Amigoe: “Highly placed Government Official said … the team expects to find Holloway’s Remains soon in Aruba


As Joe Tacopina and the defence teams spin for Joran Van der Sloot, one of the three Joe Tacopina 1prime suspects in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway, others are stating something quite differently. We think Joe Tacopina dost protest too much. For anyone to believe that a through search of the Van der Sloot home and a greater focus on Joran Van der Sloot is a positive event is guilty of spin to the n’th degree.

A highly placed government official told Amigoe last week that the team expects to find Holloway’s remains soon in Aruba …

The OM says that the Aruban and Dutch detectives that are currently working on the case have indications that ‘justify a further criminal investigation. 

Amigoe, April 28, 2007: Again a search at the home of the Van der Sloot family  

About 20 forensic experts from the Netherlands searched the family home of Joran van der Sloot yesterday.  This is the second time that this is done in connection with the disappearance case of Natalee Holloway.

ORANJESTAD – About 20 forensic-technical experts from the Netherlands have been busy searching the house of the family Van der Sloot since yesterday.  The investigation on the disappearance of Natalee Holloway since May 30th 2005 received a new impulse since April 16th, said the Public Prosecutor (OM).  The Corps national police service (KLPD) in the Netherlands has investigated the file again and came up with more findings.

A highly placed government official told Amigoe last week that the team expects to find Holloway’s remains soon in Aruba , But official channels do not confirm this.  The tracks-investigation at the family home of Joran van der Sloot, who is still the main suspects in this case, will possibly take a few days.  Experts of among others the Dutch Forensic Institute are combing out the house and the grounds around it and dogs have been put in.  The OM does not want to tell what the reason is for this investigation and what they are looking for.  The local authorities, the FBI, and officials of the Dutch Forensic Institute have already searched this house at numerous occasions before, and have confiscated several items and also 2 cars belonging to family Van der Sloot.  

The OM says that the Aruban and Dutch detectives that are currently working on the case have indications that ‘justify a further criminal investigation.  That’s all they wanted to say.  Justice emphasized though that this house search has nothing to do with the book of Joran van der Sloot that was published in the Netherlands last Wednesday.  “This search action was already planned as part of the investigation on the missing Natalee Holloway that is still going”, stated a press release of the OM.  

Justice-minister Rudy Croes (MEP) asked the KLPD for assistance in the case last year.  A team of Dutch detectives investigated the file and came out with a report and recommendations.  The KLPD gave the report to the Attorney General at the end of last month and the investigation is being continued based on this.  This one is being led by the Aruban public prosecutor Elivia Lugo.  

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    54 Responses to “Amigoe: “Highly placed Government Official said … the team expects to find Holloway’s Remains soon in Aruba”

    1. mojo on April 29th, 2007 5:47 pm

      we’ve been here so many times before, i hope the highly placed official is correct. :(

    2. Susan on April 29th, 2007 5:53 pm

      Holloway’s dad awaits outcome of new search

      Faults earlier bid to find his vanished daughter

      Sunday, April 29, 2007GREG GARRISONNews staff writer

      Dave Holloway, whose daughter, Natalee, disappeared in Aruba nearly two years ago, said a new search of a suspect’s home conducted Friday and Saturday was needed because a prior search was inadequate.

      “Obviously, we’re encouraged the Dutch are doing some investigating,” Holloway said.

      A month away from the two-year anniversary of Natalee Holloway’s disappearance on May 30, 2005 – which may be a target deadline for filing charges – Dutch authorities searched property associated with Joran van der Sloot, the last person known to have seen the then 18-year-old Holloway alive. She vanished on the last day of a graduation trip with her Mountain Brook High School classmates.

      It marked the first time the house and the yard on the property where Van der Sloot lived had been searched, Dave Holloway said.

      The previous search by Aruban police was inadequate, he said. “They limited the search to ?

      The Birmingham News

    3. kitty on April 29th, 2007 5:59 pm

      If the KLPD have come up with more “findings”, I pray, they’ve found Natalee ~ and it will lead to her killer(s).

      Natalee needs to be returned to her family and they will need all the love and support to get them through their grieving and immense,loss & suffering ~ bless them.

