Egyptian blogger Abdel Kareem Nabil has been sentenced to 4 years in prison


 Bloggers Beware in Egypt


You think your rights are being violated in the United States? Take a good look at what happened to Abdel Kareem Nabil, an Egyptian blogger who was sentenced to 4 years for insulting Islam.

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    3 Responses to “Egyptian blogger Abdel Kareem Nabil has been sentenced to 4 years in prison”

    1. Patti on February 26th, 2007 7:09 pm

      I’m proud to be an American.

      We’re not perfect, we have our problems; but, atleast, we have the right to raise our voices in protest against the things that we see are wrong. It takes guts to do that. It takes courage to be an advocate for change, especially, when the changes that you propose are for the betterment of mankind. The right to your opinion and the courage to express it should be applauded.

      We hate corruption. We believe in our constitution that is based on the principle of justice, truth and liberty for all. To allow crimes to be executed upon the innocent, whether they are our own citizens or our visitors, is intolerable, disgusting and cruel.

      We prosecute those that use their power to exercise control upon others. We don’t tolerate the exploitation of human beings, at any level. We have special task forces against gangs, organized crime and even special interest groups. We have committees to see that our own police don’t overstep their boundaries; and we prosecute those that commit crimes against others… no matter who they are.

      America is truly the best country in the world, because it gives us everything we need to safeguard our freedom from the ties that would bind… including the right to exercise our civil liberties, our right to religion and our right to protest.

    2. Patti on February 26th, 2007 7:20 pm


      AND… if we want ~ we can even protest
      against our own government.

      WOW! Now, THAT’s freedom!

      Egypt: Listen up…

      ISLAM SUCKS!!!

    3. Allan K on February 26th, 2007 8:01 pm

      Whats wrong with Egypt? Don’t they know Isalm is awful religion. Would they do that if somebody insulted Christianity?

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