Kevin Miles, Central Ohio Crime Stoppers President attacked with Baseball bat … Implication was made “Joe sent him”


The story just gets more bizarre. Kevin Miles, the President of the Central Ohio Crime Joe Mamana 5Stoppers, is presently locked in a heated law suit with Philadelphia philanthropist Joe Mammana over reward money in the Julie Popovich case. Now it appears that Kevin Miles has been attacked by a man with a baseball bat las Sunday. Now accusations are being made by Kevin Miles and his attorney, Kinsley Nyce, that Joe Mammana may have been involved. Please note that Kevin Miles of Central Ohio Crime Stopper’s will be Dana Pretzer’s guest tonight on Scared Monkey’s radio at 9:00 pm EDT to tell his side of the story.

Miles said that a man with a similar description to his attacker approached Crime Kevin MilesStoppers attorney Kinsley Nyce over the weekend and told him that “Joe sent him.”

Miles wouldn’t say if he believed there was any connection.

“I don’t want to jump to conclusions or make things worse,” he said. (Columbus Dispatch)

Seems that it has already been made worse by the comments. It is a shame that the reward issue has even been made public and that dirty laundry is being aired in this manner. In an interview previously with Joe Mammana, he stated that he would make payment on the reward in the Julia Popovich murder when the suspect was convicted. To date that has not occurred.

Popovich doc

(Popovich agreement, click on doc to enlarge)

document 1

We have talked with Joe Mammana recently regarding the latest allegations that he had something to do with the attack on Kevin Miles. Joe Mammana stated that  “it was a joke and that Kevin Miles made this up in the same manner as he did the signed contract.” In typical Joe fashion he asked, “whether any girl scouts had their cookies stolen recently, maybe they should be looked into.” Mammana also made the following comments:Joe Mamana10

He mocked Miles’ allegation, ridiculed his weight and suggested the beating was deserved.

“If he was able to talk, it wasn’t me,” Mammana said in an interview this week with The Associated Press. “Where was he, at Wendy’s?” (Washington Post)

Joe Mammana states he never signed an agreement with Central Ohio Crime Stoppers and that his signature is a forgery.

It is unfortunate that the reward issue with the Central Ohio Crime Stoppers, Kevin Miles and Joe Mammana has gotten this far out of hand and is being aired in the press.

The head of a crime tipsters group was attacked by a man with a baseball bat and told to drop a lawsuit against a philanthropist over an unpaid reward, the man’s attorney said Monday.

The attack near Kevin Miles’ home Sunday morning left him badly bruised, said Kinsley Nyce, Miles’ lawyer. Miles, who was treated at a hospital and released, said he was “pretty beat up” but declined to comment further. (SF Chronicle)

There are a couple things that are most bizarre and do not make much sense. Maybe too many episodes of the Soprano’s have been watched.

  • 1. Why would Joe Mammana not pay this reward when he has paid others?
  • 2. Why would a law suit be filed when one party claims that they will pay as soon as the suspect is convicted?
  • 3. Was the contract ever signed by Joe Mammana or is it a forgery?
  • 4. Why would Joe Mammana threaten either Kevin Miles or his attorney when he would have been the first people that police would have looked at?

One thing is for certain, the publicity from all this does not do any favors to Crime Stoppers or rewards for missing persons or unsolved crimes. This has been handled so poorly and made so public that future donors may just shy away.

If the question in play here is over semantics as to whether a reward should be paid over Reade Seligmannarrest and indictment or arrest and conviction then one should keep the following in mind. We will not even use the Aruba revolving carousel of arrested suspects, but one closer to home. Imagine having to pay rewards for tips in the arrest and indictments in the Duke Lacrosse Case? Three suspects have been arrested and indicted by the DA in North Carolina in the much publicized Duke Lacrosse Rape case. Yet, there hardly seems like their is any evidence, any communication with the suspects or accuser by the DA and may never be a trial. What if the three Duke Lacrosse players are never trial and are released? Should a reward be paid for doing nothing that furthers a case? The answer is “NO”. So what’s the difference here?

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    11 Responses to “Kevin Miles, Central Ohio Crime Stoppers President attacked with Baseball bat … Implication was made “Joe sent him””

    1. Scared Monkeys on November 24th, 2006 8:03 pm

      [...] Also Kevin Miles, the President of the Central Ohio Crime Stoppers weighs in with his side of the story regarding the Popovich reward money law suit and his recent reported attack by an individual with a baseball bat. [...]

    2. Richard on November 25th, 2006 9:04 am

      I don’t know what went on. by whom, for what reason anymore than anyone else here does.

      What is of concern to me is that Aruba might latch on to this and, by giving it publicity, try by implication to throw dirt on those of us who support a boycott to sustain the drive for answers in Natalee Holloway’s case.

