Beyond Bizarre … NASA Love Triangle … Astronaut Lisa Marie Nowak charged with attempted murder & Kidnapping … Now First Degree Attempted Murder


In a case that began strange and has only become even more strange as the news breaks, a Lisa Marie NowakNASA astronaut,  Lisa Marie Nowak, attacked another female astronaut over the affections of a third. According to reports, Lisa Marie Nowak drove more than 12 hours from Texas to Florida wearing an adult diaper so she did not have to make any stops. This is sane. Nowak is being charged with attempted murder, kidnapping an battery.

Nowak, 43, is charged with attempted kidnapping, battery, and attempted vehicle burglary with battery. Orange County Judge Mike Murphy did not find probable cause on another charge, the destruction of evidence. He set bond on the other three charges at $15,000, with a $500 bond on the evidence count. (Orlando Sentinel)

Arrest Affidavit

The Love Triangle and bizarre cross country trip to confront the situation can be categorized as one of the more bizarre stories of late.

A married mother of three, Nowak told police that she was “involved in a relationship with,” Bill Oefelein, another NASA astronaut, which she categorized as “more than a working relationship but less than a romantic relationship,” according to the charging affidavit.

She found out Oefelein was involved with Shipman and planned a trip to Orlando to talk to Shipman about their relationships with Oefelein, reports show. She also told police the BB gun “was going to be used to entice Ms. Shipman to talk with her.”

All the Wrong Stuff and that of course … depends on your definition of “right stuff.”

The astronaut, Lisa Marie Nowak, 43, a Navy captain who flew on a shuttle mission last summer, mostly kept her head down during a preliminary appearance in an Orange County, Fla., court. But she nodded and said “yes” a few times when the judge explained that she was not to have any contact with the other woman, identified as Colleen Shipman, a captain in the Air Force.

UPDATE I: Lisa Marie Nowak charged with First Degree Murder

A NASA astronaut earlier ordered released on bail Tuesday after being slapped with attempted kidnapping charges later was charged with attempted first-degree murder. (Fox News)

How do we go from respected NASA astronaut, a Naval Academy graduate who has a master’s degree in aeronautical engineering and a mission specialist on a Space Shuttle Discovery flight last summer?


To a bizaro– whacked out psycho who drives 12 hours, wearing a trench coat, wig and diaper, armed with a knife, BB pistol, and latex gloves, rubber tubing, pepper spray and $600 in cash in her car. Nowak5



Nowak’s actions are certainly the sign of a mentally stable individual. Don’t they test the astronauts at NASA with all kinds of stress tests? Check out the premeditation of Nowak’s actions to remedy the situation she had.

Nowak raced from Houston to Orlando wearing diapers in the car so she wouldn’t have to stop to go to the bathroom, authorities said. Astronauts wear diapers during launch and re-entry.

Dressed in a wig and a trench coat, she waited for Shipman’s plane to land and then boarded the same airport shuttle bus Shipman took to get to her car, police said. Shipman told police she noticed someone following her, hurried inside the car and locked the doors, according to the arrest affidavit.

Nowak rapped on the window, tried to open the car door and asked for a ride. Shipman refused but rolled down the car window a few inches when Nowak started crying. Nowak then sprayed a chemical into Shipman’s car, the affidavit said. Shipman drove to the parking lot booth and police were called.

An officer reported following Nowak and watching her throw away a bag containing the wig and BB gun. Police also found a steel mallet, a 4-inch folding knife, rubber tubing, $600 and garbage bags inside a bag Nowak was carrying when she was arrested, authorities said. (Fox)


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    25 Responses to “Beyond Bizarre … NASA Love Triangle … Astronaut Lisa Marie Nowak charged with attempted murder & Kidnapping … Now First Degree Attempted Murder”

    1. Miss-Underestimated on February 6th, 2007 1:29 pm

      That picture scares the hell out of me. Maybe she was part of an classified duty up there, maybe some kind of love potion experiment gone bad.

      So much for testing.

    2. Miss-Underestimated on February 6th, 2007 1:33 pm

      Sorry I can’t stop myself, but this could be a marketing genius for the adult diaper company.

      “Four states and still no leaks”

      “Even astronaut’s (astronut’s) trust us for the long trip”

    3. Brenda on February 6th, 2007 1:42 pm

      Sounds like she’s truly obsessive over that guy. Imagine if she and the “other woman” were on a space mission together? Wonder if the “other woman” would have a space “accident”???


