Clash of the Titans: Super Bowl XLI 1/2, New England Patriots & Indianapolis Colts … Will it Live Up to the Hype? (UPDATE: PATS WIN 24-20!!!)


With all due respect to the rest of the NFL, there is one game on the schedule this week that tops them all … CLASH OF THE TITANS.


Will it live up to the hype? If its 70% of as advertized … it will indeed. Bring it on and let the game begin. Pass the chips and beverages, this game is what football fans of old have begged for.

One of the most anticipated regular season NFL games will take place today as the New England Patriots take on the Colts in Indy. The high flying Patriots offense with QB Tom Brady, his 136.2 QB rating, his 30 TD’s and 2 interceptions with newly acquired WR’s Randy Moss, Dante Stallworth and Wes Welker battle the defending Super Bowl champion Colts and Peyton Manning. The Patriots are scoring an unbelievable 41 points a game while only giving up about 16. Meaning, the Colts bring a 7–0 record into the game on a mission to repeat as Super Bowl champs.

          W-L  PF   PA  HOME ROAD DIV CONF
NWE   8-0   331 127    4-0   4-0   3-0   6-0
IND     7-0   224 102    3-0   4-0   3-0   4-0

The two teams and coaches can down play the game all they want as it just being another game so not to provide locker room bulletin board material for each other. Misguided pundits from ESPN can state “Pats-Colts is big, but it doesn’t decide anything” as well. However they would both be wrong.


The Colts and Patriots have become the marquee match up in the NFL over the past couple of years. In a league where mediocrity is the norm, the Colts-Patriots has become the best rivalry in the NFL. This time its the first time ever in NFL history that two undefeated teams will face each other in November. People may claim that its just a regular season game and does not decide anything … NOT!!!

The Colts and Pats have met 3 out of the last years in the playoffs, each time the regular season winner, won in the playoffs as well. Also, the winner of this game will most likely have home field advantage through out the playoffs. With the remaining schedules that both the Pats and Colts have, it is conceivable that neither will lose another game. Maybe one or two at the most.

If anyone does not think that playing for home field in the playoffs does not matter when these two juggernauts will most likely, barring injury, playing in the AFC Championship Game, think again. One would hardly think that a Dome-team like Indy wants to be playing outside in the winter tundra of Foxboro in December. Conversely, the Patriots would not want to be playing in the hostile and deafening confines of the RCA Dome.

VIDEO from

Patriots-Colts Preview

One of the most highly anticipated non-playoff games in recent memory takes place on Sunday when the New England Patriots visit the Indianapolis Colts in the league’s first matchup of teams who are unbeaten this far into a season.

“I really think that’s why you’re in the league, for games like this,” Colts coach Tony Dungy said.

This showdown involves the only teams left which have yet to lose, adding an intriguing chapter to what has become the NFL’s best rivalry of the decade.


The Pats – Colts game lived up to the hype after all with a twist. In a defensive battle, the Patriots came from behind in the 4th quarter, down by 10, and beat the Indy Colts 24–20. The Pats up their record to 9–0.

In the end the game of the year turned into a tail of two defenses. The Colts defense dominated in the first half, while the Patriots defense rose to the occasion in the second half harassing Manning and forcing the all important fumble late in the game.

If anyone expected the Patriots to score 41 points against the Colt’s defense they were dreaming. Yes, the Patriots offense wil most likely set the points scoring record this year and Tom Brady is well on his way to breaking Peyton Manning single season TD record. However, the Pats and Colts are the cream of the crop of the NFL. All other teams pale in comparison to these two teams. With was a battle of titans and the Pat’s were the victors today.

These two teams will without a doubt be playing in the AFC Championship game most likely in Foxboro, MA.

Pats Beat Colts and Stay Unbeaten

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    2 Responses to “Clash of the Titans: Super Bowl XLI 1/2, New England Patriots & Indianapolis Colts … Will it Live Up to the Hype? (UPDATE: PATS WIN 24-20!!!)”

    1. Maggie on November 4th, 2007 8:55 pm

      OK I rooted for the Boston Red Sox to win the World Series, but tonight was cheering for the Colts. They almost won, does that count?

    2. Donna on November 5th, 2007 1:42 am

      I live in Indiana and I love the Colts so yes Maggie the Colts almost winning counts. :) We almost won it but the fourth quarter got us good. GO COLTS!!!

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