      And that won’t work.

    3. mac on November 25th, 2006 12:50 pm

      Joe should just give him his money. Why would Joe make fun of his weight ? Sounds like a low class statement to me.

    4. Georgia Girl on November 25th, 2006 8:15 pm

      Check my url out and decide for yourself.
      BTW, in no way do I equate myswelf to the accuser in the Duke scandal.

    5. mac on November 26th, 2006 10:56 am

      Georgia Girl: I feel for you. This has happened for many years and could happen anywhere. May God bless you.

    6. dennisintn on November 26th, 2006 11:02 am

      don’t think for a minute that aruba won’t jump on this. a doorman on aruba assures tourists who ask about natalee that the govt. has told them that natalee is just a runaway. why wouldn’t they spread the word, if they haven’t all ready do so, that the rewards posted are bogus? there is a reason somewhere why someone hasn’t come forward. there have also been complaints that nobody ever answers the “hotline” telephone number given by a.l.e. to report tips on the case.


    7. kay zee ess on November 26th, 2006 11:35 am

      A reward for arrest and indictment only is pretty ludicrous on its surface, indeed. Arrest and conviction is the ONLY fair gauge for such endeavors.

    8. John on November 29th, 2006 2:42 am

      Found this on a blog about Mammana and Miles

      November 21, 2006
      Joe Mammana is no joke – Mammana is a real bad boy
      Attack on Crime Stoppers Chief a test for the community

      On Sunday, November 20, 2006, Kevin Miles, President of Central Ohio Crime Stoppers, after having an early morning breakfast with me and another friend was stalked and assaulted with a baseball bat in his own neighborhood while walking his dog later that same morning. When Kevin called me and gave me a very very general idea of what happened, without hesitation, I told him that Joe Mammana just sent him a message. Kevin’s response was how do you know that? I then told Kevin that it is real simple for me to figure that out. The suspect did not attempt to rob you. It was a white male. They attacked you in broad daylight in a residential neighborhood where there is a high probability that someone would observe what was happening. The suspect attacked you with a bat even though you had that big ass dog of yours with you and, didn’t care if you saw what he looked like or the car that he got into and drove away in. I then said my man this was a hit gone bad because you pulled your gun out and your dog was raising hell. The suspect is most likely from out of town and the car was most likely stolen. Kevin then asked me what comes next? I told him war.

      Joe Mammana, a former criminal turned business man, is from my hometown Philadelphia. When I personally met Mammana when I was on the Crime Stopper’s Board of Trustees, I warned Kevin then that Mammana was the real deal and that he had street written all over him. Being a former Philly gangster myself, power recognizes power. Mammana and I never said much to each other but we both readily identified with our roots without saying a word. There was a look and a hand shake. That is all it took. We both knew that we were homeboys.

      Mammana made some very public commitments to our community using Crime Stopper’s as the vehicle of his so-called commitment to fight crime. It now appears that when the time came to pay up, Mammana, for whatever reason, choose not to deliver. Kevin, being the fighter that he is, publicly called Mammana out and, using Columbus attorney Kinsley Nyce, on behalf of Crime Stoppers, filed a law suite against Mammana. The public dialog leading up to the law suite between Kevin Miles and Joe Mammana got personal and, I strongly believe that Mammana did what comes natural for a street person, hit back personally in a way that comes easy for him.

      Central Ohio Crime Stoppers represents one of the most viable anti-crime citizens programs in Ohio. Kevin Miles without question is it’s leader. All appearances are that Mammana has made street moves against both Miles and attorney Nyce (Nyce has indicated that a suspect fitting the description of Mile’s assailant showed up at his office) without thinking things through. This is not Philly and this is not Mammana’s turf. Experienced should have told Mammana, before yous bust a move, you should know who all you are moving against. Kevin Miles is a well known and respected member of our community and it is a big mistake on the part of Mammana to convince himself that where Kevin walks he walks alone.

      From one homeboy to another, let’s call an end to this drama and settle things the right way, in a court of law, while this is still a viable option.

    9. Scared Monkeys on December 1st, 2006 7:57 pm

      [...] 9:00 PM: Attorney Michael Winston (Atty for Joe Mammana v. OH Crime Stoppers) [...]

    10. Scared Monkeys Radio » The Dana Pretzer Show - December 1st, 2006 Jossy Mansur, Jacques Mansur and Micheal Winston on December 2nd, 2006 6:47 am

      [...] Attorney Michael Winston (Atty for Joe Mammana v. OH Crime Stoppers) [...]

    11. R. Barker on May 4th, 2011 9:28 am

      Kevin Miles is a con man who has pocketed many rewards..What can I do? ” He Said “Sue Me” and the drugdealer will know who sniched on him

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