Two South Carolina Teachers, Wendie Schweikert & Allenna Ward Charged With Having Sex with Boys … Cries of Racism


Teacher/student sex case not racism … its sexism.

Two teachers, 37 year old Wendie Schweikert and 24 year old Allenna Ward are accused of having sex with with multiple males students. This case of teacher/student inappropriate sex has a twist. There is a racial component in that the teachers are white and the boys were all black.

CLINTON, S.C. (AP) – The arrest of two women teachers on charges of having sex with their male students has brought cries of lingering racism in one of South Carolina’s most conservative counties and evoked some of the South’s oldest and deepest-seated racial taboos.

Both women are white. The boys – six in all – are black.

Some of the blacks who make up more than a quarter of Laurens County’s 70,000 residents are upset over the handling of the two cases, particularly the release of the teachers on bail.

Now comes some of the accusations of racism because of how the case is being handled. Claiming that because the women were white, it is being handled differently. The most vocal cries coming from the NAACP.

Some blacks shudder to think what would have happened if the teachers were black men and the students were white girls.

“I can assure you if it were an African American male who committed such an offense against a white female, history shows us that the charges, the punishment and the sentencing would be totally different,” said state NAACP president Lonnie Randolph. “The system ain’t blind when the perpetrator is an African American male or female or when the victim is a white female.”

The black community and the NAACP are 100% wrong with their accusations. This is not a matter of racism, ITS A MATTER OF SEXISM! Folks, these people might be getting an easier road not because they are white, it is because they are woman. That is always the case. This is not a racial issue. In almost every case of a teacher having sex with a student, woman are treated and dealt with much differently than a man. Whether the accused was a black or a white man, it would be no different. Men are always punished much harsher in sexual exploitation cases against minor students. Many of these such cases can be seen HERE.

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    57 Responses to “Two South Carolina Teachers, Wendie Schweikert & Allenna Ward Charged With Having Sex with Boys … Cries of Racism”

    1. mayan_moons on March 28th, 2007 11:45 pm

      Two teachers and 6 black boys? good lord!

      I’m really getting sick of these teachers crossing the line. But can we be suprised when Debra Lafave didn’t hafta go to jail coz she’s *Too PrettY*?

    2. maddyson on March 28th, 2007 11:48 pm

      Fact is, these women are just as much a predator as a male teacher of the same age (and who had sex with underage female students).

      These women should be treated the same as their male counterparts.

    3. Patti on March 29th, 2007 12:09 am

      Well… I say it’s about time that we start being fair and treat women predators the same as men. We are not supposed to discriminate against anyone for any reason.(period) The fact that all the victims were black may be an indication of racism, on the part of the teachers. The NAACP have a point, or perhaps two. One being that these boys were targetted because of their race. The other being the one that they raised: If these were white girls raped by a black teacher, he’d be considered a threat and would not be released so easily.

      To me, this crime is especially heinous. We can, certainly, point to other cases where women teachers sexually assaulted their underage students; but, as far as I know, it was done in the name of love: single predator, single victim. However, in this case, love had nothing to do with it and these kids were preyed upon for nothing more than sexual gratification. Maybe it will take the NAACP to get rid of the bias that is being shown to women.

      Throw the book at them!

    4. mayan_moons on March 29th, 2007 12:17 am

      The blacks want to make this a racial issue and to a certain extent i can give them a pass on that coz they are right that if it’d been 2 black men & students white eyebrows would be raised even more.

      My view is that it is a sexual issue more than a racial issue in this case and everyone should be outraged these teachers are using our schools as a meat market.

    5. casa on March 29th, 2007 12:26 am

      It bothers me that anytime there is any type of controversy where it is black against white the NAACP screams racism. They don’t even have to know the circumstances;they only have to know the colors. While I totally understand that there are many racist white people in this world some of the most racist people I have come across in my years of teaching have been black people. As far as the teachers and the students let me say this – I know that the teachers are the adults and they should definitely know better than to have a relationship with a student I have seen some students 17 or 18 years old who have “thrown themselves at the teachers.” I taught at a school where a coach had a relationship with a 17 year old (almost 18) student. She let everybody know in no uncertain terms that she would have this coach. She did and he paid the consequences. He lost his teaching license, was sued by her parents and lost his family. Yes, he was wrong but the girl went on with her life and is still sleeping around with anyone she chooses. Sorry for the long post but these are things I have experienced first hand in my job as a teacher.

    6. Patti on March 29th, 2007 1:08 am


      I respect your opinion. There is racism on both sides. But, the NAACP does not go running to every case having to do with race. There are plenty of cases of assault in this country that are based solely on race. The NAACP don’t have the time or the resources to cover them all.

      The NAACP is an organization that has some of the most outstanding attorneys in the country specializing in constitutional law. They choose which cases based on what they feel is an area that needs social change. I applaud them for going after this case. I think that we’re long overdue for a stand against women that sexually assault boys. This is an area of law that has not been addressed, and I think it’s a good time for us to come to the realization that women are treated with preference under the law.

      Remember, too, we also have a very important case concerning child abuse coming up in Georgia, concerning a woman that stood by while a child was sexually assaulted and murdered. We have been sending men up the river for what she did for years, but, is she supposed to be treated diffrently because she’s a woman?

      I think their timing is perfect.

    7. kitty on March 29th, 2007 1:22 am

      Race has nothing to do with this.

      Let’s keep focused here.

      I’d like to teach these two women a few things.

      Life lesson number one. This is a crime. These are boys, not men.

      Life lesson number two. You had no right to assualt & harm them.

      Life lesson number three. You need to be held accountable and take responsibility for your monstrous acts against these boys…

      Life lesson number four. God says if anyone should harm one of my children or cause them to sin, it would have been better if a millstone were tied around their necks and drowned into the bottom of the sea… than for His wrath that is going to come upon you for harming those boys…that is from GOD…

      Life lesson number five. That goes for all preditors and pedofiles, it’s in the Bible.. book of Matthew.

      I’d do more than throw the book at ‘em… I’d teach them it’s very wrong, it’s evil, it’s sick, unacceptable and not why they went to college to become educated to prey upon boys and have sex with them. Shame on them.

      I only hope that the boys and their families realize that most of us are very sorry for what has happened to them and I’m sorry, that society has let other women off the hook on this type of child sexual assault/abuse. I hope they do not get off, like the blonde did in Florida ~ that was so wrong!