    4. Bob on April 29th, 2007 6:02 pm

      Perhaps, Paulie Walnuts or Silvio should take a few days vacation in Aruba. I’m sure they might assist the Aruba Keystone cops in setting priorites. As a matter of better planning for whatever future there may be left for their failing tourism business, the Aruba government probably should broadcast a global public appology for their disgraceful lack of action in solving the Holloway affair.

      The inbred clowns will never understand what they did, by doing nothing. The government, Police force, and politico’s are an embarrassment to the average Aruban citizen. How sad.

    5. Waterboy (Jerry) on April 29th, 2007 6:04 pm

      I just can’t go there myself. We have thought they were there so many times.

      Why would you not search the home, grounds etc. of the main suspect? It never made any sense to me.

      They may have taken Natalee’s body out of D’s car that night because they thought it was about to be searched, and hidden her on the grounds somewhere, but I just can’t believe she is still on the premises.

      I’ll say it again-it isn’t going to materialize. It will just be another false lead.

      I’m 85% sure she was cremated, buried at sea, or still in the landfill.
      I hope I’m wrong, for the family’s sake. It would be nice.


    6. Carpe Noctem on April 29th, 2007 6:07 pm


      It’s time. -j4n

    7. Carpe Noctem on April 29th, 2007 6:11 pm



      SUNDAY 4.29.2007

      updated 5pm Eastern


    8. Waterboy (Jerry) on April 29th, 2007 6:21 pm

      If not for the fact that Paulus is a very street savvy lawyer, this would make sense, because that’s just what these murders do, bury their victims in their own back yard.

      But-you have a prosecuting attorney, who has worked case like this, and he must have known sooner of later, they would search the area with the most probable chance of success.

      Natalee is not there. It just makes no sense.

      Maybe they will find some evidence that says she was there that night, but they won’t find Natalee’s body.


    9. Carpe Noctem on April 29th, 2007 6:26 pm

      I do not like Green Eggs & Joe…

      Additionally, I do not like this “Rosemarie Arnold” ho!

      *Docta Seuss

      This chick going up against Linda Allison (Nat’s Aunt)

      on Kim Guifoyle last night…

      That was a friggin’ knee slapper!

      Have you ever seen a 1973 AMC PACER CAR

      with stick on flames…

      and hanging pink fuzzy dice in the window

      try and race a

      >Porsche Carera GT?

      Linda Allison would be

      most def ‘The Porsche.’

      *No contest! ;)


    10. Janet on April 29th, 2007 7:24 pm

      1. mojo

      You are correct … we have all hopped on that emotional roller coaster from H— along with the Natalee’s family so many times. Hey … I have promised over and over again … no more. However … once again I lied. I am hoping against hope that the words of the “Highly Placed Government Office” will materialize and … give Natalee Holloway’s family a measure of closure.

      Beth Twitty
      JANUARY 29, 2006
      TWITTY: There are times when we’re thinking that we need to continue, and of course we’re still searching for answers, but it’s this rollercoaster ride. And it makes me so angry, Dr. Phil, when I let myself fall for information coming out of an official who represents the island of Aruba. If somebody presents you with false hope and false information, it’s devastating.

    11. Observer on April 29th, 2007 7:32 pm

      Rosemarie Arnold is the most disgusting lawyer I have ever seen. Last year she was saying Beth is in it for the money..All about the money..Hmmm..Funny how she mentioned nothing about Joran’s and Anita’s Books…

      She either doesnt know any facts or she is a complete Liar!!!!!!!!!

    12. kitty on April 29th, 2007 8:04 pm

      I hope that the folks in the Netherlands boycott he and his Mamma’s book (to be!) It’s interesting, that it’s not published in Aruba or has been translated in English for sale in the U.S.A. ~ My friends from the Netherlands are very wise Dutchmen ~ I can’t imagine anyone over there, wasting their valuable money on this trash ~ how many books have been sold? One or Two? ~ Don’t buy his lousy lying book! Maybe the Netherlands needs to be informed about this and boycott the sale from it ~ who’d want to support Joran?
      (sigh)…I guess, it’s the same voyers who purchased O.J’s book here… makes you wonder ~

    13. katablog on April 29th, 2007 8:07 pm

      Yo Red, how can you stand to have that evil man’s face on your front page? YUCK!!!!!!!!

