Tony Shiu, A California doctor accused of Taking Nude photos of patients … and worse, missing after Warrant Issued


Let’s hope no one out there in the reading audience was a patient of Dr. Tony Shiu in Dublin, CA. If you were, you may want to contact the authorities. This is not quite the bed-side manner that patients are looking for. Dr. Tony Shiu is accused of taking nude photos of patients and sexual assault of two men at his home. Read the full story at Missing & Exploited.

Posted November 7, 2006 by
Bizarre, Crime | 6 comments

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    6 Responses to “Tony Shiu, A California doctor accused of Taking Nude photos of patients … and worse, missing after Warrant Issued”

    1. joe bear on November 7th, 2006 1:38 pm


    2. Patti on November 7th, 2006 4:49 pm

      Gosh…. Maybe he saw toooo many gay parades like the rest
      of us. Certainly what is expected of it’s citizen’s on the
      street should also be accepted in the ordinary, everyday,
      Doctor’s office… I mean, where do you draw the line?????

      San Francisco fallin’ off the map of “civilized” cities.

    3. Patti on November 7th, 2006 9:26 pm

      Dutch hog::::

      What do you think??? I’ll bet his wife was wondering where
      he was during those late “Doctor” hours, huh??? Besides,
      I wonder who’s picture he took to result in such a large
      reward… a million ol’ smack-a-roos!!!

      Wow… Now that’s alot of money. Whoever it is they must
      really want those pictures back. I’ll bet all this is just
      a scam… those guys weren’t passed out, they were probably
      just passed on and their ego’s couldn’t take it.

      Geeeeeee, I wonder. Could it have been the President???
      Maybe the President of the Hell’s Angels, since his son
      is in the pen and can’t be relied on to get rid of the
      evidence… only after he plays a few games with his latest
      invention, the TORTURE CHAMBER!!!

      Ohhhhhhhhhhh, San Francisco, You’d better get your clothes
      on, as soon the whole world shall be looking at you.

      In San Fran, we use the best excuse ever and in this
      case I find it quite fitting:

      “He made me do it”

    4. Patti on November 8th, 2006 12:11 am

      Ohhhhhhh, my Gosh!!!!!! I just HAD to take another look at
      his picture and do my ~~~voo doo poo poo~~~ on him and I do
      believe that I have finally come to understand him. Not
      only was he puttin’ em out and doing the monkey dance with a
      mannequin, but he was taking pictures of them in all kinds
      of distorted positions…. I wouldn’t be suprised if he
      didn’t take a few movies to send the guys back home. You
      know one of those “special” delivery Christmas gifts when
      you don’t quite know what to send to Uncle cHaRleY… You
      know the old moving picture shows?????? I wonder….

      Where are you anyway??? You down on that Boulevard being
      polite with the gay boys? Too bad we never learned to be
      polite here. Where I’m from, which you already know is
      Colorado, we would listen to the radio and hear that song:

      “~~i left my HEEEAAAART IN sAAAAAnfffraaaaaaNccciscoooo~~”

      and I would think, WHERE? San Francisco?????? You must be
      outta your mind!!!!! Why would you EVER want to leave it

      You see, at the time; the only thing that I knew about San
      Francisco was that the girl that lived down the street from
      me, was constantly running away. And that’s where she
      went. Her dad ended up doing speed and brought his good
      buddy back with him and he did speed, too. It was awful..
      it never made much sense to me.

      I can tell you that after first moving there I thought that
      it was the bomb*********!*!*!*!*!*!*!*

      But now that I have children, I have changed. I want
      better for our children and grand children and great grand
      children. And in the case of San Francisco, I think that
      they made a turn in the wrong direction along time ago.
      First with drugs, then with syndicated criminals and now
      with the perverts… I think we just may have gone tooo

      It is the most beautiful part of California but it’s people
      don’t do it much justice… it is beautiful and San Fran
      could be much, much more beautiful if someone would take an
      interest in it’s people with a sense of the future at

      I do believe that many people believe that San Fran IS
      falling off the map and don’t, atleast, make the best
      of the short time they’re here… but, you know what???
      None of us know when that is going to happen, and if it ever
      does in my lifetime; I’d want to know that I did the best I
      could do to see that my family died happy.

      But as a city, in a very political way, they have made it
      very soft ground for the worst seed in our nation, which in
      my mind is organized crime; which produce sexually explicit
      movies as well as highly addictive drugs, and ofcourse with
      them comes the prostitution and money laundering trades.
      Anyway those seeds have taken root here. Truly, they have
      grown into this HUGE monster that will not only kill you
      but will make you suffer every day of your life; in the
      case of the inner city, everyday of your MISERABLE life.

      EVERYBODY feels it and EVERYBODY knows it, but they’ve had
      their heads filled with all this crap that they have become
      like what the bible says: truly blind.

      The climate in the nation, is that San Francisco is
      absolutely pitiful. And it truly is.

    5. Andy on November 8th, 2006 9:09 pm

      I was a patient of Doctor Shiu, you bunch of {{EDIT}}}}

      A) It appears HE RAPED PEOPLE – not me, but other patients of his. What the hell are you all talking about??? Parades, Hell’s Angels, etc… have nothing to do with this.
      B) He’s not screwed up BECAUSE on some level he’s a homosexual. Both gays and straights have committed rape in the past. He’s totally screwed up, predatory, and dangerous AND he has some homosexual tendencies at least. Drawing a cause and effect between the two is ludicrous. It requires that you then conclude straight rapists are rapists because they are straight.
      C) This did not take place in San Francisco. It took place in Dublin, CA. It’s a 45 minute drive away. Dublin is a suburban community full of soccer moms, family neighborhoods, and strip malls.




      SM: Hey Andy, maybe next time you can make a point without cursing? What are you so angry about? Pictures? Have yu contacted the authorities to make sure you are not included in some of theose 500 pics ?


    6. Taiwanese on June 14th, 2008 7:49 am

      Who help Tony G Shiu on the run?
      I am a Taiwanese,I knew Tony Shiu in Grace Bapiist church(location on90,sec.3,Hsin Sheng Road,Taipei,Taiwan),
      Tony Shiu,came to Taiwan for almost 21 months,he went to church every Sunday with his Taiwanese girlfriend Massie.We were suspicius with Shiu’s background before,but Massie cheat us she and Shiu got married one year ago,he has no problem.
      Since Sept. 2007, investigators in Taiwan began tracking Shiu, who was teaching English and living under the name Tony Jiang.Investigators can’t find Shiu because Massie offers her place(Ling-Sheng South Road in Taipei City in Taiwain) to hide him out.This April Shiu told us he is going to leave Taiwan and goes to Shanghai China,but we heard Shiu and Massie got married on this May.When Taiwanese police arrested Shiu,Massie cheats them she doesn’t know Shiu’s background.She loves Shiu very much,she can do anything for Shiu.Everyone in this church knew that.Even she loves him so much that she can help Shiu break the jail.If she hide Shiu,she should take responsibility,right?After Taiwanese
      police arrested Shiu.They didn’t check out Shiu’s false witness, Shiu cheats Taiwanese police a lot,even he told to the police he is a dentist in U.S.before.Taiwanese police believe him!It’s too ridiculous!
      Pastor Jim West knows a lot of Massie,he can help you to contact with Massie.There
      are too many doubtful points with Massie and Shiu’s witness.Shiu has no money for bail.U.S.shound ascertain this case carefully.

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