Sometimes People Just Need to Get a Sense of Humor … Like This … GI Jane Was Laughing the Whole Time


From the movie classic, ‘Stripes,’ and from Sgt Hulka, “Lighten Up Francis” … or maybe we should say Drudge … geez. Provocative? Get out much?

Events and what people do to others is 100% based on intent. The intent of a bunch of soldiers blowing off steam is fun. Intent is also based from the perspective of GI Jane, who was laughing. That’s it, fun. Maybe if our military was allowed to do this an not have to worry that every single this they did was considered evil, maybe the stress levels would not be so bad of soldiers coming home. Sometimes its just about being silly, not sexual.

There comes a point and time where those that are not involved in the actual events that take place, need to shut up. The events that took place in the video with GI Jane and fellow male soldiers below are far from provocative. To watch the video in its entirety … there is nothing wrong. The fact that anyone would think this is wrong is the problem. These men & woman risk death every single day in Iraq … I think they may be allowed some harmless fun. If GI Jane had a problem with it … she would have said No, stop it and not laughed. At that point it should have stopped, if that had occurred.

If anyone at the Pentagon, “is not laughing” then they need to get a sense of humor and fast.  What part about the fact that the woman in the video was laughing the entire time doesn’t some suit at the Pentagon not get? Maybe that official should leave their desk job and go to Iraq. Bet they would get a sense of humor really fast. If this is considered wrong and inappropriate, then the Pentagon needs to take women altogether out of the military. This is as harmless as it gets. Lets not forget the misery and nightmare that these soldiers are put under every day being in Iraq and far away from home. THEY ARE ALLOWED TO HAVE SOME FUN!!!

You people in the Pentagon have a lot bigger issues to deal with than some soldier having some fun. No one was hurt, abused, harassed, tortured, etc. The PC BS has to end, otherwise, there is no need for men or women to deal or associate with one another in any manner in the military. That breeds team building, doesn’t it?

The fact that some closed minded people have to make all contact with the opposite sex sexual actually borders on pathetic.

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Posted November 13, 2006 by
Fun, Military | 11 comments

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    11 Responses to “Sometimes People Just Need to Get a Sense of Humor … Like This … GI Jane Was Laughing the Whole Time”

    1. Richard on November 14th, 2006 12:33 am

      I watched the nearly four minutes of the video, and as SM says, the woman was laughing continually throughout. Nowhere was she gagged or otherwise silenced or threatened, had she wanted to call for help.

      This took place in daylight, in a public area, with various people wandering in and out … and it was filmed!

      Scandalous? This wouldn’t be nearly sleazy enough to make it on a normal TV show. I think it was nothing but teasing or hazing … possibly she was a NCO or something like that.

      Anyway, undoubtedly there was a sexual aspect to it … but so what?? Nothing happened against anyone’s will.

    2. dennisintn on November 14th, 2006 12:51 am

      soldiers (boys and girls) having fun. until i read all the comments, i didn’t realize deepak kalpoe had some many different posting names.

    3. MIss-Underestimated on November 14th, 2006 8:23 am

      I have eigh brothers, this is something that they would have done, and yes the us sisters would have been laughing the whole time.

      She wasn’t crying, she wasn’t fighting, it appears to be in good fun. Why don’t they go ask her instead of come up with assenine wild goose chase quest to nail our troops on baseless crimes.

      Maybe they should go to Iraq and see what our troops are going thru.

      SM I agree Shut up and do the work your supposed to do.

    4. MIss-Underestimated on November 14th, 2006 8:32 am

      This really infuriates me…Why would our troops want to come back home to people who do not appreicate what they have and are doing, and the sacrificing those dying are making.
      The only thing I will smack some Americans about is some are totally spoiled and have no concept of what protecting our freedom and remembering all of those who have died in all the wars to protect us and our freedom.

      Does anyone remember 9/11, that was war on our US land? Was that a figment of imagination.? Why do some Americans choose to forget so soon?

      Those who forget history will be destine to relive it.
      Isn’t it wonderful to be looking forward to the holidays, spending time with family? Well thank our troops for that.
      Support our troops…Look what they are doing for yours and my freedom…. I am forever grateful.

    5. Brenda T. on November 14th, 2006 9:14 am

      Miss U,

      People who attack our troups with hate and venomous talk are simply cowards and lack morals. The cut and run bunch.

      Those NON-Americans have no guts, no honor, and are of the same vine as the numerous cowards who walked past that woman in Central Park several years ago while she was being beaten with a rock and gang-raped in public view. If you remember, she was found later by another jogger and was in a coma for some time. NOT ONE man or woman who walked by and witnessed the attack even bothered to call police!! Why? Simple, if it didn’t effect them directly, why care at all? They didn’t know that woman (didn’t want to). Never did they ponder the thought it could be THEM NEXT TIME!! Those cowards turned their heads and said “doesn’t effect me…I will walk away where it’s “safe”.

      The brave, courageous, and honorable service men and women deserve our humble love and respect…we ought to kiss their feet in my opinion as they step back onto American soil. They can see into the future (so to speak). They totally understand the reality of what would become of the world if the Saddams & Bin Ladens were left to rule. The tyrant will never stop at their own boarder. (Kuwait invasion was not that long ago. Media doesn’t want anyone reminded.)

      The world is no longer a big place. We can make a call to Japan in an instant, or take a jet across the ocean in hours. The terrorists know this and many have taken that flight over here. How many? Who know! Too many…THAT is for sure.

      Wonder how a democrap president would respond if Bin Laden got on the airwaves and said he had 10 atom bombs placed around the US he would explode them all if we did not give him our allegiance ASAP. I PROMISE YOU many people would actually WANT to give themselves to him then and there! Not only that, they’d turn in their neighbors or best friends to try and win favor of the enemy.