    14. mayan_moons on April 29th, 2007 8:14 pm

      Yeah that pic makes me wanna hurl…

    15. Richard Kay on April 29th, 2007 8:27 pm

      Shame .. Shame Shame on you Red for deleating my posts.

      I want whoever is responsible for Natalee Holloway’s disapearance to be prosecuted and brought to justice. All I have done is post facts that debunk many of your silly rants. When I point out that Jossy is still banned in the US and his last visit was arranged by FOX and a medical waiver you delete my post.When I point out Dr. Phil is also a huckster you delete my post. You at Scared Monkeys are not interested in finding Natalee all you are interested in is making money SHAME ON YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      SM:   First off, it was me who deleted your post not Red or Tom.   Second, there are many who would disagree with your so called facts (klaasend)

    16. Carpe Noctem on April 29th, 2007 8:35 pm


      Do you like this one better? :)

    17. nychic on April 29th, 2007 8:47 pm

      Taco Used To Refer To RoseMarie As His “PitBull”
      Then She Was Deleted From His Website

      Now RosieBull Has Re-Surfaced After
      An Obvious Recent Visit To The Dog Groomers

      She & Taco Are 2 of A Kind

      Looks Like They Smell $$$ From The Sloot’s Books
      Guess Taco Never Got Paid After All

      Taco & RosieBull Are A Disgrace To The Legal Profession

      How Can They Show Their Face On TV Claiming To
      Be Representing The Sloots ? For What ? Media BS ?

    18. mayan_moons on April 29th, 2007 8:58 pm

      Yikes Carpe…..hahaha Another crazy in the courtroom!

    19. mayan_moons on April 29th, 2007 9:04 pm

      Hey nychic!

      Joey’s a traitor to me and you’re right, what the heck is he still flapping his gums for….does he practice law in Aruba now?

    20. mayan_moons on April 29th, 2007 9:10 pm

      Got to see him in some courtroom action during New Jersey vs. Melanie Mcguire and was unimpressed to be kind. There was one moment when things got lively is when JT jumped ALL OVER Melanie’s lover coz he lied when he first spoke with police and several other times. (sound familar?)

    21. Carpe Noctem on April 29th, 2007 9:10 pm

      Yeah #15, but you know what they say

      about opinions, rrrrright?

      They are kinda like you.


      Enjoy Your
      Broadcast Day!

    22. ayfit on April 29th, 2007 9:12 pm

      #5 waterboy
      I think you are right,however I hope you’re wrong. The roller coaster is devestating. To have hope you have waited for for two years only to have it taken away in a moment is cruel. Joe T. imo is un-American and if I ever come across him in person I will make it a point to tell him so in public.
      God bless Dave,Beth and Matt.

    23. Miss-Underestimated on April 29th, 2007 9:13 pm

      LOL Mr. Sphincter go to court

    24. k on April 29th, 2007 9:26 pm

      Great Job Miami!!! Posters and signs are great. Must have gotten alot of attention.

    25. Miss-Underestimated on April 29th, 2007 9:29 pm

      I find it strange that we have not heard from JKQ. I hope this is a good thing.

      I was thinking that the two security guards have more loyalty to Aruba than the ALE and Paulus, these two could have cleaned clocks with lawsuits and didn’t. I find it also distressing that the Arubans are not backing these two who were wrongly accused. I also am distressed that the Aruban PR has steadly defended Paulus in his suit for compensation (what political favours could Pauley do?) and not come to the aid of the two security guards. I detect strong pigious odors in that.

      I was thinking that lighthouse and the sloot residence connect, soil or sand samples to detect that the body was moved from the light house to the sloots?

      Does anyone in Aruba know if the investigators have or are going to the fishermanshuts?

    26. arubaboy on April 29th, 2007 9:30 pm

      Sad,sad, sad… Aruba’s newspaper Amigoe stated KLPD hoping to find the remains of Natalee. So maybe they will find nothing!
      We all are hoping for a break into this case but to tell the truth: I want to look at the bright side but after 2 years is difficult to still find some evidence at the sloot’s house. What I have heard the KLPD found no proof of Natalee was at the house. Where they are looking now were searched already.. So guys: you can start bashing Aruba again: KLPD is in the same league with Aruba, coverup, incompetent investigation etc..

