‘Pot-Sicles’ Sold By Illegal Immigrant from Ice Cream Truck


I guess this is just another example of an illegal immigrant in the USA doing a job that PopsiclesAmericans do not want to do. Isn’t that the justification we are told as the excuse for why illegals should be allowed in the US? Well in this case it was selling pot to elementary school children. Is this what the Amnesty plan for illegals put forth last week is supposed to be for? 40 year old Raymundo Flores, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, was arrested by police for selling bags of pot from his ice cream truck.

MISSION, Texas (AP) — Police say the jingle of this ice cream truck meant pot-sickles. Police say elementary school students tipped them off to an ice cream truck driver who was apparently selling $5 and $10 bags of marijuana from the truck. Most customers were in the third, fourth, and fifth grades.

“It’s a scary thought, but that’s the info we received,” Mission police Chief Leo Longoria said.


(Don’t mess with a monkey and his popsicle)

One wonders what flavors Senior Flores was selling? Raspberry reefer delight, coconut cannabis madness or marshmallow marijuana in a wafer cone.

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    6 Responses to “‘Pot-Sicles’ Sold By Illegal Immigrant from Ice Cream Truck”

    1. Maggie on May 26th, 2007 8:44 pm


    2. joe bear on May 27th, 2007 9:35 am

      didn’t have that at my school,lol

    3. Michelle in TN on May 27th, 2007 9:15 pm

      They kinda resemble the Kalpoes don’t they?

    4. Francesca on December 25th, 2008 3:09 pm

      This is another argument against the colossally stupid and dangerous concept of ice cream trucks. Neighbourhoods are right to ban them.

    5. Vaporizers on April 10th, 2009 12:18 am

      coconut cannabis madness sounds delicious…lol

    6. Vapor Brothers on July 1st, 2009 10:43 am

      ooppss.. sounds good! pot sickles.. i think thats delicious thats why even elementary students like his product.

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