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    6 Responses to “Scared Monkeys Radio Daily Commentary – Wednesday, January 30, 2008 – Taser Scrutiny Is (Usually) Unjustifed”

    1. Dan on January 30th, 2008 8:12 am

      20 minutes i spent typing and it disapeared!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    2. disgustedmom on January 30th, 2008 11:18 am

      I can’t get Dana’s show on my computer, but about tazars anyway…

      What if one was used on Natalee to subdue her either into sexual submission or to keep her from running away to tell on what her violators had done to her?

      I wouldn’t think anyone would be stupid enough to tazar a person in order to have sex with them if they were planning on letting her go home because the mark(s) would be on her…..well, at least for a while, so maybe they’d just keep her a few days till the marks went away…but since I don’t think the original plan -if it was about having sex with her against her will- was to hold onto Natalee, then I don’t see a tazar being used to subdue her for sex.

      However, I do see how one may have been used in a moment of haste, such as if Natalee were escaping to go tell. If she had gotten a jump on her perps and the only way they could stop her was to tazar her from a distance….then it makes better sense to me.

      There was a psychic who said she ‘saw’ Natalee at a house she described that turned out to be a good match of the VDS house. She said Natalee was being held onto while discussions about what to do with her went on between several players. She said Natalee was woozy but eventually came around to demand to leave because she had a plane to catch. She started to escape a first time and was tackled by Joran whereby a struggle ensued that resulted in Natalee getting a bump on her head. Someone that matched Paulus description pulled Joran off Natalee and she took the opportunity to run. Then something happened to her at a gate surrounding the property that caused her to fall. The psychic thought it was some sort of gun shot, but she didn’t hear a shot….

      So what if this actually happened? And the gun shot was a tazar? And what if Van der Straaten did it with his cop-tazar?

      (I know…don’t jump on me for talking psychic stuff. It’s not good anyway without investigation for proof. But if what the psychic ‘saw’ was on track, it would have been a good lead to look around and see what turned up for real. and it might still could be if there is blood where the psychic said the head injury happened.)

      Tazars alone don’t normally kill people, but often in cases where the person shot by them was already in a state of anxiety and other reasons for the heart rate to be already elevated-such as alcohol, drugs or some medications, the tazar shot might be the final straw that puts them into cardiac arrest.

      From what I’ve read about this sort of thing, sometimes the victim lives a few days trying to recuperate from heart related problems after being tazared, such as arythmia or a damaged heart due to a small heart attack, and then dies. The coroners usually give cause of death as cardiac arrest, but the related cause of the cardiac arrest could be attributed to the tazar shot; but since the tazar alone would not have likely been the only reason -since one would have had to have had something else to help elevate the heart rate prior to the tazaring, such as alcohol, drugs or even allergy or athsma medications, and even axiety or a previous heart condition-then usually they don’t blame the tazar as contributing to the death; they blame such as excessive drinking and/or drugs instead since the tazar alone would not have killed. And I just remember Dompig saying Natalee died of cardiac arrest due to an OD, so it fits together as a possibility.

      Why do they, in the world of tazar, not want to blame the tazar at all? Because it alone is not known to cause a person to die, and they want to be able to continue using it to subdue people as opposed to shooting them with a bullet or letting them get away. If Natalee were tazared….well, you can see why they would not want to include that especially if Van der Straaten did it and it was done at the VDS house.

      Think about it…..Paulus sends Joran to school while Natalee is ‘sleeping’ in one of the younger VDS boy’s bed after being tazared(the one in the room that girl- Medley Relay- who claims to talk with Anita says Anita told her was the only room not searched at the VDS house). They have hopes she’ll be ok so they make up the HI story. But she dies, so then Paulus and Straaten get rid of the body and tell Joran they really put her on the beach, not admitting she died.

      Straaten says he knows Natalee is dead because he’s seen the evidence, then he is not questioned about this anymore. Paulus is sweatin’ a river. Anita takes over as spokesperson so Paulus doesn’t accidently spill a clue. (It’s easier for a person who was not actually the doer to lie effectively)The HI story is changed to The Beach because they don’t want the HI searched for no reason upsetting the guests when they know now it can never become true because Natalee didn’t make it. Satish left before Natalee died, hence Satish asking Deepak the next day How the Girl Was. But he was there when she was tazared and was put to bed. Deepak and Satish agree to not mention Paulus in exchange for being included in the coverup that will also not get them tried for anything. And Paulus says not to worry, No body No Crime.

      OK, so that’s my tazar rendition of what might have happened.

    3. disgustedmom on January 30th, 2008 11:37 am

      Adding to my above scenario….in the cop car tapes, Joran is pizzed that Deepak has mentioned Paulus’ poolside comments. As revenge for that, Joran makes up that Satish alone is the one who picked him up from the beach.

      Also, in the tapes, Deepak or Satish say: Your own father!

      I’m just really inclined to believe J2K all know who Natalee was last in the company of. But I don’t think 2K know as much as Joran about things that happened after that first night.

      If anyone is interested even just for the sake of curiousity in psychic things….the psychic I mentioned about saw several men there. One fit the description of Paulus, one of Joran. These 2 the psychic was pretty sure were accurate; one of Deepak, of which she was pretty sure, and another of a tall dark skinned man who could have been Satish but she didn’t see his face, so…..another was of a fat white guy (perhaps Van der St?) she didn’t qualify, and there was one more…..a semi dark skinned man with some small amounts of designed facial hair. This last man was never correlated to any known person as far as resemblence goes because the psychic stopped posting. If she was right though, who might that last man be?

    4. brenda on January 30th, 2008 11:43 am

      Tazer marks were also found on the body of Jon Bonnet Ramsey (sp?).

      As for excessive use, I say if it is used to subdue someone during a crime (the criminal using it that is)…or if the cop is simply having a bad day which results in hi/her having a really good time jolting the hell out of you (not probable)…THAT would be excessive.

    5. Lobham on January 31st, 2008 12:44 am

      My god you people. Can you not go one single message without somehow talking about Natalie Holloway? I swear you people are one-tracked.

      I am saddened by her disappearance too but this obsesion you people have is unhealthy and a little spooky.

    6. disgustedmom on January 31st, 2008 9:18 am

      Lob….I’m the only one who did that so I’ll answer- Not if the shoe might fit.

      Ok, now for you….why did you come on this thread and not say anything about tazaring? What brought you here? Did you come to see if anyone was talking about Natalee in a tazar thread?

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