      There was a young man, attending football camp who lived in several communities from me… he was raped at this camp by hazing… the classmates of this victim were brutal to him.. he suffered greatly and was bullied everytime that he went to school, eventually, he had to leave school, suffered great depression and was suicidal from the evil acts.

      I am wondering the scruteny these victims mentioned in this article are enduring? The taunting, teasing, or even macho-ism pat on the back, that is going on or happening, can only harm them more… The devestation must be awful not to mention the horror their parents are facing now… I pray, that the school and surrounding community takes this very seriously, does not allow or accept it what so ever and use this as an opportunity to educate the children in their community, not tolerating it what so ever!

      I feel for these boys. They must be facing immense issues, not to mention how society looks at this.

      It sickens me, how society treats this. I hope that they are not being lauded and patted on the back, atta boy… in the situation mentioned above that happened ~ the boys who perpetrated the crime, hazing another boy, were regarded like hero status.. “boys will be boys”… and in this case.. I can only imagine things that will be and are being said about these young men. Most likely, they will have to be tutored, or attend another school, or leave their area entirely… they will never be the same.

      It’s so, so, sad.

      For those teachers, they need a lesson allright, including the blonde who got off… I just pray, that these women, do not use her lawyer or her case to bring into the courts to justify what they did… these two butes, may just get off, due to blondies prior case getting her no time.

      What is this world coming to? Outrageous, Heinous, Monsterous acts against Children, need to stop!~


    8. casa on March 29th, 2007 2:00 am

      Patti, I don’t have a problem with the women being treated with the same laws as a man. I have a problem with the NAACP running everytime there is a black/white issue. If these parties had been all white or all black the NAACP would not have even taken notice of this. Yes, there are still racial issues in this country but not every situation where the parties are black/white is a racial issue. Sometimes it is just an issue!

    9. Patti on March 29th, 2007 2:04 am


      I just pray, that these women, do not use her lawyer or her case to bring into the courts to justify what they did… these two butes, may just get off, due to blondies prior case getting her no time.

      What is this world coming to? Outrageous, Heinous, Monsterous acts against Children, need to stop!~


      Comment by kitty | March 29, 2007, 1:22 am

      You missed my point:

      The NAACP probably feels the same way as you about the
      blonde teacher being too pretty to go to jail. They,
      definately, feel the same about child abuse. They are
      very smart, socially-minded people that choose their cases
      wisely. There is no way that the same thing that was done
      for Debra Lafave is going to happen here, not with the
      NAACP involved…. you can count on that.

    10. casa on March 29th, 2007 2:09 am

      I am assuming these are high school boys. I am in NO way condoning this but I can assure you that if these are high school boys they are not being criticized for having sex with a teacher. They are being patted on the back by their friends. They are not tramatized in any way. It is sad but it is a sign of our times.

    11. Patti on March 29th, 2007 2:25 am

      What I can’t figure out is why everyone seems to be against
      the NAACP? They have done wonders in making sure that the
      Constitution is upheld and that our civil liberties are
      protected. Everyone benefits from the work that they do…
      black and white.

    12. Patti on March 29th, 2007 2:34 am

      I am assuming these are high school boys. I am in NO way condoning this but I can assure you that if these are high school boys they are not being criticized for having sex with a teacher. They are being patted on the back by their friends. They are not tramatized in any way. It is sad but it is a sign of our times.

      Comment by casa | March 29, 2007, 2:09 am


      I disagree with you on that. But, heck, if it’s the sign
      of the times, let’s just go ahead and have orgies at school
      and teach our boys that women are nothing but nasty,
      perverted *hores.

      That… to me is trauma.

    13. Patti on March 29th, 2007 3:27 am


      These are teachers… they are held to a higher standard.

    14. Richard on March 29th, 2007 6:23 am

      Strictly speaking, I think the issue of race is irrelevant here. The crime is in the sex with underage kids.

      But I’m just wondering (assuming that the popular concern the article cites is in fact genuine) if part of the furor lies in the challenging of old racist myths: that blacks are always and invariably the sexual predators.

      In other words, the women teachers here seemed to have the upper hand, so to speak. They must be regarded as the predators. And this might be challenging some ideas that prevail there.

      Don’t know, just speculating. One wonders whether cases like this one will spark a return to the days of all-male and all-female classes … which could spark other problems.

    15. Richard on March 29th, 2007 6:28 am

      Just noticed … there were SIX of the kids and two of the teachers. How dumb can those women be? Did they think news about this wouldn’t have gotten around? In addition to everything else, they can be prosecuted for promiscuity, assuming that that is still a crime anywhere.

      What next, porn movies produced in Social Studies class?

    16. ldstlou on March 29th, 2007 10:15 am

      I have to agree with casa…by playing the race card, they are distracking from the true crime here!! These women are sexual preditors!! I don’t see how race has anything to do with this. The presecutor said, this was the norm for bail in these cases. I believe that!! And come on..there is something totally wrong here…but it’s not abour’s about our attitude and leniency towards sexual predators!! It’s the reason we lost poor Christopher and so many other children.
      Last point is we do not know the racial makeup of the school these women taught at…it could have simply been opportunity more than anything else. In an article I read it said the neighborhoods are very segregated. Could it simply be that the majority of children attending this school are black?
      We have an opportunity, to take the lives of these children who have been lost and harmed by these monsters, and the high profile media attention they have received, and make some real changes in the laws in regards to sexual offenders and predators. Please don’t cloud the real issue here with cries of racism!!

    17. Patti on March 29th, 2007 1:05 pm


      In my opinion, this case has everything to do with bias. Bias and prejudice run hand in hand. Perhaps the NAACP
      is killing two birds with one stone.

    18. kitty on March 29th, 2007 1:24 pm

      # 16.. YES!

      The true issue should not be clouded with the real issues.

      This is unacceptable and this is not about race.

      Our educators are to educate our children. They are mandated reporters and are to report crimes as such. These monster women, obviously felt above the law.

      What they did, is a crime. Were these boys minors?
      That would constitute rape of a minor, in either case, it’s still not right and rape, is rape, no matter what the age. This was not consentual sex.

      Preditors overpower their victims and this is not about sexual gratification… it is not that at all. This is about power and control, not sex.

      These monsters need to be locked up and have the key thrown away.. their sentencing, should be X’s six…

      For the boys… they will suffer Post Traumatic Syndrome Disorder… they may be acting fine, but believe you me, they are not fine. This has psychologicaly messed them up and they need help. The atta boy syndrome sickens me ~ and as I mentioned above, is so prevelant in society… what is that??

