News Conference today at 2PM in Missing 911 Dispatcher, Theresa Parker


According to FOX News there will be a 2PM Eastern Time news conference for the missing 911 dispatcher, Theresa Parker. People close to the case claim that it will be a “great development”. Read the rest at Missing and Exploited including updates, see update VII.

Update: Police officer arrested in the case; however, it is not Theresa Parker’s husband. Read more.

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    2 Responses to “News Conference today at 2PM in Missing 911 Dispatcher, Theresa Parker”

    1. Brenda on April 3rd, 2007 1:02 pm

      “It’s not what we hoped.” (words by Theresa’s brother)

      Wonder if they found blood evidence in her house, new apartment, or her husband’s cruiser? As for draining the pond (an article within the links), that’s probably not going to help. Hubby is a veteran police officer and should be smarter than that. Water is always looked in/around close to any crime scene, or potential crime scene. Just doubt he’d be that sloppy/stupid.

      Estranged hubby also knew she was moving and would be privy to her schedule as a fellow officer in a neighboring jurisdiction. I dispatched the same type of rotation as Theresa’s department which is normally 7 days on and then 2 off. UNLESS you are coming off midnight shift-week in which case you’d get 3 days break until going back on first shift. (She also took one extra day.) It seems like longer because when you “work off” midnight you go home at 7am. Let’s use Monday as example…you’d have just worked your Monday, so the 3 days off are Tues/Wed/Thurs and you go back in Friday 7am. This is common practice in city departments with small number of staff.

      Hubby knew she’d have a long break and not be missed for longer than normal as well as moving plans. I am sure he got hold of her (probably while ON duty) when he’s be less suspicious. Officers normally go across jurisdictions while on duty to visit a neighboring department when it’s slow…so seeing him out of his “area” wouldn’t have raised eyebrows. Especially if he were working midnights.

      I hope they are able to know soon. I’m afraid the husband will commit suicide rather than be a “dirty cop in prison”. It’s a death sentence for him either way….let’s not have another Melinda Duckett type thing and loose the responsible person along with the answers.


    2. slogmonster on April 5th, 2007 1:43 pm

      I’m thinking maybe the husband and the other police officer arrested were in on this together?

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