Aruba. Good luck to Juan Gabriel and Reginald!

    74. crossbow on May 26th, 2008 3:32 pm

      I wonder how many more we can find????

    75. crossbow on May 26th, 2008 3:37 pm

      73: BTW that announcement was from the end of 2005.

    76. misskatie on May 26th, 2008 3:50 pm

      what you said about pauulus not telling joran where he disposed of natalee…. makes alot of sense..
      he knows his sons stupidity better than anybody and .. therefore if joran knew this would put pauulus at great risk… makes alot of sense
      being that joran is arrogant and just has to open his mouth………….pauulus has alot to loose…………..and being that the officials of aruba are backing up pauulus… there is no chance she will be found…they are portecting pauulus not so much joran.. I realy think they only tolerate him because of pauulus..



    77. misskatie on May 26th, 2008 3:52 pm

      YA THINK?

    78. waterboy (Jerry) on May 27th, 2008 5:45 am


      Yes, for sure, Aruba is tired of Paulus and his clan. However, there is always a real allegiance between criminals involved in crimes, especially when a lot of loot is changing hands. The left hand feeds the right and vice a versa. Paulus has a lot more disposable income, than he should have, and I think any IRS agent could tell you this. The cost of flights all over the world by himself and members of his family must be staggering.

      The honest folks of Aruba are sick and tired of Paulus, but the underworld of Aruba seems more than able to forgive and forget. He must be of great value to those guys and gals. I think Paulus has tentacles that reach far and put chokeholds on all they grasp.

      I don’t know why Joran is tolerated. He for all appearance has no value, except by the pound, and about all he is worth is his weight in dog food.


    79. MissKatie on May 27th, 2008 11:25 am

      thanks jerry
      for your speedy response.. it just sickens me that pauulus has the power that he has.. thats what his son banked on… he can do anything he wants and he is exempt from prosecution.. due to his friendship with the underground… it is sickening to say the least….
      I know its not cheap to do all the traveling they do… and even harbor his son from prosecution…..makes me wonder what pauulus role is .. underworld… ties… and more??

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