    27. dennisintn on April 29th, 2007 9:38 pm

      #26, well, we’ve heard from paulus, julia, and taco that nothing was found at the sloots. i think i’ll wait for word from klpd or the prosecutor about that. paulus, julia, and taco have absolutely no history of credibility about natalee’s case.

    28. Kat_Gram on April 29th, 2007 9:50 pm

      ArubaBoy… it is too soon to make that determination.
      The NFI does not come out until they have taken everything to the labs. And, do you not think that if there were any remains that the family would be notified first ? Or do you think that the NFI and the KPLD are in the same class as the ALE in Aruba who just talked trash and rubbish ?
      That is one of the reasons for alot of the anger. How many times did a person of authority say things that were just BS ? How often did they get it right ? NEVER. A suspect confesses. He is leading them to the body. That was June 10 / 11 2005. Oops, we made a mistake. What kind of nonsense is that ?

    29. Miss-Underestimated on April 29th, 2007 9:53 pm

      26. What’s your source?

    30. mayan_moons on April 29th, 2007 9:57 pm

      Yeah….it is sad…not just for Natalee & her family but sad for Aruba too. No one’s going to want to go there still. Just wait and see!

    31. Allan K on April 29th, 2007 10:01 pm

      Thats all I need is some greasy haired Mafia lawyer with dirty money in his hands to tell me the house has been searched completely. He is a known crumb, besides look at that pic in the above image with the beady eyes and tell me you would believe anything he said. Some attorney’s try their best to keep scum out of jail and they call it justice instead of greed for money. GO GET A JOB.

      I am really starting to get annoyed at creeps like him if you can’t tell the truth keep you damn mouth shut.

    32. mayan_moons on April 29th, 2007 10:12 pm

      Aruban reasoning…..thinking boycott’s over if the Dutch don’t find anything that everything will go back to way it used to be before they killed Natalee. That might work on Aruba but NOT in the real world.

    33. Houston on April 29th, 2007 10:20 pm

      Does anyone know if the FBI is in on this?


      SM:   Not sure but Linda Allison said last night the the FBI gave the family a call to advise them that the Sloot home would be searched on Friday.   (klaasend)

    34. Carpe Noctem on April 29th, 2007 10:25 pm

      The KLPD…

      I don’t think is going

      to put its credibility on the line,

      and spend all this money, unless they had

      something that is solid…something different…

      Possibly some newly discovered info that drives

      the final NAILS into Paulus’

      & Joran’s figurative caskets.

      >They wouldn’t risk hurting Nat’s family in such a way!

      >They would not want to further stain the KLPD reputation

      in such a way, I don’t think.


      Paulus, don’t try to run you sniveling wuzlick;

      I predict all avenues will be closed off to you very


      It is about time

      to watch this no good rat

      get stepped on!

      NATALEE ANN deserves her JUSTICE.

      PVDS, you are NOTHING, I simply cannot

      tell you this enough!!!!!

      You believe you are your own god…

      …and you’re ****fittin’ to find out

      that you AIN’T DIDDLY SQUAT!!!!!!



      I think your mammy never loved you…

      and your heart is full

      of UNWASHED SOCKS!!!!!!

      -j4n- justice 4 natalee

    35. minnesota dad on April 29th, 2007 10:39 pm

      I was in a business civil suit once with an attorney just like Taco. He harassed my family (who had nothing to do with the case), coordinated phoney business deals to cause additional problems and hardship, played the letter writing campaign game (this is a tactic used by unethical attorneys to run up the legal fees for the other party – they write two or three letters per day that need to be responded to – attorneys like Taco pull this stuff), and took $50,000 of restricted funds from a trust (the judge was only so happy for him to get away with it — it helps when the next election comes along for judges to payoff attorneys with other people’s money).

      This guy was pure scum. Everything that was put on paper or came out of his mouth was evil and lies.

      Here was the kicker…the family members that he harassed…not to his knowledge at the time of his harassment…had a kid that played on a youth sports team with his kid. Needless to say, he sat alone for the rest of the season as word got out about the crap he had pulled.

      Taco has kids. Hopefully, one day he will realize that the crap he pulls hurts people. He will find his kids shunned, he will find himself shunned as he wanders the sidelines at a youth sport game and no one wants to talk to attorney scum. Perhaps one day when he sees that his crap comes home with him he will realize that he needs to change his ways. Right now, money, whether dirty or not, appears to be more important for him.