      These boys families, must be devestated and out of their minds with immense anger… They entrusted their school system to have their kids attend classes, and not be turned over to monsters, who are preying upon their manhood and vulnerability… Preditory campus? Gimme a break!

      No, this is not about race. This is about rape of 6 boys, who were victimized by 2 educators, who are women… were they Coried? Have they done this before?

      I feel so sad for these boys and their families.
      I feel sad, that society sees this as acceptable and also sad, that the “race” card is being played here.

      We are all part of the human race. Unfortunately, sexual abuse, rape, sexual crimes have no boundaries.. it does not discriminate… all ages suffer abuse, rape, emotional, verbal, physical and sexual abuse can happen regardless of color of one’s skin, age, whether you are male or female, regardless if your preditor is a man or woman monster.

      Call it by name. I’m sad, that the real issue is being clouded here.

      We all need to be outraged and have changes made… victims have been silenced too long… we have a strong voice and more voices speaking against violent acts against humanity ~ need to be united, regardless of our heritage.

      This was a crime against these boys personhood and their souls… let’s not forget that. God Bless them and their families and for these women… May they deal with their maker ~ this was a pure evil act against children…

      They failed their test as educators, miserably.

      No A pluses here… they need to be disciplined, and I’m not talking at the principle’s office either.

      Go to prison and throw away the key.



    19. kitty on March 29th, 2007 1:39 pm

      I forgot to mention one thing. While working out at the gym, Wynonna’s thing came up on the t.v. screen and working out beside me, was a man from Egypt. I asked him, what happens to those who sexually abuse or rape children. in Egypt?

      He said… they hang them. They do not put them in prison for 10 years,like here, or less time than that and re-lease them back into society… they have a trial and then, within a few months, they are hung. That is how they do it in Egypt.

      He shared, if there is a rape of a woman, same thing.

      That is their system. It may seem barbaric, however, it’s not as prevelant over in Egypt as it is here in America … and, it is our sick tolerant society that slaps pedofiles, preditors, sexual abusers and locks em up for a short time and then allows them back into society to do it again… they literally are.

      Why? Why is this tolerated and acceptable?

      I will never understand this, ever. It angers me and frustrates me and I question the values in ourjudicial system, our government and our society.

      America, devalues children.

      America, would rather have a sexual preditor, released from jail/prison, have a bracelet on them.. have them register with the police.. and many do not, mind you… to live next door to you, mind you… and that is good for society? Why should children and their parents have to go to their local police dept. to see what level sexual preditor is in their neighborhood…live in fear? something is gravely wrong with our system.

      Many of these perps/preditors, are never caught in the first place ~ these are the most clever ones… they are good at what they do…the crimes are reported, but not proven and they are not registered ~ and they are prowling… I know, I’ve lived it.

      John Q. Public is allowing it to happen. We all need to take responsibility and be heard!… children are our future… and they should be just that, children, not having to worry who’s next door…and having their innocence taken away from them.

      We are a sick society.

      We are a part of the human race. We need to be a voice for children, everywhere.



    20. Patti on March 29th, 2007 1:42 pm



      You don’t think the court was being biased
      by releasing these women? Maybe they are
      just waaaaaay too pretty to go to jail…

      The NAACP is doing the right thing…
      I’ll leave it at that.

    21. kitty on March 29th, 2007 2:43 pm

      This shows the dysfunctional system at it’s best… they should most definately not have been released… courts being biased, perhaps.. nuts, crazy,ridiculous,heinous, inappropriate, most definately ~ call it what ever…it has many names ~

      The courts should be ashamed of themselves… folks in this State should write to the court system and ask the judge to be removed from his/her bench seat.

      I’ve spoken to judges regarding more stern action regarding pedofile/preditors/sexual abusers… they follow the laws that are presented on the books and the cases before them tend to determine the way they go.

      It’s the Law makers, that you have to deal with to make sufficient change in our dysfunctional system… it’s a long, arduous, almost futile event ~ our legislators need to hear the cries of the masses ~ and the DA’s offices do too… until it comes closer to home with it being a judges kid, or a lawyers kid, or a legislators kid, then, and only till then, this nonsense will stop…. unfortunately, it continues. (and I do not wish this on any soul)…

      I would still like to believe, even a little voice in the wilderness of this myraid of complex difficulty in our legal system can make a difference. I will not ever give up hope, nor should you ~ speak up as loud as you are here and be heard! Write to your legislators, DA’s ~ if this happened in your State, you can aquire a complaint form (which I’ve done) and make a formal complaint against this judge or any judge you disagree with the handling of a case and ask this judge to be removed from the bench ~ it is an option and can be effective.

      That is unfortunately the only way our judicial system is going to get it… we can’t sit back ~ write your legislators!!! I do it all the time!

      Some times there is no justice, sometimes it just is ~ saadm but true.

      Is it frustrating, you bet.

      Will change ever be made, I pray it will happen.

      There is nothing to be ashamed of to expose the evils of sexual abuse and the effects it has on society. More needs to be done.

      We can be proactive and make a difference, and prayerfully re-write new history. The future of children everywhere are depending on us to help keep them safe. Hell hath no fury than that of a Mother… even if you’re not a Mother, the autrocities against any child or human being should not be tolerated! unfortunately, it is.


      It’s outrageous.


    22. John Staton on March 29th, 2007 2:54 pm

      Bail is set based upon potential for flight. They are wearing tracking devises. As bad as what is reported this is not class one sexual assault. No prior convictions have been reported for anything. Race had nothing to do with this. NAACP just looking for pub and money. Any individual of any race would have been allowed to post bail.

