Sensing a trend in a shift from the Old Media to the New? Google Up … NY Times and NBC down


The changes in the media are becoming more noticeable. People’s preferences are reallyGoogle starting to take hold. Check out what is happening between the old and new media. When will the old media ever figure out the answer to their problems? The answer is actually right in front of them.

On-line giant Google reports earning surge of 92%.

The acquisition of YouTube, the leading online video-sharing site, was a culmination of this strategy and “the ultimate partnership, if you will”, he said.

Even though internet competitor Yahoo had much more modest results, it was at least a positive number, Yahoo reported this week that revenues had risen grew only 19 per cent year-on-year. That is much different than the old guard can say these days.


The Old Gray Lady, The NY Times saw profits plunge 39% in the 3rd quarter.Nytimesbuilding

Meanwhile, Belo, publisher of The Dallas Morning News, said net income for the quarter fell to $19.2 million, or 19 cents per share, compared to $22.1 million, or 20 cents per share, during the same period last year.

NBC cuts 700 jobs

An initial round of redundancies will be made in the news division, where the ailing cable news channel MSNBC will be consolidated with the main news operation. The company’s current news budget is around $1.5bn a year.

NBC guts itself; Net-delivered creativity will prevail NBC

The following is something we have been saying for quite sometime. Who in the media is intelligent enough to connect the dots and match internet talent to the networks.

No, not much has really changed today. NBC is fulfilling its destiny, to perpetually undervalue creative talent, which it treats as an unwanted cost. Creativity goes elsewhere these days—to cable, Internet and YouTube or Revver—to make their fortune. The channel monopoly enjoyed network television has been shattered for a long time, so we need to look where the talent will come from and who has decided to connect talent to markets. (ZDNET)


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