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  • Special Guest Drew Kesse Discussing the Search For his Daughter

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Posted November 19, 2006 by
Scared Monkeys Radio | 2 comments

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    2 Responses to “Dana Pretzer Show Tonight 9 PM – Special Guest Drew Kesse”

    1. Maggie on November 19th, 2006 10:12 pm

      Great show Dana! I hope Drew and Joyce Kesse get some long overdue answers about their daughter Jennifer. Hard to believe it’s already been 10 months, but I’m sure to them it’s seemed like a lifetime.

      I also enjoyed the comments about Mark Fuhrman. I think Mark Fuhrman is an honest decent guy who did a great job on the OJ case. He was on an hour long show tonight on Fox with Geraldo about the Simpson case. He also talked about his partner Brad Roberts, who found the bloody fingerprint on the back gate and the blood in the Bronco, blood in the maid’s half bath at Rockingham, the sweatpants, the socks. Mark Fuhrman said Brad found more of the evidence then he did, but was never allowed to participate in the case. It was an interesting show to listen to Mark Fuhrman tell things that were never known. The comment about the n word was part of a screenplay from 10 years before the case ever happened. As for ALan Colmes,,, I never watch him.

    2. LilPuma on November 19th, 2006 10:13 pm

      I tuned in late and missed the Kesse interview. I’ll listen to it later this evening. I did want to comment on police officers and the fact that we usually only hear about them when there’s something negative to report. Like our soldiers, we need to appreciate and thank our police officers for what they do. We need to let the media know we are interested in the heroes, not just the villains. There was so much negative publicity about the police in New Orleans during Hurrican Katrina, but I remember an officer sitting in his car, alone, wiping away the tears and telling a reporter that he wouldn’t give up. Greta, Anderson, Nancy, Tucker: tell us about the unsung heroes now and then.

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