    23. ldstlou on March 29th, 2007 3:16 pm

      Patti…can you tell me why you think this is an issue of race Sweetie? And I call everyone sweetie, it is a term of endearment to me and meant to say I respect your opinion but don’t agree so send me more info.
      My initial instict…and probably from living in St Louis for 7 years…was that it appears to me to be a very segregated town. I am from Colunbus Ohio…which is a relatively young city and very blended. It was a true shock to me when I moved to St Louis…I was not used to the segregation not the racial tensions that exist in this City. Does that make sense? So although I was not raised w/ segregation, I have some experience in it now from living in St Louis. So it is time for my son attend pre-school. Although St Louis Schools are a national JOKE!!! You can’t even imagine!!! We have alternative City schools called “magnet” and “charter” schools. Their reputation for education is fantastic. They have a waiting list to get in. I did not intend for my son to attend preschool, but I was told to get him on the waiting list…that is based on the lottery system…so he would be accepted by kindergarten.
      OK..long story short but also a bit of background. I live in an absolutely cool neighborhood that was just declared historic a year ago. The revitalization that is going on now is just too exciting!! I am a realtor!! As a realtor I was told from day one to “stay away from the State Streets” in St Louis. This being because I was white and the majority of people living in these areas were black. I was not raised w/ prejudice…and so I bucked the advice!! lol I walked into my 109 year old home that needed so much work and fell absolutely positively in LOVE!! Being a single Mom…I aws awrned and warned…Don’t Do THIS!!! But having an investment background…I also recognized the potential in the neighborhood…w/ all of the revitalization that was going on around my neighborhood…and it’s historic background as well as access to every major freeway…I KNEW it would be a great investment!! And it has!! My house has more than doubled in value in 4 years!! Partly due to my hard work, partly due to the neighborhood revitalization!!
      So my point…I moved into a neighborhood where I was essentially, the minority!! So when I first saw this story…and read about the complaints the black leaders had…especially the new KKK building that obviously caused some serious hard feelings!! And it should have!! It just seemed to me that…there is an underlying disease in this town…and certainly!!! it appears racial tensions…but I feel these women’s crimes are being used as a platform to fight this obvious racism…but I don’t believe it’s the right forumn to do so!! Because I truely believe…that the BIGGER platform…is sexual predators!!
      I assumed that the fact that the children were black was simply opportunity and in fact today I read that until recently, the school was an all black school. I don’t think theses boys were targeted becasue they were black…I truely believe they were targeted because the majority of the kids were black…BUT more importantly!!! look at the mentality of sexual offenders…they go after children they believe are VULNERABLE!!! black or white..thses teachers went after kids who they belived were vulnerable and could be manipulated. I don’t think that has anything to do w/ color!!!
      The sad part…is a professor said…look…considering the crime…these women’s bail was perfectly normal!! THAT IS THE CRIME!!!! It’s not that they received this low bail because they were white and the victims were black…they received this low bail..BECAUSE THAT IS THE NORM IN OUR SOCIETY!!! That is the part that really disturbs me!!!

    24. ldstlou on March 29th, 2007 3:21 pm

      Please excuse all the spelling mistakes!! I also wanted to expand more but the phone is ringing and I am trying to do too many things at the same time!! lol Hope you picked up my major points though!!

    25. ldstlou on March 29th, 2007 3:38 pm

      ok…phone is quiet for the momemt…lol…so I want to expand on my point about my son attending the magnet school. So I enrolled him for pre-school to be assured of his place in the school. I was absolutely impressed w/ the academics!! These kids were reading in pre-school!! But my son was the only white child in his class. That was ok w/ me…I am not prejudice and truely believe you should judge a person not by the color of their skin but by the content of their the famous speech goes. So I assumed the same would be given my child. How naive I was!!
      So my point about my son’s school is…if there was a teacher there who was a sexual predator…chances are..her victim would be a black child. Most of the children attending were black. Nothing racist about that…simply opportunity.
      My other point!! My son was cremated!!! both socially…and physically in that school. My neighbor…who is black…discussed this w/ me. HER WORDS WERE ..don’t kid people are even more prejudice than whites!! We left after 1 month.
      So now my son attends a Catholic School that I pay dearly for!! The majority of the people in the school are white. We have one black child in my son’s class. TRUST ME!!! He is treated 1,000,000,000 times better than my son was treated when the tables were turned!!! Prejudice goes both ways. And YES it certainly is still with us!! But I don’t believe this case has anything to do with prejudice…it is a crime of a predator…and opportunity. That is truely what I belive.

    26. Willie Williams Jr on March 29th, 2007 4:42 pm

      Yes! This Is Racism To The Core, Better Known As “Willie Lynch 1712″. But In New Haven, Connecticut According To Judge Barry Schaller and Procuter Thomas O’Keefe: Women DO-NOT! Lie! and Biracial Women DO-NOT! Lie!. Insurance Fraud Con Artist Leila Anna Hines McDowell Head An Actress and Her Gang Made Off With $1,000,000.00 Million Dollars of Insurance Money.

    27. Lisa on March 29th, 2007 5:02 pm

      Let’s just say the teachers were black, the students white. Would that make all you who are crying ‘racism’ feel better? Would you then feel justified? Race isn’t, and should never be an issue. The majority of people who use the race card are the true racists in this country. Bottom line: Two teachers (notice I didn’t use a color to describe them) molested their students. (notice I didn’t use a color to describe them) Race, gender, looks (good or bad) do not matter. The students have endured enough; let’s not make matters worse.

    28. ldstlou on March 29th, 2007 6:12 pm

      Great post Lisa…you summed up my lenghthy posts in a few sentences!! lol
      But it is also apparent, that when it comes to race issues…there are alot of strong feelings!! and in all honesty, not really a forum to discuss them in a healthy productive way.
      I apologize…but I just don’t buy anymore..the “race card”. When I was young and idealistic, I bought it. But my life experiences have taught ME and only me…I am not implying it is the same experience for everyone….but has taught me…that although certainly there is not equality today…we have a long way to go until there is…but the “race card” has been used too often, as an excuse for failure. It no longer grabs my attention and causes me to want to strive to make things better. brings to mind cases like O.J….again…an excuse, or justification, for many behaivors..none of which makes me think of anything positive and certainly, not a cause that I want to stand up and fight for. It is awful to say that!! But it is just the point I have come to. Boy, that would be a good topic to discuss!!

    29. kitty on March 29th, 2007 6:13 pm

      How is this racism? Read #22′s, comment. He is speaking truth. Bail is bail ~ they were not a flight risk. End of story.

      Do I agree they should have been let out on bail? NO, I don’t. The laws in our country stink.

      It would not have mattered if these monster so called women were purple, they still would have walked out on bail.

      Enough trying to shift the focus off these victimized boys.
      Put energy in trying to change laws or praying for those boys for that matter ~ it’s a shame, it truly is.

      Are these monster women married with children? I pray not.
      Could you imagine having one of them as your Mother? or Wife?

      God forgive my next statement, however, these evil monsters should be sterilized and then some. It is by God’s grace, that they don’t live in Egypt. Need I say more… They’d be hung in two months. End of story.

      I’m not saying that’s the answer either.

