Why are the Democrats & Clinton So afraid that you will watch “The Path to 9/11″?


Why are Democrats so afraid you will see the following clips from the ABC docu-drama, “The Path to 9/11“? Could it be they fear the truth? Could it be that in an election year that the American public will actually see just how ineffective and scared a Democratic Administration was to act on Osama Bin Laden and terrorism?

The United States of America is supposed to be about “FREEDOM OF SPEECH”. Be very careful of any government or politician whether they be Republican, Democrat or Independent that would squelch free speech. Be VERY afraid of those that would use their political power and influence to do so.

The United States of America allows the American flag to be burned and pornography to be disseminated under the name of free speech. Why not this movie? Where were the Democrats when Michael Moore released “Fahrenheit 911″?

The fact of the matter is all should be allowed to see the clips of the movie in question and you make up your own minds. By the way where was the MSM when all this was going on yet any hiccup in Iraq they are clear and present to announce? We do remember that MSNBC did do a piece in 2004 on Bin Laden’s failed capture. Were they wrong too?  

Watch the video below.


Watch the remaining unbelievable five video clips from “The Path to 9/11″ at Red State.com Think you will understand why some do not want them seen, especially in a mid-term election year.

UPDATE while watching the program this evening: ABC … YOU PC GUTLESS WONDERS … You should be ashamed of yourselves to call yourself a broadcasting network. Its bad enough you buckled to political pressure to edit scenes.  How dare you translate and use the word “GOD” with what you know is supposed to be ALLAH. Does any thinking person think the terrorists were saying God? So you do not want to offend Muslims, so you offend Christians instead … Nice.

UPDATE II: The Gateway Pundit puts his two cents in, Every time Americans start to forget about Bill Clinton’s extra-marital activities, perjury, etc. … Someone reminds us all of the Clinton legacy.

UPDATE III: Michelle Malkin points out the “viewer disclaimer” and has the edits that ABC did from the original. Quite a bit hit the editing room floor didn’t it. I just cant seen to remember seeing this disclaimer prior to watching “Earth in the Balance” or “Fahrenheit 911″ or any other movie about 9/11.

Viewer discretion


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