Natalee Holloway Aruban Investigation: What ever Happened to the Evidence?


What has become of the evidence and how was it handled?

Vanderbilt evidence

(Vanderbilt – ‘06)

Loss of evidence in an ongoing case would be unforgivable. Chances

are that some, if not the bulk of the stuff, has been ‘mishandled’.

Is there a chain of possession signature required, or is it just left out on break room tables?

Dog ate it? What?

Truly ‘accidental’, or ‘sinister’?

Does anyone in charge actually

know the historical disposition of it?

Many have speculated that there is no evidence to convict the three primary suspects, Joran Van der Sloot, Deepak and Satish Kalpoe of a crime against Natalee Holloway. Maybe the problem is no one knows where the evidence is.

What ever happened to all the evidence that was found, turned over to the ALE and to Holland for forensic tests?

What has become of the computer hard drives of these three suspects? The cell phone records and text messaging evidence? Surely such evidence clearly points as to who called who, when and where and which stories match what has been provided in statements by the suspects.

What has become of all the evidence that has been discovered? Are we to believe that testing has ever been done and if so, if it believable? Is there information that the police are holding back? Why was it said that a suspect confessed and then was retracted? Can any of it be believed?

Add more to the list of evidence that should likely lead to the arrest and prosecution of the three suspects in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway.

Aruba MapEvidence7

(Click on map to enlarge)

Bloody Mattress found: Sunday June 5, 2005

Painting of Rocks: June 10–11, 2005

Items found on June 14, 2005

  Charles Rafini, the Aruban teen who says he found the underwear and condoms in the brush, as well as duct tape and a string cut from a bikini or halter top, at a location commonly known to locals as a make-out spot, described the underwear he found as pink with flowers on them. He told FOX News on Wednesday that the location of the findings “is not too far” from the Marriott hotel. When Rafini hand-carried the articles to police, he said, “they told me, ‘nice job’ … and they will go figure out what’s going on.”

Duct Tape
String cut from Halter Top

Aruba Cops Search Dutch Suspect’s Home: June 15, 2005

Teen Suspects homes searched and cars removed: June 15, 2005

Snorkeling in shallow water and came across two bones that they took to the Aruban Police station: July 16, 2005

Duct Tape with long blonde hair found:  Sunday, July 17th, 2005
Fabric matching Natalee’s top

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    1. jen on July 18th, 2007 11:04 am

      Why isn’t the news keeping us informed about what is happening with the nattalie holloway case. I feel we as americans need to know the truth

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