      Please, remember these boys in your prayers. They are going to need them and everyone’s support.

      As for these two butes, they will get theirs ~ it may not happen here on earth, however, they will face God Almighty and that isn’t going to be pretty, I trust His word ~ it was an act of grace and my faith that kept me from my human-ness and it took every fiber in my being not to kill the men who harmed my own son, 18 years ago. (Thank God for counseling and faith) Love conquers all.

      I can only imagine, if these monster women had 3 boys each and their school teacher raped them, how would they feel? I would think, they would want to do something with that ankle bracelet they are wearing ~ and turn up the currency volume and zap em!

      No, this is not about racism.

      This is about tolerence in our country, allowing this to continue even now, as I type this and enough is enough! Sexual abuse, rape, and victimization of children, and adults, no matter what age, is just plain wrong and evil ~ no matter what color our skin is… truly.

      Let’s get beyond this race thing, please… it’s NOT about race or racism… it’s an insult to victims and non victims integrity to say such. It crosses all boundaries, color, financial status, sex, and is prevelant in every country in the world. Sex slavery is alive and well ~ that is evil as well… Don’t get me going…. put your energy and efforts in not feeling victimized and begin to put your energy in making a difference… live victoriously and be proactive, and Thank God, it’s never happened to you.


    30. ldstlou on March 29th, 2007 7:20 pm

      Great post Kitty!! I so agree!!

    31. Patti on March 29th, 2007 8:09 pm


      Sweetie, that’s what I call people when I have a difference of opinion, but want to remain friends. And believe me, we can all have our varying opinions without losing our friendships. We are all different, coming from different backgrounds and experiences.

      I was raised in Colorado, moved to the Pacific Northwest where I lived for over 20 years and now I live in the South. I was raised with a deep respect for the NAACP with an educational background that enhanced the social changes that were taking place during the 60′s and 70′s. The memories that I have of the NAACP are pleasant ones. Ones in which they were fighting for equal rights and a sense of fairness under the law. Many of their battles had to do with Federal issues dealing in education, housing and employment. My opinion of the things that they have done is that they were for the betterment of this nation. As a child I saw cities on fire, children being hosed down in the streets, and dogs attacking peaceful protesters.

      My desire, in the case of child abuse, is to see those types of crimes treated as Federal offenses, crimes against humanity and against civil liberty. The history of the NAACP has, in my opinion, been a good one. They have the power to make the important issues in this case go somewhere. It gets the attention of the media and make people take notice. The fact that the NAACP has put their hat in the ring, so to speak, tells me that there are issues in this case that need to be looked at for the betterment of our society… issues that need to be fought at a national or federal level.

    32. ldstlou on March 29th, 2007 10:27 pm

      Thanks Patti,
      It is obvious you are a very intelligent and socially conscious person. I admire and respect that. So am I correct in thinking that what you are saying is that no matter what drew the NAACP to this case, it is a good thing?
      I did not think of that, my concern was that they were making this out a case about race rather than sexual molestation. But I understand what you are saying, if you are saying that what matters is that they are now in the spotlight!!

    33. kitty on March 29th, 2007 11:05 pm

      I’m all for betterment in society, Patti. Truly, I am.

      I appreciate your comments not only on this posting, but also regarding Natalee Holloway ~ you have a beautiful heart and I’ve great respect for you.

      I would love cases of child abuse to be treated as Federal offenses…ot os a crime against humanity at best, and it is definately about all of our civil rights. I would love, that no child would ever have to experience the horrors of being victimized, raped, sexually abused, physicaly, emotionally, verbally abused, beaten, given into sex slavery, what have you… Children, should be allowed to just be… children.

      With the way society is, they are having to endure and deal with things that are so complex and it’s sad…no child seems safe any longer.

      I think it’s very important to do whatever we all can to address this and keep it in the spotlight, encouraging victims that they are being shouldered in their pain and silent suffering even and not re-victimize them, by playing the blame game… they did nothing wrong, it was not their fault, guilt or shame and victims need to be heard, supported and most importantly, loved.

      At least now, we are in the age that we can discuss this. 30 years ago even, this was not discussed… many times, it was hushed and shhh secrets! No more secrets, no more having to hide in shame… it’s been great hearing everyone’s dialogue and comments.

      Just continue to remain diligent and do whatever we can to help keep this in the forefront of our legislators minds… we can make a difference together. I’ll keep encouraging everyone here to be mindful of that and be proactive ~ rewriting new history, so to speak.


    34. Jen on March 30th, 2007 1:08 am

      I am a teacher and for Myan Moons to put us all in a grp of child sex offeners is ridculous. hats like saing all cops own donut stock. We work hard for our meager and I do mean meager salary. We work a school day, but we have to work at night and on weekends too. I have odtten myself a good ecation passed a number of teaching exams and you have no right saying, …”I’m so sick of all these teachers…”

      All teachers are not te same!

    35. Jen on March 30th, 2007 1:10 am

      that was to go with the South Carolina’s teacher Sex Scandal page Sorry

    36. tuyvnsurvivor on March 30th, 2007 1:42 am

      When I was on our school board, I would have taken a straight line displeassure with this circumstance. Out the door now, if further risk to students at all, and put it out of the hands of the board and into the shield of the district lawyers quickly. Off the cuff comments do not need in this ordeal, not out of the board.

      If I were on the jury, I think, however I have only been on 3 criminal, but violent case juries…bet one ends up handcuffed to court instructions and guidance — heavily, as to verdict. Gonna get a lot of study cases about ‘bleeding heart syndrone’, giving, nurturing, desires of what may have been socially denied otherwise legal in their lives. Suspect guilty, but in my experience of our county and local fed court, I think the limitation on sentencing will be very low. As maybe it should be. Afterall, this is not a high crime. A act of sex, explotation…improper ‘sharing of natural’ desires. Not a killing, not of hate, long term damage may result more so out having been caught.

      I have not agreed with the NAACP on anything much since way way back. If their mention appears I generally read elsewhere or flip the tv. Here, in an odd sort of way, with deeper study than one can go into with the few lines available, they may have a *weak yet ligit point here.