    36. Maggie on April 29th, 2007 10:43 pm

      NYChiC right.. what is JoeT representing Joran for now?

      Everytime he comes out he changes his story and makes up more. Every grain of sand in Aruba was turned over looking for Natalee, he should’ve said Natalee’s father was digging in the dump looking for his daughter while my client was meeting with the other 2 guys and his father making up more lies and stories…

      If it were nothing, he wouldn’t take his time to appear so much on tv the past few days. Damage control.. Michael Baden is a sharp cookie and they don’t have him fooled.. at least he got to talk tonight.

      Last night JoeT wouldn’t let anyone talk and tonight he started interrupting everyone else talking too. I like how he whines about the lousy police investigation in Aruba and yet that is the reason his client is out walking around today. JQK isn’t on tv everyday babbling on..

      Searching the property personal items could be found that were Natalee’s like her drivers license.. People who commit these types of crimes keep souvenirs sometimes.. I often wonder if the news people interviewing the suspects and the father are working with the police, just to get them to talk since they refuse to come in and talk. Let’s hope they put taping devices or tracking devices around.

      I can imagine the diaries.. Anita.. dear diary poor me I got a stain on my red see through blouse today, hoping the cleaners can remove it,,, we installed another bathtub for the days Paulus darling really gets nervous and sweats. The sporter is in Holland practicing for saintdom and still not drinking ..

    37. Carpe Noctem on April 29th, 2007 10:44 pm
    38. minnesota dad on April 29th, 2007 10:51 pm

      It would be an interesting question for Taco….

      Joe, who is paying you?

      After reading through Dr. Phil’s response, I am even more intrigued about who is paying the bills for the Kalpoe’s attorneys. That case, by just the sheer volume of information that will need to pass hands (and all of the legal games that will be played by the Kalpoe’s attorneys to avoid giving up the information) and the travel of numerous attorneys to Aruba and California will cost the Kalpoes $150,000-$300,000 (yep, that’s the price tag to have a major lawsuit these days). THERE IS NO WAY IN HE-DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS THAT THE KALPOE’S ATTORNEYS ARE DOING THIS ON CONTINGENCY…AS IT IS A LOSING BATTLE.

      So, who is paying the retainers (which would be large, as the Kalpoe’s are out of the country and don’t have the means to pay) and the ongoing bills?

      Perhaps the KLPD could do some investigating down this path. I believe it would get them back to Paulus Van Der Sloot pretty fast….faster than digging holes at the Sloots and the lighthouse.


    39. 10061906 on April 29th, 2007 10:52 pm

      Here is a real easy question for turncoat Tacopina.
      What does it take to prosecute a felon on Aruba?
      And if you can’t answer that how the hell as an American attorney can you represent a defendant from a foreign territory. And since the Twitty case has been dismissed why are you still on Aruba and why do you hang around like a puppy trying to find a nipple to feed off.
      IMO scumbag you are nothing but a professional social climber and I hope this case comes back to bite you in the a$$.
      How come Joe;;;;
      The three persons that were last to see the victim, have told everyone what they did; admit they are guilty of at least kidnapping and rape and can roam free. But they have lied so much that no one really knows which story to believe.
      The father of one of the lead suspect has lied and cannot provide an alibi for May 29th through May 30th., 2005
      The Prosecution Office limits the areas that can be searched on the lead suspect’s father’s property after a full search warrant was issused: claiming a conflict of interest?
      Two of the suspects are cousins of the chief inspector.
      The mother of the lead suspect can describe the victim’s underwear.
      The mother makes such an issue that the police have taken her camera.
      A friend of the lead suspect admits that he stayed at the suspect’s home and lies about what happened. Then this friend’s father will not let the police question his son again and the family leaves the island.
      Two eye witness have spotted one of the suspects car that took the victim, at the lead suspect’s home that same morning the victim disappears.
      Another friend of the lead suspect leaves the island, is arrested in the Netherlands and is charged with heavy battery. His attorney gets him released because he is gay.
      The Chief Inspector’s son lies to the police and causes another suspect to be arrested.
      This suspect through his attorney says he does not know the suspect; nor the victim.
      The suspect on various nights at a nightclub, has repeatedly groped the victim and made such a pest that the victim has to push the suspect away. The suspect; instead of an apology slaps the victim. This suspect’s father was a police officer in the Netherlands with the original chief of police who just happens to be the lead suspects godfather and best friends with the lead suspects father, who just happened to work in the Prosecution Office for eight years. I can go on and on and spend the next thirty days writing all the improprieties that have been allowed to happen while an “investigation to solve this case (?)” is ongoing. It has all been a delay and stall tactic so the case can be declared cold and closed. It is not rocket science here just indications and evidence of a cover-up.
      Natalee; you never had a chance.
      “SWEET HOME ALABAMA” where the skies are so blue….
      “SWEET HOME ALABAMA”, Lord I’m coming home to you…..
      I sure do hope so!!!!!

