TES: Hogs & Horses, Mission for the Missing pictures, Part 3

Texas Equusearch: Hogs and Horses, Mission for the Missing









(Above: Ofir Engel)


(TES members, Tim Miller & Dave Holloway; center)


(The beer crew, entertaining the faithful)



(Left, Gene Robinson, TES member)


(Cheryl Lawless, TES member)

FOX NEWS THE LINEUP (5.26.2007) Natalee Holloway Investigation (Guest:Dave Holloway)

Dave Holloway on The Line Up discussing the upcoming two year mark of the disappearance of Natalee Holloway.

(Hat Tip: Carpe Noct-O-Vision)

Netherlands Television – Making People Beg For Kidney Transplant

Leave it to the Dutch to create the most tasteless television known to mankind. A primetime show is going to feature a terminally ill woman who will quiz on primetime television 3 people who are suffering from kidney failure and are desperate for a kidney transplant.

The winner will get the kidney, the other two will have their hearts (and lives) broken on national television as they know their chances for success are limited. The Netherlands is suffering from a shortage of organs for transplant. In most of the civilized world, there would be appeals to the humanity of people, in the Netherlands it is a primetime entertainment show.

Sick, just sick…

Viewers will be able to advise the 37-year-old woman, known as Lisa, via text messages which of the candidates to pick, the Algemeen Dagblad newspaper said.

The show is scheduled for next Friday in a prime time spot.
BNN, whose former director died from kidney failure after spending years on a waiting list for a kidney transplant, told the Algemeen Dagblad newspaper that the show wanted to highlight the acute shortage of donors in the Netherlands.
The show is produced by Endemol, the Dutch entertainment powerhouse that invented the Big Brother television show in 1999. via  NEWS.com.au.

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Jack Kevorkian, Dr. Death Himself, To Be Paroled Next Week

KevorkianAfter 8 years in jail, Doctor Death is being released from jail. The man who assisted in more than 100 suicides and created a national outcry is now being paroled. Jack Kevorkian is one of the more controversial figures in the past 20 years. His actions created a national conversation about the ability for medical professionals to participate in a suicide and what the ramifications were.

Kevorkian, whose health is failing, says he will not participate in assisted suicides, but has said he will continue his advocacy for the process.

His attorney told ABC News’ Law & Justice Unit that Kevorkian would not participate in any more assisted suicides. And he said that Kevorkian, who turns 79 Saturday, is in seriously declining health as he prepares for his parole next week.

For years, Kevorkian was at the center of a national debate around the highly controversial questions surrounding physician-assisted suicides or “mercy killings:” Do the terminally ill have the right to choose when and how they die? Do doctors have the ability, even an obligation, to help them die as they choose?
Polls suggest that a majority of Americans are in favor of physician-assisted suicide. Kevorkian’s attorney, Mayer Morganroth, said his client looks back with qualified regret at the more than 100 suicides he said he assisted throughout the 1990s. It was the assisted suicide of Thomas Youk, who had Lou Gehrig’s disease, whose story was broadcast on “60 Minutes” in 1998, that earned Kevorkian a prison sentence of 15 to 20 years for second degree murder.

“He realizes now that breaking laws are not going to help,” said Morganroth. Instead, “he has to speak out” for the legalization of assisted suicide, “and that’s it. He feels he’s lost over eight years of his life. That’s certainly something he’s not pleased with, but he looks at it as he did something that required him to be punished. He broke a law.”   via ABC News

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