      As I have said before on these stories, as a very young boy I had an experience with a woman that extended until I was a young teen. She was marvelously beautiful, thought so by anyone, known to be kind and was extremely kind (seriously) and helpfull to me. Everything we do goes in the bit billions of our brain and has some sort of an effect, but I know of no adverse effect this had on me. I never thought of it as a problem, still don’t. I really really like sex, now if she did that to me, thanks. I never needed room to be in the notion, never needed viagra either…I can think about those times, what a boost that is. I am not too awfull far from everyday ordinary minister allowed sexual habits, so she did not mess me up that way. ANd I have had female partners later in my youth I liked in all the garden varriety, great sorts of ways. Nothing was broken. I was in church all the time, no spots showed on me, greeted people walking in the door each sunday…was late in life real close on the vote to most popular on college campus. I tutored kids, no sign of trying to have sex with them…see — I truely think it is different for a male to do it vs a female, all the way through to the core I do. Plus I know she was wrong in what she did, regardless of that she was beautifull and splindidly kind.

      Very lucky boys these are. At least I thought, always walking a bit straighter than others, head up…I was the luckyest boy alive. I do not tell the story, someone would figure out who she was, the secret is safe.

      These teachers however will not be getting valinetine candy from hubby, he will not make special trips for romantic wine…my guess. What will they teach their own kids. How must the ladies parents feel. I sure feel for the great deal of embarasement and humiliation in all that. ANd what they did is legal wrong, culturally wrong, wrong to thier marriages, kids and family.

      My job slot lent to the killing of several in VN. More than one accident too. Some of those things bothered me hugely, perhaps they still do and I do not recognize it. I feel bad at times remembered of hurting someones feelings in life generally. Regret shooting my wifes cat and saying it died. But never thought of the woman thing other than with a big grin — certainly no regrets, not a victim at all….greatfull only, she was generous in every way. I was like a child slave to family farm work, this was my grand channel away from reality once every now and then. The boys are good to go…do not buy them teddy bears, the women have the shame on this. Some will not confess, but “caught” lends shame where often it otherwise escaped. To some, catching is their only thrill.

      “Regret”, I write to long.

    37. Frank on March 30th, 2007 2:18 am

      I’m so sorry to keep hearing these comments about recism. This case, and any case involving similar circumstances should not be base on the respective races of the parties involved. and as usual the NAACP becomes involved…this does not surprise me, in fact i was wandering how long it would take for any of the many opportunist posing as community leaders out there would make their appearance. Funny that they are never around when the crime is perpetrated by black folks against white…which is mostly more prevalent. But then when you understand what the letters “NAACP” stand for you would not be that surprised. I can’t help but to wander what would the reaction in the black community if a group of white lawyers got together and formed a “NAAWP”? a bit of a double standard?

    38. Patti on March 30th, 2007 2:24 am

      Tuy Viet Nam Survivor:

      I’m sorry, I don’t get it. It looks like all this talk
      about sexual assault against children has gotten you a bit
      excited and that concerns me.

      But… why did you kill your wife’s cat?

    39. Brian on March 30th, 2007 2:42 am

      Good heavens, boy do you people need some striaght talk to cut down the middle of all this BS and contraversy…..
      Yeah its always women whining about the “damage” done to young men having sex earlier than THEY think is apropriate……a woman has NO IDEA what its like to have a penis and have testosterone boiling in their veins, brains and loins and what kind of drive and desire that promotes for the opposite sex.

      I just love it when women speak out on sexual feelings and impulses concerning men…….and how young men should feel and react to things sexualy……I can’t help but marvel at that.

      Thats tantamount to me telling women that their monthly cycles are “all in their mind” and should ignore the bleeding, headaches, and emotional upsets and “straighten up and fly right”……I wonder how women would feel if I went around advocating that.

      I was a 13 year old male once, already 6 foot tall and with a ripped athletic body, my sex drive and curiousity was so intense you could split atoms with it, it was 1976, and for some odd reason, I was a sexual magnet for women in their 20′s 30′s and 40′s….probably a combination of the era at the time ( the free love of the 70′s ) and the fact that I had a paper route and came in contact with literaly hundreds of adorable, sexy housewives. I was extremely promiscuous with at least a dozen of them. Did I feel “molested” or “violated” somehow? That to me is as rediculous a concept as asking a kid in a candy shop if he’s being nutritionaly “molested” by being given access to so much sugar. Teenaged boys are sex MACHINES and need about as much “protection” from beautiful women as the terminater.
      Is this really a racial issue? Not really….Yeah the NAACP isn’t without some good points here, but trust me, white men cause an EQUAL negative uproar against them when perpertrating sexual crimes against any female minor. In such a circumastance masculinity is condemned over race.
      The real issue here is more sexual than anything. Anytime an attractive woman exhibits non-financialy motivated sexual initiative and interest beyond what everone is used to seeing ( or not seeing ) everyone perks up and is freaked out with morbid curiousity.
      Lets face it folks, our male dominated society is just not accustomed or used to seeing women truly acting on sexual and biological urges, not really, and we don’t know how to deal with it when they do. Hence all the confusion and kayoss and inordinate interest that breaks out when it happens.
      Its really that basic, that simple.

    40. Patti on March 30th, 2007 3:11 am


      They got ‘em. They’re called Nazi’s, KKK, Skin Heads
      and White Supremists. Why? Surely, you’re not at all

      Personally, it doesn’t bother me a bit when someone is
      accused of being biased and prejudice. Racism is alive
      and well, in the hearts and minds of the ignorant.

      Why should I feel threatened by that?

      It is a problem… but, not mine.

      Go get ‘em, NAACP!

    41. kay zee ess on March 30th, 2007 7:50 am

      Is this true?

      Sex with an 11 year old? An authority figure such as a teacher who commits this type of crime harms not only the children but the whole of society.

      If there is enough evidence that this crime indeed occured there should be no bail just on general principal alone. We keep pushing the age lower and lower.

      There is NO justification, regardless of the mitigating circumstances(first offense, etc), where these “teachers” should be released on bail.

      The kids needed guidance as well as education and all they became was a “slave” for those “teachers” perverted desires.(Yes, “slave” is the appropriate term in this instance.) No race involved here, just the recognition of a predatory crime. These children were not 17 or 18 years old, they were 11, for Gods’ sake.

    42. kitty on March 30th, 2007 9:33 am

      If that age is true, these boys were 11 ~ it is known in my State and perhaps all 50 States as: Rape of a Minor…the line is drawn at age 16 and sometimes 18 in other States… it still constitutes Child Rape.

      Child Rape is unacceptable!