    40. minnesota dad on April 29th, 2007 11:10 pm


      Amen Bro,

      The reason I had minimized posting over the last few months is that the writing was on the wall. It is all a game.

      Like others here, I truly hope the Dutch investigators are sincere….but when you pull together your post and then tack on that we have been harping on a search of the property for a year and a half, they had to do the search before the case could be closed.

      Dutch Investigators…I will personally and publicly eat crow pie if you prove me wrong. But, the fact that no steps have been made to reverse Karin Janssen’s letter and the judgement pulled together to protect and insulate Paulus have been made by you places me in a position of believing that Paulus – the perp, will walk free in 30 days along with J2K (even though there is enough from their personal statements to put them away for seven years based on their own statements!).

      Prove us wrong Dutch…but, the list of conflicts of interest and improper dealings is too long for you to have credibility if you do not put these predators behind bars.


    41. Waterboy (Jerry) on April 29th, 2007 11:33 pm

      I really don’t think they will find Natalee’s body. What I’m hoping for is some evidence that she was there. Maybe they will find some jewelry, hair, clothing, and possible blood. If they find hair below the ground in some location, the perps are sunk (well, maybe not–read 10061906 above). The same is true of any clothing parts, but that would be harder to get a positive I.D. from.

      If you remember one of Joran’s stories, he said that D. and S. dropped him off and then he and Natalee exchanged e-mail addresses and she left with the two rat faced boys. I think the truth is, they dropped Joran and Natalee off at the sloots, and Natalee never left alive; but I don’t think she is there at this time. 1906 is right, they moved the body, put it with another body where Natalee was cremated or shipped out of the country. As I’ve said, she may also be in the landfill or buried at sea.

      I’m thinking Joran really needs to be locked away for the rest of his young life for his own protection and for the protection of those innocent lives who might happen to cross his path. In my opinion, he’s big, he’s mean, and he’s dangerous. I pray they don’t find a graveyard with many bodies when they start digging.


    42. Carpe Noctem on April 29th, 2007 11:40 pm


      Mrs. U sssssaid…

      ‘pigious odors’


      You crack me up! -j4n

    43. mayan_moons on April 30th, 2007 12:05 am

      Yeah…..he’s big and mean and dangerous. Even more so and be enboldened with the nod of Aruban citizens, Aruban Law and Aruban Officials.

    44. katablog on April 30th, 2007 12:16 am

      #15 – prove it or stop repeating yourself. You’ve been at my blog and others posting the same stuff. But you’ve not posted on bit of proof. Regardless: Jossy Mansur has been wonderful in this case. He is the only one from Aruba that has publicly stood by the Holloway family and exposed the immense corruption in Aruba.

      Whether the Dutch team finds anything or not, it does not mean they are inept. It only means they got there 22 months too late. However, if they are the crack team they are made out to be – they could easily find something. Check those damn painted rocks!

      I think it’s quite possible that Natalee’s body is no longer on Aruba or was cremated but I don’t think that group of clowns could have erased all traces of Natalee. Where ever she was killed, I believe there is a good possibility that evidence still exists.

      As far as the boycott of Aruba: Yes, it will continue (at least by me) if the Dutch team finds nothing. I don’t want to step foot on Aruba (and would encourage others not to) until I know for absolute certain that Natalee’s body or ashes is/are not there.

      So Arubaboy and all others that complain: keep on complaining but try to understand that the place where a young American teen was murdered and her murderers run free is NOT a vacation spot. I would not have one minute of peace even if I tried. I could not stop thinking about what was done to Natalee and her family on that little ugly island.

