CNN & Kyra Phillips Potty break mic snafu … during President Bush’s Katrina Speech, OMG … way to go CNN …


The label should read … CNN … do not try this at home, other networks are trained professionals. Kyra Phillip’s mic was left on as CNN broadcast President Bush’s speech commemorating the Katrina anniversary this afternoon.

Kyra Phillips

(Click on picture to watch the video link)

Too funny for words. Has to be seen and heard to be believed. Glad CNN has someone manning the audio in the control room these days. CNN might want to be careful how they throw the word “incompetent” around as well.

UPDATE: And then comes the CNN apology … CNN sorry for Bush speech gaffe.

CNN’s apology, I can’t wait to hear the conversation at Kyra’s Labor Day picnic between her and her sister-in-law. Maybe CNN will have Kyra wearing a wire for that as well.

“I’ve got to be protective of him,” she said without being aware that the mic was on. “He’s married, three kids, and his wife is just a control freak.” CNN anchor Daryn Kagan broke into the telecast immediately afterward updating viewers on what Bush had been saying.

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