Is Osama bin Laden Back Ahead of 9/11?




New images of Osama bin Laden just in front of September 11.

CAIRO, Egypt (AP) – The first new images of Osama bin Laden in nearly three years will be released ahead of the sixth anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, al-Qaida’s media arm announced, a move that would end the terror mastermind’s longest period without a message.

Al Qaeda Announces New Bin Laden Video

New Bin Laden Video? 

Bin Laden has not been seen on a new video since October 2004.

A still frame accompanying the announcement shows bin Laden with an all-black beard. In his 2004 appearance, his facial hair was predominantly gray.  

Federal law enforcement authorities say that another Web site had posted a message on Sept. 2, promising “a special gift to be delivered on the blessed day of the invasion of Manhattan.”

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    12 Responses to “Is Osama bin Laden Back Ahead of 9/11?”

    1. Stephen Colben on September 7th, 2007 12:56 pm

      The reason his beard is a different color is because the CIA ran out of grey colored Osama beards.

      Osama Bin Laden was an employee of the CIA

      Osama Bin Laden is from Saudi Arabia, along with the other 9/11 terrorists

      Saudi Arabia openly funds the Insurgency in Iraq

      But for some reasons all we hear about is Iran and Iraq, 2 countries that have done NOTHING to US citizens!

      Why were we given the bait and switch in regards to Saudi Arabia and Iraq?
      Why are we selling f-14 jet parts to Iran?
      Why are we supplying and training Iraqi Insurgents in Iraq?
      How can people be so stupid to believe that invading and destroying a country will end anti-American sentiment and terrorism?

      Killing ten of thousands of innocent people will only create more hate for the United States…can you really blame them?

      Unless of course, the leaders of Iraq and Iran follow what the Bush administration did, and fool their public into thinking it was a completely different country…maybe Brazil????

      Bush and his investors are making billions off of the blood of our brave soldiers. Bush and his investors thrive on scaring the American public and creating chaos. Bush and his investors have deliberately divided the United State citizens. We need to reunite and take out the monsters responsible for the most death and destruction since Adolf Hitler.

    2. JustmeT on September 7th, 2007 2:53 pm

      The nerve of this man!

    3. Ann on September 7th, 2007 4:49 pm

      I don’t think that is Osama. It looks like a different man to me. Should Manhattan be in fear about the “gift”?

    4. Stephen Colben on September 7th, 2007 5:20 pm

      Ann, I think you are right-that does look like a different man…

      George Bush and Fox News will let you know when and what you should fear. If it is says “Terror alert elevated” on the crawl at the bottom of your TV then you should promptly elevate your level of fear and anxiety. If Fox News starts showing 10 year old stock footage of Islamic military exercises its time to elevate your level of fear and anxiety…Its actually quite easy to manipulate scared monkeys…I can’t believe they have the guts to call you that to your faces…LOL classic!

    5. Frances on September 7th, 2007 6:08 pm

      #3…I don’t think it looks like a different man, IT looks like a much younger and healthier man.

      I’m in germany, after the 3 terrorist suspects were arrested the other day I feel VERY uneasy and scared AGAIN. The media claims that these 3 had planned on planting a carbomb at the Frankurt airport on 9 11 the day I am flying out of frankfurt airport. Yeah they are arrested, but are there others left to finish the job??? The media says possible. Weird that my parents left a place full of hatred only to come to another place that soon was filled with the same.

    6. Carpe Noctem on September 7th, 2007 8:11 pm


      Pass the Reynolds Wrap,

      they’re making hats again.

    7. Allan K on September 8th, 2007 10:08 pm

      I am agreement with #1. Thank You Stephen Colben.

    8. jmmejzz on September 8th, 2007 10:51 pm

      Mr Colben seems to neglect history, as far as Iran is concerned, starting from 1979 and the hostage crisis moving forward to hizbolah in Lebanon to bombings in Saudi Arabia, Iranian fingerprints are allover attacks against Americans. When you start a discussion with “ran out of grey paint” makes the rest of your points seem absolutely silly. I’ve been overseas since the early 80′s, they’ve hated us during Reagan . . . awwe screw it, why am i wasting my time with you you mind isnt open any way.

    9. minnesota dad on September 9th, 2007 4:21 pm


      People can twist facts and innuendo any way they want.

      The reality is, there are some very evil people (sorry, not GWB, Cheney, Neocons, or any one of your other talking points) in that area of the world who for centuries have terrorized each other.

      Over the last twenty years, these people have decided to not only terrorize their own…but export it against their scapegoat….the West and Israel.

      I recommend you watch a good Disney movie….perhaps the Lion King…or Snow White. This will teach you about good and evil.