    4. Big Lou on February 6th, 2007 1:44 pm

      Goes to show you. You are not safe ANYWHERE.

    5. Miss-Underestimated on February 6th, 2007 1:47 pm

      Hey Kelmal, they caught the perp and the victim is still alive to tell about it.

    6. Richard on February 6th, 2007 2:13 pm

      That thing about the diaper is just incredible. I mean, she is an ADULT. Definitely something odd in the psyche … and clearly, she’s intelligent and has character. (She also went to the US Naval Academy at Annapolis, I believe.)

      Something intensely disturbing in this, without wishing to invoke the usual male-female cliches.

      I also wonder if we can think that the three Scums on Aruba may have brought Natalee somewhere, say to a Rave party or to a meeting of other Pimps, and someone’s girlfriend was on hand, possibly doped up, and …

      “The female of the species is more deadly than the male.”

      (Kipling, I believe.)

      I know, I know … we have no reason to think this. But I’m still keeping it as a hypothesis.

      And as I said before, a girl or woman would have a keener sense of the horrors of being traded or sold into prostitution than would a male. That’s maybe a shaky assertion, but I think it’s psychologically valid.

      And so … but we won’t go there for now.

    7. John Staton on February 6th, 2007 3:27 pm

      About the diaper, they wear such on the shuttle, both male and female. The huge question should be how could someone in this position that is so closely monitored have spun out like this? That is an eagle on each of her shoulders she is a full Captain US Navy. She has at least one advanced degree. She was one of the most elite individuals in the armed forces. God help us all!

    8. Bodo on February 6th, 2007 3:35 pm


      Some man’s trifling love’um and leave’um done ruined that woman!

    9. Mike on February 6th, 2007 3:56 pm

      I’m thinking she planned to murder this women.

      I think maybe she used the diapers to keep from stopping so no one could identify her during her trip. That and the fact she had a knife, large trash bags and rubbing tubing may have indicated she planned to dismember the body.

      She also had a disguise…why disguise yourself when you say all you want to do is confront this women?

      Definately a weird one.

    10. Richard on February 6th, 2007 3:59 pm

      Here’s another story that falls in the loony category. But reading these over, I can’t help but think, “What if things in Aruba were more complex than they seem to be?”

      Not letting the three stooges off the hook by any means, and things like the story above, or this one, are really one-in-a-million deals (as far as I know). But anyway….

      Court: No New Trial In Door County Sex Slave Case
      (AP) WAUSAU, Wis. A woman sentenced to prison with her husband for keeping another woman as a virtual sex slave failed Tuesday to get a new trial.

      The 3rd District Court of Appeals rejected Sharon M. Fisher’s argument that new evidence warranted another trial on her most serious convictions — second-degree sexual assault and false imprisonment.

      The evidence wasn’t likely to keep a second jury from convicting Fisher, the three-judge appeals court said in upholding a decision by Door County Circuit Judge D. Todd Ehlers.

      Fisher, 44, of Sturgeon Bay, was sentenced to eight years in prison in 2005 after a jury found her guilty of second-degree sexual assault, false imprisonment, possessing an illegal electric weapon and obstructing a police investigation.

      Prosecutors said Fisher and her husband, Randall Fisher, used a a knife and electric stun gun to take their 22-year-old neighbor captive on May 26, 2004, and hold her in the basement of their Door County home for much of the next 16 days.

      The victim said she was handcuffed and gagged, forced to participate in three-way sex and was threatened with death if she attempted to escape, court records said.

      She fled the home when the Fishers left her alone one afternoon and she went to police.

      Randall Fisher, 46, was sentenced last month to 27 years in prison for his role in the crimes.

      Sharon Fisher had claimed during her trial that the victim willingly participated in group sex.

      In seeking a new trial, Fisher said she had learned the victim falsely accused police of raping her as they tried to sedate her when she got drunk the night before a court appearance, court records said. The jury deserved to hear that evidence because it showed the victim tended to make up sexual assault allegations, Fisher’s attorneys argued.

      The appeals court said Tuesday that the new evidence was unlikely to lead to a different verdict, given that three witnesses had testified that Fisher told them the couple held the victim against her will.

      The appeals court also noted that the victim’s rape allegation came up at Randall Fisher’s trial and the jury convicted him.

