Royal Caribbean reduced its annual earnings forecast, Fuel Costs & Sluggish Demand in the Caribbean


Royal Caribbean cruise lines state that profits rose; however, reduced its annual earnings forecast as the future looks like rough seas. There seem to be many contributing factors this reduction forecast including high fuel prices, canceled trips and blunt sluggish demand in the Caribbean.

The company charged more for cruises to the Mediterranean, Scandinavia and Alaska, destinations that are more profitable than the Caribbean. It has added ships and extended the sailing season in Europe to blunt sluggish demand in the Caribbean, its largest market.

Royal Caribbean operates about 35 ships under the Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises, Pullmantur and Azamara Cruises lines. The company bought Pullmantur SA, a Spanish cruise operator, last year to expand in Europe and reduce its dependence on the Caribbean (Miami Herald)

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    17 Responses to “Royal Caribbean reduced its annual earnings forecast, Fuel Costs & Sluggish Demand in the Caribbean”

    1. Susan on July 27th, 2007 12:48 pm




    2. Jerry from Ohio on July 27th, 2007 1:33 pm

      Well I cannot really say honestly that I feel bad for them
      I do believe however that this cruse line has brought
      on most of their problems themselves.
      Maybe the board of directors should be looking at TOP management and reconsidering their employee choices
      I am aware that a majority of their ” service personal ”
      are poorly paid and treated treated quite shabbily .
      Quite a few are hired from third world country’s because
      they will work for very little but in return when they realize whats going on they steal, drink and abuse the passengers (women are especialy singled out )
      I do not have the figures but you’d be surprised at the rapes of both the passengers and the other female service
      personal .

    3. Patti on July 27th, 2007 2:12 pm


    4. joe bear on July 27th, 2007 6:02 pm

      May the norwork and rorovirus be with you.You reap what you sew.May the ships dry up

    5. Richard on July 27th, 2007 6:50 pm

      The Caribbean routes are a place for basement dwellers right now. They are practically giving them away.

      Let’s hope that people are waking up to the real dangers out there … and the indifference of their government.

    6. Voice of Clarity on July 28th, 2007 12:26 am

      Just to clarify,
      1 The Caribbean basin consist more of just Aruba forgit Holland..
      2. Uh..u dont have the figure so don;t speculate.
      3. These ships are at the cutting edge of ship designs.
      4. People spread diseases…is the crew or was it brought in?
      5. at bargain prices best value for the astute traveller..

    7. sparrow on July 28th, 2007 1:43 am

      I have no desire to go on a cruise in the Caribbean. I will never go to aruba.



    8. Allan K on July 28th, 2007 2:12 am

      Good. So be it.

    9. Richard on July 28th, 2007 5:43 am

      #6, The cruise ship company itself admits that business in the Caribbean is bad. I could care less about the “cutting edge design” of these ships or any other … the Caribbean is a dangerous place. We’re learning this more and more.

      Never forget Amy Bradley.

      Never forget George Smith, who was murdered while on a honeymoon cruise in the Mediterranean. Early in the morning, cruise ship personnel were seen scrubbing off the canopy beneath his cabin: the imprint of his body was evident on that canopy. Great ethics, huh? Shows that the cruise ship company is on YOUR side, right?

      International Cruise Victims is compiling case histories about cruises and is working to ensure true security on board, including a professional security staff and accountability. Until the day when these goals are achieved, I for one will not go on a cruise.

      And like Sparrow, I will never go to Aruba.

    10. Susan on July 28th, 2007 9:34 am

      me kneeder

    11. Houston on July 28th, 2007 11:50 am

      Many are saying they are uneasy about any cruise south of Key West….especially when they see the crew.

    12. Carpe Noctem on July 29th, 2007 8:55 am

      Screw Aruba!

      I think I have Tourette’s.

    13. dennisintn on July 29th, 2007 11:18 am

      carpe, any thinking person with a heart has symptoms of tourette’s when they read about how aruba has treated natalee and her family, and it seems that royal caribbean officials attended the same tourism schools as aruba’s officials.

    14. katablog on July 29th, 2007 1:41 pm

      Guess we were lucky to find great prices on back to back trips to the Caribbean this fall – BTW, neither goes to Aruba otherwise we wouldn’t have signed up.

      The Caribbean is not my most favorite place to go, but there are some beautiful place (Tortola and Virgin Gorda are two of my favorite). When we go some place we don’t really care for (St. Thomas as an example) we just use it as a down day to relax and enjoy the ship.

      This trip will be with Holland America which we’ve not sailed with before. My favorites are Celebrity and Cunard but I’ve heard very good things about Holland America from people traveling on my favorites.

    15. Carpe Noctem on July 29th, 2007 11:30 pm

      I heard that, Mr. Dennis!

      Ya got that right.

    16. glad2bAmerican on July 31st, 2007 1:11 am

      OMG…….tell me it isn’t true! Just received this sale from Spirt Air. Notice it is for each way incase you only need one way.

      Spirit Expands to Aruba!
      Introductory Fares from $9* each way

    17. dennisintn on July 31st, 2007 12:46 pm

      for 9 dollars you get duct-taped to a wing. they lose a few that way, but what the hell, they’re just little tourists anyway.

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