    45. 10061906 on April 30th, 2007 12:18 am

      Klaasend: I’m not sure if you know the origin of the three monkeys you use as your logo:
      “Hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil”.
      Anyway those three monkeys are on the Sacred Stable that house the Sacred Horse in a town in northern Japan called Nikko.
      The Shrine, Toshogu is dedicated to the Shogun Tokugawa.
      He is the Shogun that united all the northern Prefectures in Japan.
      I was there about twenty years ago. It is an unbelievable Shrine.
      Just a little aside to break up the tension.


      SM:   Thanks!   I didn’t know that! (klaasend) :)

    46. lake erie princess on April 30th, 2007 12:30 am

      i thought the roller coaster had broken, but here we go again ! i hope that THIS time NL does it correctly !
      for the sake beth and dave, i pray they find a bone, or something, anything to help them with closure !

      regardless IF they find her body or not this time, i still would NEVER consider going to aruba, even if it were 110 % free ! this was too ignorantly handled, and i do not trust aruba. i am still in favor of boycotting them ! i feel that others should continue to follow suit as well !

    47. Elaine on April 30th, 2007 12:31 am

      Renho is always pushing around the anti-Jossy wagon because she is jealous that he knows much more than she ever will. Go Jossy Go!

    48. Carpe Noctem on April 30th, 2007 12:53 am


      KLPD… bring Nat home to us!!!

      We need you to whip out


      Give us what u got for a pork-chop.


    49. Carpe Noctem on April 30th, 2007 1:20 am

      Hi Mr. Van der sloot…

      (rhymes with goat)


      I still do not like you, ya no

      good f’n scudder bucket!



      Comin’ up on the


      a replay of Kim Guilfoyle’s Show

      “THE LINE UP” – FOX NEWS (4/29/2007)

      Nat. Segment

      I am cutting up & uploading them

      now 1:20am Eastern


      Hey Tacopina, you are still an idiot!

      You have never sounded more friggin stupid…

      than you did tonight. Cheers!



      Bring Natalee Home

    50. Jerry from Ohio on April 30th, 2007 2:33 am

      Dose anyone really know where Joran is at the present time ?
      Thanks in advance. Jer

    51. Richard on April 30th, 2007 7:02 am

      The roller coaster is still operating, but at least this time it’s not being manipulated by Aruba (as far as we know). The Dutch are in total control of the case.

      Is their effort genuine? I think so.
      Will it succeed? I have no idea.
      How good are the “several strong leads” (if strong was the word)? Don’t know that either.

      But I don’t see them making a phony effort on this. If they planned from the start NOT to succeed, why wouldn’t they just say they’d looked through the files and didn’t see anything more to do? Or just tell the Arubans to go back and do a, b, and c?

      What we don’t know yet is who else they are calling in for interviews and re-interviews. I gather that the latter can be done with new evidence, which they publicly say they have.

      Let’s hope they’re putting the screws to a number of people on the happy island. I wrote to the Dutch prime minister some time back suggesting that they call in Joran and say: Here’s your choice, bozo. Talk, NOW, or get the hell out of the country.

      Who knows? Maybe it’s better to keep the scum over there.

      Let’s hope that a lot of the “Pimps” aren’t sleeping very well these days. I wonder if the Kalpoes are under scrutiny.

    52. Richard on April 30th, 2007 7:04 am

      Lake Erie Princess (#46), I agree with you. The boycott movement doesn’t end when/if Natalee is found, dead or alive; it ends, if ever, when EVERYONE INVOLVED is tried, convicted, and sentenced.

      That’s my view, anyway.

    53. Richard on April 30th, 2007 7:08 am

      The article said that a “highly placed government official” (Aruban or Dutch?) made the comment “last week” that the team expects to find Natalee’s remains soon.

      Did that official make the comment before the team got going? So far, it seems that the team is reticent in dealing with the media; is this another grandstand play by some Aruban? Dunno ….

      As for Tacopino, he probably doesn’t even believe his own garbage. He’s paid to be a windbag, and he’s probably keeping in practice….

    54. JusticeforNatalee on April 30th, 2007 10:29 am


      It’s always a “good” sign when cops are digging for a young woman’s BODY in your client’s YARD.


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