Subliminal “NIG” Message in Hillary Clinton Ad … Some People Need to Have Their Heads Examined


You have got to be kidding me, now liberals are trying to say that there is a subliminal message in the latest Clinton ad where a child is sleeping and dressed on pajamas where one can see the words “NIG” on them. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE? Is it only a matter of time before the MSM use this against Hillary?

We could not agree more with The Jawa Reports that this type of over-reacting liberal insanity is just the tip of the iceberg. Wait, just wait until the general election when so-called liberal independents and the MSM turn on John McCain.


At Ann Althouse she asks, “Why are the letters ‘NIG’ on the child’s pajamas?” Um, maybe because the pajamas say “Good Night” all over them!!! Jawa nails the sarcasm perfectly to make their point, as usual.

See, the “Good Night” pajamas on the kid have been DELIBERATELY MANIPULATED BY SINISTER FORCES within the RACIST Clinton campaign. It says, “NIG,” and we all know what that means! No, really, it’s not a “C,” it’s a “G.” Honestly, and it only takes a fraction of a second for your brain to subconsciously note the lettering on the pajamas, realize that the pajamas are printed all over with the phrase “Good Night,” thus allowing your brain to understand that what appears to be a letter fragment, possibly a “C,” is actually a “G,” the first three letters in the “N-WORD” and, as we all know, Obama is half African-American, so, OMG…OMG…OMG…HILLARY IS A RACIST!!!!!!! (The Jawa Report)

Watch the video clip of the ad in question at Patterico’s Pontifications.

If it were Obama’s commercial, with a subliminal disparaging remark about Hillary, it would be ignored. But since it’s Hillary’s commercial, and the media are in Obama’s pocket, I’m not so sure.

To borrow a line from Dr Ruth Westheimer at a seminar I once saw her at, “sometimes a banana is just a banana”.

What are other bloggers saying?

  • Hot Air: Inane: The Obligatory “Subliminal Messages in Hillary’s Commercial” Post

This is, of course, exceedingly silly. The only interesting question is whether Big Media will run with it or not. The answer: possibly. Since it hurts Hillary and helps the Messiah, why not?

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    14 Responses to “Subliminal “NIG” Message in Hillary Clinton Ad … Some People Need to Have Their Heads Examined”

    1. Richard on March 1st, 2008 10:08 pm

      OK, fellow Americans, time for a snap quiz!

      My attitude towards the 2008 presidential campaign is (pick one of the following):

      1. excitement over this chance to have a dramatic impact on the future of our country
      2. acceptance of the excess hype from the candidates and media, and determination to pick the best, or least bad, of the candidates
      3. revulsion at the ever-increasing torrent of money that flows into these races, the inevitable bottom-fishing of the media, the degeneration of the candidates’ appeals into slamming the other guy, the despairing recognition of the gulf between the level of people that have appeared to lead our country in times of crisis and the apparent race to the bottom that we now face, the sickening awareness that the BS and fluff that the media substitute for informed coverage gets worse every time, and the decision that if we vote AT ALL we shall hold our nose while doing so.

      P.S. … For five bonus points, guess which answer was posted by the man who put this quiz up.

    2. Richard on March 1st, 2008 10:19 pm

      In case I didn’t make my point, take a look at the kind of person who ONCE ran the country (although, of course, his stature wasn’t recognized at the time) less than 150 years ago:

    3. Peggy McGilligan on March 1st, 2008 11:35 pm

      Something’s happening in the world. It’s 03:00 O’clock in the morning: OMG, another bimbo eruption? No, Bill’s downstairs, I can hear the TV. Mrs. President, it’s one of the Interns, she’s left an article of clothing … just kidding … it’s the pizza delivery boy … what should I do? You know, for some reason, I’m dressed in full business attire; like I always say, nothing’s too good for the American people. Quick, put him on speaker; click, where the hell are you?

      Seriously, all subliminal messages aside, anyone remember how fortunate we were, because the Cold War was over when the Clintons were in the White House? We were very lucky. Hillary Clinton’s Texas ad isn’t fear mongering, it’s ludicrous. Although why any Texan would ever vote for a Clinton is beyond me. Being married to a draft dodger doesn’t exactly qualify one as a military expert either. Who do you want answering the phone:

    4. Henry K on March 2nd, 2008 12:46 am

      Hillary, Obama, McCain, does it really matter? Unfortunately it took segregationist Governor Wallace to reveal the truth that “there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between” Republicans and Democrats. The Democrats willingly went along with the War in Iraq, suspension of Habeas Corpus, detaining protesters, banning books like “America Deceived’ from Amazon, stealing private lands (Kelo decision), warrant-less wiretapping and refusing to investigate 9/11 properly. They are both guilty of treason.
      Support Dr. Ron Paul and save this great nation.
      Last link (before Google Books bends to gov’t Will and drops the title):

    5. sparrow on March 2nd, 2008 10:05 am

      We should all pray for our beautiful country. We are blessed more than any nation on this planet. I am really concerned about this election. I am more than concerned. We need someone with experience, not a rock star. I want a president who will lead, not follow. I want the right person in the oval office.

    6. txchic on March 2nd, 2008 1:26 pm

      does anyone else remember that interview bill clinton gave in the midst of the whole florida election saga?

      i vividly recall him saying “i don’t know who the next president will be but i feel sorry for whoever it is as the country’s heading into a recession”. this morning i hear hillary screaming away at what a mess the current administration has us in. she picks & chooses what she wants to take credit for during her husband’s administration.

      all we need is 4 more years of having her cronies hiding documents in socks.

      if the dems want change they should be looking towards obama. they want to “improve” our relationships abroad & there’s NO WAY hillary is qualified to do that.

    7. Ed on March 2nd, 2008 4:23 pm

      all I can say to you Hilbilly, I am glad that you will be eliminated this tues. Guess we can say

      C U Next Tuesday

    8. Betty on March 2nd, 2008 5:02 pm


      Best post yet!!!!!!!!!!

    9. ShrinkingMonk on March 2nd, 2008 10:37 pm

      Give me a break! This issue cant be any more stupid!! “NIG…” on pajamas… NIG…HT
      NIGHT —– get a life people

    10. Sherry on March 2nd, 2008 11:27 pm

      Wow Obama fans must have a microscope trying to find things such as this….If you even THINK about being prez Obama you need to ‘Man Up’…grow a thicker skin. You are far too conspiracy theroist minded.

    11. brie on March 3rd, 2008 6:32 am

      Obama lacks the experience to be President, what kind of a decision can he make in a crisis. And Hillary is just too wicked. Plus we can’t have Bill back in the White House, wasn’t the last time around enough…we all know what he is going to be sneaking in the back door.

      One of the really big issues is keeping the war in Iraq not here….I want someone who knows how to protect our country. No more 911

    12. SUPER DAVE on March 3rd, 2008 7:25 am

      what would you expect obama’s response to be? it’s because he’s black. that is the favorite excuse isn’t it ?

    13. Arthur on March 3rd, 2008 12:14 pm

      For all you need to know about “subliminal racism” see RE:
      Sus generic “ape” as subliminal “death’s-head” icon.
      and, from the “horse’s” mouth:

    14. armel YEKE on June 1st, 2010 4:37 am

      hello they call me I’ma Armel Yeke Beninese’m 18. I’ve sent this message to greet Ms. Hillary Clinton and all of politiociens ETATS-UNIS.vraiment my prayer is that you are always brilliant among Americans. I want méecriviez a word for me to know that you received my message. thank you

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