      I’d rather die fighting. Several of my ancestors did…..

      My 16 year old is thinking of the AirForce. Scares me to death, but I will not discourage him. I love him and will not blame whoever is in the Presidency should he be injured or otherwise. He is making this decision, not me, not my husband, not the President. Whatever he chooses I will support him. I pray a strong leader comes in after Bush because my son will be 18 in 2 years. Old enough to draft. I”d rather he went in on his own than have that happen. At least he could still choose a career (he wants to be a pilot.)

      My wonderful son is an AP honor student who has made only 1 ‘B’, and the rest straight ‘As’ this semester. John Kerry thinks only the uneducated want to join? I think John Kerry is as uneducated as they come.


    6. MIss-Underestimated on November 14th, 2006 10:46 am

      Brenda T. I have a son a little younger wants to be a Marine. Same thing, I break my hump ( 2 jobs) to send him to a college prep school has a 3.961 GPA.

      We as a family support our troops and their families. I thank GOD every day as I get out of my nice warm bed and fix breakfast for my family and send them off to work/school not having to worry alot about land mines, grenades, suicide bombers, etc. because we have the ABSOLUTE BEST VOLUNTEER MILITARY IN THE WORLD.

      This holiday season every True American should find it in their hearts to support our troops and their families. There are several organizations that need your help.

    7. joe bear on November 14th, 2006 11:08 am

      i think they were having harmless fun.Why not.This is a tradition among troops at war,something about sanity,if I remember.Cat

    8. Brenda T. on November 14th, 2006 12:07 pm

      Please forgive me, but as a 5’4″ 115 lb. natural blonde who has worked out and run (distance) her entire life, wears no makeup, and is 100% comfortable in my own skin, I’ve learned that the majority of women who claim sexual harrassing are nearly ALWAYS the fat, ugly, miserable ones. Why? I think because they are jealous that they are not getting the attention themselves.

      I mean, look…that girl is having fun. She knows the guys are under pressure and she is basically just “one of the guys”.

      I work in a data center with over 100 IT professionals. There are 22 on my client-server team. Four of us are women. I am very used to the burbing, farting (sorry to have to say that), profanity, dirty jokes…whatever. I am not touched in any unappropriate way. If I were, it would show on their faces from about 50 yards away as I would leave many marks! (I kickbox too.) I have their respect both personally and professionally. THEY TELL ME THE WOMEN WHO DRIVE THEM CRAZY! They worry about every word they say around them too…..

      I used to work as production control at a ductile iron foundry. Talk about tough men! I had to go to the bathroom once out in the foundry to find the women’s bathroom down for repair. I asked 2 guys to watch the door so I could go into the men’s bathroom. They said ‘no’ because no one cared if I went in there. I said…but I don’t want anyone to see me. Know what answer I received? I was told…If we wanted to see your (you know what) we’d just take off your pants. Well, I took a walk across the yard and used that bathroom. Did I care? No, they were trying to be funny and I couldn’t have cared less.

      Was I ever touched at the foundry. Yup…once. I turned around and punched the guy in the jaw as hard as I could. I NEVER had an issue with ANYONE again. The human resources officer told me the only mistake I made was not coming to him. (He heard through the grapevine 2 days later.) He asked what I wanted him to do about it. I said…NOTHING> Why? Because that guy had to explain to his wife why he had a bruised jaw. Not to mention worrying himself to death she’d hear through the grapevine herself. Punishment enough in my opinion. Yes, he finally braved up 3 weeks later and appologized. I accepted and he chose to become my “guardian”. Weird how that stuff works.

      I guarantee you that if ANY body touched that young lady in the video, those men who were playing around with her would destroy them. I am sure she is loved by all of them as if she was a sister. I get it…they trust her and she trusts them.


    9. dennisintn on November 14th, 2006 12:38 pm

      miss brenda, i do believe you have all the bases covered.

    10. ldstlou on November 15th, 2006 9:58 am

      I tried to let your comments go, but I just can’t. I am tickled you are in shape and feel comfortable in your own skin, but to say that most women who clain sexual harrassment are “nearly ALWAYS the fat ugly miserable ones” is absolutley ridiculous, you do all women a disservice with this statement. I had a girlfriend in college who was sexually harrassed at work. This woman went through HELL on a daily basis. It affected her physically, mentally and on a spiritual level. Finally the women in her office filed a class action suit and won. By the way, my girlfriend was DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!!! I am deeply offended that you take a very serious issue that affects thousands of women on a daily basis and reduce it to fat women feeling jeoulous. You make my heart and soul hurt with your comments.

    11. Brenda T. on November 15th, 2006 12:19 pm


      Too bad you were offended because I am right and you are wrong. Yes, beautiful women are harrassed too, but most are used to it and handle it like they should. I’ve been receiving sexual advances from adult men since I was 13 years old. By the age of 15, my wonderful dad had taught me well how to “deter them” on my own.

      Here’s my question to you:

      What in the hell was the matter with your friend to allow this to go on so freaking long!!??? How completely stupid!

      You can be your life I’d have stopped it the FIRST TIME it happened. You friend LET IT go on for the sake of suing in my opinion…as many do.

      You say mental, physical, emotions trauma??? Yeah, right. No mental activity in my opinion to let this go on…and on…and on…and on…and on…. (You say she was going to college? Too bad she wasn’t getting educated.)

      The fact she put up with it so long is NO ONE’S FAULT BUT HER OWN!!!!!

      if more women would actually be A WOMAN AND NOT A LITTLE SCARED MOUSE…MEN WOULD START THINKING TWICE. She CHOSE to put up with it….period. THAT is her own fault. Nothing you will ever say changes my mind on that.


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