OJ Simpson, First Accused of Murder, Now an Armed Robber … Did Mark Fuhrman Plant this Evidence Too?


On the very day that the book “IF”, no … “I Did It” hit the book shelves and is a #1 VanderbiltOJnoIFsbest seller on Amazon, OJ Simpson once again find himself in trouble. The Goldman family defends the books release as a way of punishing OJ Simpson in their 11 year legal battle with him. Now for the latest in the OJ Simpson saga … “What happens to OJ in Vegas, will be broadcast to the free world”.  If there is trouble to be found, OJ will some how seem to find it, then deny he had any responsibility in any of it. However, the OJ Simpson time-line of run ins with the law is quite the laundry list of events. This time OJ Simpson is a suspect in an armed robbery in a Las Vegas hotel room.

O.J. Simpson says he only went into a casino hotel room to retrieve memorabilia that he felt was stolen from him. But police are investigating it as an armed robbery and named the fallen football star as a suspect Friday in yet another surprising chapter to his legal saga.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Simpson insisted there were no guns involved and he only went to the room at the Palace Station casino to retrieve stolen mementos that included his Hall of Fame certificate and a picture of the running back with J. Edgar Hoover. “It’s stolen stuff that’s mine. Nobody was roughed up,” Simpson told the AP. Las Vegas Metro Police Capt. James Dillon said the confrontation was reported as an armed robbery involving guns. But he said no weapons had been recovered and stressed that the investigation was in its “infancy.”

OJ Simpson finds out the hard way that what happens in Vegas does not always stay in Vegas. Next thing he will be suing the Las Vegas for a false promotion ad campaign.

Sports Memorabilia Dealer Implicates O.J. Simpson in Hotel Room Robbery

Mr. Simpson denied that any crime had taken place. Instead, he told The Associated Press, he and some people he had met at a cocktail party staged a “sting operation” on Thursday night intended to retrieve memorabilia, including Mr. Simpson’s Hall of Fame certificate, from a dealer he said had stolen it.

UPDATE I : OJ Simpson Accuser Now Wants To Drop Charges

Welcome to the not so wonderful world of the OJ Simpson circus saga. Alfred Beardsley now wants to drop charges and have everything just go away. However, it may be too late for that as the genie is out of the bottle. Beardsley may have thought about this entire thing prior to his calling 911.

LAS VEGAS (AP) – minuteworld A sports memorabilia collector who accused O.J. Simpson of armed robbery said Saturday that he was “on O.J.’s side” and wants the case dropped.
“I want this thing to go away. I have health problems,” said Alfred Beardsley, the collector who told police on Thursday that Simpson and several other men stormed a Las Vegas hotel room and stole memorabilia at gunpoint.

Beardsley, of Burbank, Calif., told The Associated Press he is not interested in pursuing the case.

“I have no desire to fly back and forth to Las Vegas to testify,” he said. “How are they going to have a witness who’s on O.J.’s side?” (Breitbart)


“I thought my conversation with Linda Deutsch [AP reporter] was off the record. It was a casual conversation. I have been ‘on O.J.’s side’ involving his past problems. But this is an entirely different incident. I called 911. If charges are pressed, I have an obligation to go to court. Period.” Developing…

UPDATE III: Suspect Arrested in O.J. Simpson Las Vegas Hotel Robbery Case

A suspect believed to have accompanied O.J. Simpson during an alleged armed robbery of a Las Vegas hotel room was arrested by Las Vegas police Saturday, the Las Vegas Review Journal reported Sunday.

According to the Review Journal, charges against the man, who police questioned Saturday, include conspiracy to commit robbery.

The man’s name was withheld, but sources told the Review Journal that it was not Simpson.


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    7 Responses to “OJ Simpson, First Accused of Murder, Now an Armed Robber … Did Mark Fuhrman Plant this Evidence Too?”

    1. Jerry from Ohio on September 15th, 2007 11:54 am

      This man when he fell from stardom cannot any longer control himself .
      I think He really believes that HE CAN do almost anything and get away with it !.
      Jerry from Ohio

    2. sparrow on September 15th, 2007 1:31 pm

      I wish I never had to hear his name or see his face again. I wouldn’t read or buy this book. How many books sells does it take to make a best sellers list?

    3. dennisintn on September 15th, 2007 4:22 pm

      sounds like o.j.’s been arubanized. he lies every time he opens his mouth and still expects to be believed.

    4. Maggie on September 15th, 2007 5:55 pm

      Shep Smith was having a field day on this story yesterday. He was saying pack your bags everyone we are going to Vegas. He had Mark Fuhrman on and he said wait we have breaking news here,, Sources say Mark Fuhrman framed OJ again and they were all laughing.

      Why are people taken in by OJ Simpson? I’ve heard them calling him a sociopath for 2 days. He can tell you it’s dark outside at noon and he actually believes it himself. Sounds like Joran Van Der Sloot. He has NOOoooo feelings for anyone but me, myself and I. How can he claim he loves his kids and killed their mother and step-mother?

      I am going to buy the book and read it. I have a collection of all the books during this trial of various people, including the one by Robert Kardashanm, who was a long time friend, who later wrote a book and said he thought he was guilty.

      Go Go GO Fred and Kim… I want them to pursue OJ until the day he dies. Like Kim said, the book is no worse than googling the name Ron Goldman and seeing all the gruesome pictures of him dead. I seen them years ago online. She said Ron died, didn’t run away defending Nicole and they are going to defend Ron by pursuing the man that was found liable for his death. They said during the civil trial, OJ crumbled on the stand.

    5. Carpe Noctem on September 15th, 2007 6:42 pm

      I have been tracking this story
      on my YT page. You are welcome
      to any of the tv news clips I have
      if you want them. Click on my name
      above to get there.

    6. A New Girl on September 16th, 2007 12:36 pm

      Seems as if OJ Simpson and Joran VDS & Company all have something in common now….MURDERERS who got away with the crime and still continue to try and profit from their roles in the media, etc.

      Joran wrote a book, OJ really did contribute to writing a book. OJ’s kids are messed up, the Holloways have already suffered a divorce….these people have wreaked havoc on others and still have the balls to want to make money from the ruins? The Goldman’s are doing the right thing, and so isn’t Holloway-Twitty’s and SM for keeping these stories in the limelight. Sad thing is, there will most likely never be JUSTICE 4 NATALEE…we know for certain there never was for Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. What a travesty of justice and yet another sad day when OJ the MURDERER wants to steal back what is left of his vague memories when he actually was something in life other than what he is today…pathetic! Timed precisely for when that stupid book of his is finally released.

    7. O.J Simpson Arrested on Armed Robbery Charges in Las Vegas Hotel Incident | Scared Monkeys on September 16th, 2007 2:55 pm

      [...] O. J Simpson finds himself in trouble again, this time its more than cable theft. The Juice was arrested Sunday and charged with armed robbery in connection with the Las Vegas hotel room break in. [...]

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