    43. smeetack on March 30th, 2007 3:11 pm

      I have a problem with the NAACP’s INNACURATE analogy of “…what if it were 2 black men and 6 white girls?”. Remember if they are bringing up race, then keep it contained with race–not sex. The NAACP should be saying “…what if it was 2 black women and 6 white male students?” They won’t because that is in no way as powerful of a statement as using “black men and white girls”. Switch the colors, not the sexes here. It was 2 women who molested 6 boys.

    44. Patti on March 30th, 2007 3:57 pm


      What? You think you’re a big man because some sick witch
      took you for a ride?

      Yeah… as a girl, I remember your type. And as a grown
      woman, I know your type, too. You act like you’re talking
      to a bunch of ugly muffins, I can assure you, you’re not.
      But some of us have morals, and I wouldn’t be caught dead
      in bed with a 13 year old, no matter how many ripples he
      has; and I am disgusted with the whole concept.

    45. Brian on March 30th, 2007 5:17 pm

      Take it easy Patti I didn’t mean to offend your more fragile sensibilities…..I respect your stand on the matter. I’m not accusing you of anything. But I also understand women better than you could ever imagie for a red blooded american male. I was taught by the best at a very early impressionable age….and the expereinces were all beautiful….I have nothing but fond memories of my early sexual encounters…..there was nothing to be disgusted by… me. I gained tremendously from them. That may not be true in all cases but….I do understand young men and how they feel better than you do….no contest…and I’m here to say that sexuality ain’t the same for you as it is for us…..ok? We don’t have your vulnerabilities and sensitivities to deal with that you do as a woman….I realize that its hard for you to imagine….but its true. So relax….and stop imposing your feminine sexual limitations on young men because its like comparing apples to oranges….there simply ain’t no comparison hon.
      By the way….I never assumed anything about you ( ugly muffin?….what the hell?)…..but you did indeed assume I was some unintelligent, uncaring, unfeeling meathead. You might want to keep an eye on your own presumptousness.

    46. tuyvnsurvivor on March 30th, 2007 5:20 pm

      #38, Pattii. I assure you you have no chance of seeing me arroused, I would never touch viagra. And sharp tongues scare me.

      I tried to make some points off real life experience. Witch hunts on sexual natures are yet full blown. Nothing brings out biase quicker. I continue that what these young women did is wrong. The damage, according to my experience is minimal to only a trace. By far the bigger damage is off being caught, and now lenched by the self righteous brigades, look at the fainfair, notice your tooth set. And yes, this wrong act was bound to be “caught”.

      I have done some hornary things in life, never once put a blame on it from having had an unusual experience as a young boy. I think I have had the most adventurous life of anyone I have personally ever met, I give no credit to her. Though I am bold…I go for things, give it a try…too many things to mention here. Maybe the experience did set the tone for me to be so diverse, I will try giving that some thought.

      I would liek to give tips on how to pick the jury. Again, I see them as wrong, but the damage as minimal with facts currently available. Using your sharp tongue and exclamation points as an example of what needs to be resonably excluded from the jury. Assuming I am correct and you would not exclude yourself, knowing very well you could not be fair. I do know a couple of quick questions to ask, no I will not give them here, that would force you or such a type to dismiss yourself.

      You see, having had the experience, I feel the damage light to non-existant. Some of the Puritan values now, they look for tar and kettle. Many crooks, bad boys, white colar criminals I see in the market I trade all day, That I would like to see jailed. Until I can see more hate involvement, chaining and beating, or twisting of bady parts on this case we dispute…I wish to see the punishment phase held in reality, not pre-courted by sexual can’t anymore’s, haven’t's, and turn off’s.

    47. Patti on March 30th, 2007 6:41 pm

      Yep… there are differences between the sexes. But there
      are laws against the sexual exploitation of eleven year
      olds and the fact that these were teachers, certainly, is
      alarming. We all ask why there’s a bias toward women who
      commit these types of crime and I think we just found the
      answer. We still live in a society that is male dominate
      and they like it that way. It’s no wonder that a few good
      men are far and few between. Maybe they’ve been trained by
      the likes of these women, and, in a sense of denial; they
      wear their abuse like a crown.


      You are soooooo right!

    48. Patti on March 30th, 2007 6:59 pm

      Tuy Viet Nam Survivor:

      You are utterly rediculous!

      (There’s an exclamation point for you.)

      Where the h have you been? Maybe it’s time that we go back
      to our “puritan” values as it is obvious that all that fun
      that you had in the 60′s and 70′s has produced nothing more
      than sexually transmitted dieseases, more than a few XXX
      rated movies and a society that is bent on sexually
      exploiting anything with two legs… including eleven year
      old children. Little damage? My ass!

    49. tuyvnsurvivor on March 31st, 2007 1:00 am

      #48, Patti, your life must be a disaster. Take an inventory.

      I made some good points. You seem inclined to rabid comments and quick justice, whatever the subject.

      Taking this to “bias” against women is pathetic, get your temperature down and away from those who sling race, sex or religion around as thier own unique tool. The shock value is lost.

      Then you mix and match return of Puritan values, and scream of old style males. Must be med time in your area.

      Please understand, I do feel women more special than men. I think trying to treat them the same, which means less than special is a large part of the loss of our values. However I can find to wish it, I wish women to have the best part of any deal. You want exception, for you I can have that “wish”.

      I find it most telling in this ordeal: I could serve on the jury, if one, for these two females; you cannot, you would have to excuse yourself or lie.

      If indeed they did as accused, they did wrong. They will pay dearly; are paying now; their family, friends, school, will pay for the wrong. The victims will pay, badly now that the self righteous have a hold of it, maginified to the next power. Still say some will profit, because the “catching” is their only thrill.

    50. Patti on March 31st, 2007 4:51 am

      Tuy Viet Nam Survivor:

      Inventory? I’d gladly oblige. I don’t have any ghosts in my closet. I was lucky enough grow up unslathed by the ones with a sick mind and I’ve never been sworn to secrecy for anything that would haunt me for the rest of my life. I don’t go around telling people that the only shame in the molestation of a child is the shame that comes from being caught and I don’t give excuses for those that do.

      Hold me responsible for my actions, please… because when it comes to crimes against children, you are either a part of the solution or you’re part of the problem, there is no grey area.

      And… by the way, just to let you know: You are always excluded from juries if you’ve been a victim of a crime that is similar. So all that talk about being on a jury or coming up with questions for jury selection is, yet, just another fantasy that you have in that wild imagination of yours.

      Dream on…

    51. kay zee ess on March 31st, 2007 8:06 am

      Hmmm…It seems that I remember reading Brians’ “experiences” somewhere in those small Hustler readers.