      The achilles heel of folks like yourself is you cannot accept that there is evil in this world. That evil needs to be dealt with, not ignored. In an area of the world where 30-40% of oil exports come from…what the USA and GWB are doing is strategic and important – whether you agree or not.

      I truly wish that folks like yourself would spend less time whining about WMD, Bush lied, Global Warming, etc….and spend your time promoting a Manhattan Project to create an energy source that 1) is good for the environment, and 2) makes the Middle East irrelevant. Until that time….stop whining about strategic decisions that our country has chosen to make.


    10. Stephen Colben on September 10th, 2007 10:26 am

      The Disney point is a good one…Why do conservatives believe that there are purely evil and purely good people in this world???? No one is pure good, no one is pure evil. You don’t think Saddam was loved by his family? I bet some people even like GW Bush…But that doesn’t take away from all the pain, destruction, and death they have caused…If you go around thinking your country is the good guys and they are the bad guys, you are NO different from those in the Middle East that think we are the problem…Do you think if they killed more US citizens we would see their point of view??? So why would you think killing more of their citizens will help????

      Starting wars in the Middle East will only cause more hate and anti-American sentiment. After the 9/11 attacks we had moderate Muslims on our side (Which greatly outnumber the extremists)…but GW Bush made an enemy of people that were not our enemy, he has isolated the US from the international community, drawing a big bulls eye on the United States and its citizens who have a military stretched so thin they had to create a fake “surge”.

      The troop “surge” brought the number of US troops in Iraq to 150000, which is the same number in Iraq during the fall of 2005.

      How much longer can Bush keep feeding his loyalists BS before they open their eyes…

    11. minnesota dad on September 10th, 2007 11:25 pm

      There you go again Colben.

      Placing people in the “conservative” or “liberal” bins.

      Here is a simple test for evil:

      If we were to pull our troops out and bring them home, how many innocent people in the United States would be beheaded in the name of God by George Bush and his neocon buddies?

      If we were to pull our troops out and bring them home, how many innocent people in Iraq would find themselves beheaded (with a dull, rusty samatar) in the name of God by the same people who have been terrorizing innocent people for centuries in Iraq and the rest of the Middle East.

      I encourage you to do some research on Madrasas in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and even in Maqtada Al Sadr’s neighborhood. Figure out what they are teaching and then tell me it is not pure evil (and quite frankly a cult).

      Folks like yourself have spent the last fifty years tearing apart Christianity in this country at every turn possible. I’m OK with this…that is what America is all about. But why aren’t you tearing apart Islam with the same vigor? Even more scary….is that the far left in this country have gone so far in their hatred of GWB that they fully support Islam. After 50 years of tearing one religion down, they are now joining up with the FARTHEST RIGHT religion/cult in the name of being a thorn in our President’s side. Geez….

      And as far as your “GWB made enemies” talking points….leadership is not a popularity contest. As a leader (whether it is business or political) you have to make difficult decisions. These decisions may hurt or anger some people. But, if you believe it is the right thing you must stick to your convictions. I am so fed up with the “this poll says this” and “that poll says that” talking points that constantly are droned out there.

      I will remind you that Ronald Reagan was hated just as bad as GWB by folks here in the US and folks in Europe….as he was a leader who did what he felt was right. Today, historians pretty consistently call him one of the best Presidents of last century. Bill Clinton didn’t lead….he waited for polls and created policy and positions based on those polls (even changing his tune based on the crowd he was speaking to if polls showed he should say something different!). He didn’t have Ronald Reagan’s conviction for what was right….and ultimately will go down as a President who did very little in his eight years.

      Sorry. I will now get off of my soapbox. Ten years from now I will buy lunch if it comes out that GWB was totally wrong….I think history will judge him favorably and as a President who ruled in the most difficult times our nation has seen since WWII.


    12. Stephen Colben on September 12th, 2007 2:06 pm

      If you believe that continuing to kill Iraqi’s is going to make enemies of the US go from “Death to Americans” to “We Love the USA” you are insane.

      Would we change our minds about them if they continued to kill our citizens? NO, the more they kill our citizens the more we would want revenge…they are no different.

      It’s a vicious cycle of violence. Ironically, those in charge of the invasion (Bush Co.) will sit back and make unfathomable amounts of money, while the uneducated; lower class joins the military to be blown to pieces…

      I can see why GW bush wants the war to continue (and not because it will do anything to end terrorism, because anyone with a brain can see that it will only INCREASE terrorism)…he wants the war to continue because His family and friends are going to be billionaires, but I have a hard time understanding why military families and middle/lower class citizens support the war??? Have you fallen for the “hate the entire Middle East” propaganda???? Do you want you friends and relatives sent over to fight a war that will NEVER end terrorism???

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