    11. Miss-Underestimated on February 6th, 2007 4:14 pm


      Things have to be complicated in Aruba, they would have thrown the three to the dogs to save the tourism.

    12. JusticeforNatalee on February 6th, 2007 4:35 pm

      How could such an accomplished woman
      let herself get so undone
      over a MAN?

    13. Jean on February 6th, 2007 6:10 pm

      When the gonads kick in, the brains go out the window.

    14. diverboy on February 6th, 2007 7:34 pm

      i knew it! had a girlfriend that went psyco (sp?) on me…i knew that she had been in outerspace….this proves it. must be the cosmic rays.

    15. Richard on February 6th, 2007 8:37 pm

      You and I agree, Miss U (#11). If we accept that there is a continuing cover-up, motivated in part by fear, then of whom and of what is the fear a motivating factor?

      Old man from the ditch (PvdS) didn’t even get the judgship he wanted. So much for his being a power behind the scenes.

      And the punk kids amount to nothing.

      So what is going on?

    16. Skyboxx on February 6th, 2007 9:29 pm

      #2 Depends, for Grandma, Grandpa and the Stalker in your Family!

      -or- Hasbrow’s new stalker kit comes complete with hunting knife, duct tape, $600 dollars, a wig, plastic bags and DEPENDS. Trench coat optional.

    17. Skyboxx on February 6th, 2007 9:35 pm

      She no longer an astronaut, just another SPACE CADET!

      SNL is going to have a field say with these skits.

      …Stardate 3649, Kirk here captain of the USS Enterprise…what?

      Interruption from behind, womens voice shreeking “Jim, JIIIIMMMMMM, whose panties are these? Don’t give me that I am command of ship bull, who is she? I swear I will kill the beeeeeaatch……….”

      Kirk out………

    18. jerry from ohio on February 7th, 2007 9:00 am

      This is quite an example that mental Illness can strike at any one in our society and it shows no difference as to class, eduction, employment or social status .
      Very sad state but with therapy and time this valued woman and mother can and hopefully will be brought back to her self both for her and her family.
      I feel for this woman and do wish her a full recovery .
      and yes some as well as the SNL comunity can and will make comedic fodder of this situation and that I am not in agreement with, since it is obvious that something triggered this break from real life .

    19. Mike on February 7th, 2007 11:02 am

      But Jerry she must still be punished.

      I’m thankful she wasn’t able to carry out her plan.

      I love how her attorney states that she only wanted to speak to Ms. Shipman but couldn’t explain the steel mallet, 4″ knife, rubber tubing, large trash bags, and her disguise.

      Doesn’t sound like she just wanted to talk to me.

    20. Sharon Chicago on February 7th, 2007 4:51 pm

      Nasa, I think what we have here is a disconnect/malfunction!

    21. david r on February 7th, 2007 6:31 pm

      The government lost a lot of money spent training Nowak. It would not bother me to see the male astronaut demoted. He should have kept his Johnson in his spacesuit.

      I guess we have an answer to the question whether Americans have had sex in space.

    22. anon on February 7th, 2007 11:41 pm

      David, the astronaut is FEMALE.

    23. Richard on February 8th, 2007 5:57 am

      Just wondering if this lady got her ideas from soap operas. I’ve never watched one, but sometimes see the daily summaries in newspapers. The long, convoluted plots have no relation to reality … well, that’s what I used to think.

      Someone did, though, write an eloquent piece asking Americans to remember that any of us could be the victims of mental illness some day (the writer attributed these actions to a kind of breakdown).

      That may be so, and it appears that this lady had a stellar background of high accomplishment. But that doesn’t offset the fact that the victim, as in ALL crimes, is the one who deserves the most consideration.

    24. JusticeforNatalee on February 8th, 2007 12:22 pm

      Well, it seems that NASA has its own unique version of the mile-high club.

      Seriously, though, not all bad behavior is mental illness.

      Some bad behavior is just that; poor behavior or dumb decisions.

      Nowak stalked Shipman for two months!

      Nowak has a stellar career and three children but instead chooses
      to place utmost important on a LOVE AFFAIR.

      I wonder if NASA has any regulations regarding
      romantic entanglements.

    25. JusticeforNatalee on February 8th, 2007 12:24 pm

      #25 correction
      “important” should be “importance”

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