      Brian, if he is a male, shouldn’t have a clue about how the opposite sex thinks or feels, unless, of course, he is comfortable with his own bisexuality. I believe that no man truly understands the thinking mechanism of a woman, unless they share the gene, so to speak.

    52. kay zee ess on March 31st, 2007 8:12 am


      Well put in your statements. You have brought thoughtful insight to this most troubling subject that, as you can witness on this board, threatens to tear the fabric of our great nation. Thank you for your contribution.

    53. tuyvnsurvivor on March 31st, 2007 9:58 am

      #50, Patti, no one grows up without some difficulties. I think you should look, for yourself, into that of extremes. Just check it out, over a bit of time you may find a need for brake work. Personally, I have no doubt it causes you difficulty in real life. Think just a minute.

      As well, you are putting words in my mouth, accusing me of saying things I did not say. I often find that to be clear umasking of extreme traits.

      One is not at all excluded from a trial of a case where they have been a victim similiarly. I have been on 3 criminal juries, 2 to jury verdict, each time I feel compelled to go up to speek with the judge and the lawyers of a time in my life I was randomly assaulted by 5 men I never saw before, one of them died in the assault. This episode does not bring me to regrets either, though I never speek of it, not discussed with my wife but perhaps 3 or 4 times. So I hate going up to tell this story…it rests in tombstome of my memory. And that I was found in justified self defense.

      In each case the judge looked at the lawyers for nods, whatever the nod the judge then asked of me “will this cause you to be an unfair juror?” (or right along those words). To which I said, “not at all”. In fact I feel of myself I am very fair in waiting for the facts to develope. On a jury I have wanted and hoped for the accused to be innocent or find a good person in a mistake, needing a break I can help give while staying within the courts guidance. Turned out the 2 to verdict were trying for “self defense”. They were found guilty. Got maximum sentencing.

      Your last paragraph is a real load of bull. Often I see you commenting with vile and certainty. That paragraph is an excellent case in how “extreme” reaches too far, on a near full time basis.

      You are a member here. I not. When I tried leaving my true email I got massive spam and computer issues, particularly when I mentioned my Mom’s family race. SO I am nobody here. I hate that it came to my telling that story above, see something like that — those are real criminals, real damage. Some might say ‘why not just let them have what they wanted’? In the moment I reflex as a warrior, if given more time I walk away.

      Have a great life Patti. Keep yourself in jury pools.

    54. Brian on April 19th, 2007 10:18 pm

      Biosexual? Me?….LOL!!!……..never been accused of that before….thats very creative….but way off base….sorry… and Patti..(hey you )….are both intelligent people….and…..beleive-it-or-not….I really listen and consider what you have to say, despite the obvious fact that your both wound a little tight in your strong, inflexible, unmovable opinions….still….I admire your strength of character….

      Ok……..first off…..I need to clear myself with the black community….so I will….racism is not moral or ethical and….in the eyes of the almighty….its a travesty…..shame on this country for not destrying it completely by now…hell….how long is it going to take?….Its really quite simple actualy…..just recognize that all people are equal in the eyes of the almighty….not so difficult is it? So whats the problem regarding racism? Greed and pride? No doubt. Well…….I don’t suffer from those flaws in my character…..neither did any of my forebearers in my family tree….they were all busy either defending Scottland from the English alongside William Wallace or Defending native America from the whites….I’m part Scottish and part Cherokee indian….what a mix huh?
      Anyway…..its clear that we can’t trust women over 20 alone with teenaged boys anymore….why not? Our society is literaly bathed in porn….seriously….we swim in it now….thanks to the internet access with one push of an easy,quick,conveineint button,and women are….unlike yesteryear….are partaking of it…..and becoming sexualized by it in a way that our white male dominated society never dreamt of…..a real Pandoras’ box has been opened as of the past 10 years hasn’t it? My real question is…..why are we all suprised by the results? Wich is the driving force behind what we are witnessing these days with all the female teachers exhibiting the sexual initiative for younger men, and acting on it.
      Our society glamorizes the sexualality of the male teen…..with his intense, unstoppable sex drive and curiosity for older sexualy expereinced women….hell hollywood spends every spare moment writing scripts and promoting such sexual encounters between the young lad with the youthful ability of screwing the older temptress silly (and doing so at the oppurtunity), and guess what folks….we like it…..and are buying it….we swallow this propaganda hook-line-and-sinker but we balk at the idea of it really materializing. Whats up with that? Thats the same ignorance that spawns racism.You put today’s modern woman alone unsupervised in the company of strong, young, virile, curious, strapping athletic young men and your suprised at the outcome. What do you think is gonna’ happen when you light a match and bring it in close proximity to gasoline? Only one thing can happen….an explosive situation….I know I played with matches and gasoline as a kid. Found out the hard way. When the foolish and overlooked rules of our system is engaged ( trusting women alone with young but sophisticated male teens for prolonged periods)we unwittingly create an explosive sexual situation….or the potential for such…..and yet we have the unmitigating gall to be suprised at it.
      I say we pull our heads out of our own asses and wake up folks.
      Hey tuyvnsurvivor………your great man. love the things you have to say and the valid points you make. Rock on.

    55. Lowyatt on February 19th, 2008 10:21 am

      Race shouldn’t be an issue, but it is.

      Countless studies have shown that the law and the people in this country are not color blind. It’s not opinion; it’s fact.

      Blacks typically receive harsher penalties for sexual crimes against whites than whites receive for sexually related crimes against blacks. This is fact.

      Sexism definitely played a roll in the lenient sentencing, and may indeed be mostly responsible for it, but years of unbiased research and evidence and centuries of American culture suggest absolutely that race played a role in the sentencing in some shape or form.

      Reading this, I’m annoyed by the fact that people here seem to think that the lenient sentencing was due to either sexism OR racism, and not by some combination of the two of them, which it most undeniably was.

      None of you are mind readers, and I assume that none of you were at the trial. Subconsciously or consciously, you can’t say for certain that race played no influence on the trial whatsoever. This really is just a fact. Scientific evidence suggests that it did.

    56. randy on February 19th, 2008 7:19 pm

      As these young men mature ever faster, please keep in mind this very well may have been a great encounter for them. Does this make sense to anyone?

    57. Nikki on October 25th, 2011 12:43 pm

      She was actually my cheerleading coach. It’s insane. She never seemed like she would do something like that. It blew my mind. I was about ten when she was coaching me.

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