Keith Olbermann, Desperate Acts when One has No Ratings


Hey Keith, maybe if you had ratings you would not have to pretend that you were Keith OlbermannBill O’Reilly in public. Fox’s Bill O’Reilly of “The O’Reilly Factor“  has 7 x’s the audience that MSNBC’s  Keith Olberman has. In the  ratings world you are not even on the same  planet.  As a matter of fact the repeat showing of O’Reilly beats Olberman’s show with over 3 x’s the viewer-ship.


FOXN THE OREILLY FACTOR MTWTF.. 06:00A -11:00P 1.8 1,643 2,141 402

FOXN THE OREILLY FACTOR (RPT) MTWTF.. 11:00P -12:00A 0.9 757 942 282

MSNB COUNTDOWN W/ K. OLBERMANN MTWTF.. 06:00A -11:00P 0.3 243 286 106


  How pathetic can one be that Keith Olbermann feels the  need to continuous attempt to pick a fight with a show whose ratings blows his away in an attempt to get ratings himself. Olbermann, O’Reilly does not care to acknowledge you because you are insignificant. Why would he lower himself to your petty level.

During his “Countdown” show on MSNBC, Olbermann regularly tweaks O’Reilly, whose “The O’Reilly Factor” on Fox is No. 1 in the cable TV news ratings. Olbermann generally runs third in the same time slot. O’Reilly has referred to Olbermann – although not by name – as a “notorious smear merchant” and pointed out his low ratings. (AP News)

What a sad man you are Keith, see VIDEO. How sad a man you are that you would go after someone personally like this. You are a small and pathetic individual. As for ratings? Ratings are down from last year because Natalee Holloway dominated the news cycles last year on FOX. Its called a media blip. Your ratings are up, of course they are when they were as pathetic as they were. Trust me, no one watches you, as you are unwatchable.

Keith Olbermann 1

(Olbermann, do you really think this is funny?)

Keith Olbermann holding up an O’Reilly mask while raising his right arm in a Nazi salute to mock his on-air rival. This is what MSNBC condones? No wonder they are a distant third. Maybe you could inform us all when a “Nazi salute” is deemed appropriate? You pathetic, miserable human being.

Its the oldest trick in the book. Just one problem, O’Reilly does not give you the time of day. Â  Olbermann, O’Reilly does not care to acknowledge you because you are insignificant. Do you even show up on the first page of rating? Or page 4?

We always wondered how your show survived Dan Abram’s MSNBCÂ  cuts. With a 243, can’t see that happening much longer. Instead of trying to pick a fight with the big boys to get ratings, why don;t you concentrate on your own show. Whatever that may be.

UPDATE: Fox News Calls Olbermann ‘Over the Line’

Fox News calls Olbermann “over the line”, we just call Olbermann “OVER”. Seems Fox News Channel chairman and CEO Roger Ailes reiterates the comments we have made regarding Olbermann. It’s a feeble attempt at viewers by attacking the big dog. One would think that Keith could report on something, rather than complaining how another reporter reports on a story. Dan Abrams, what are you doing?

“Clearly he has no viewers except those he gets when he attacks Fox News, and particularly has made himself committed to continuing to attack Bill,” Ailes said.

Olbermann opened his Saturday session at the critics’ meeting by whipping out a mask of O’Reilly and giving a Nazi salute.

“I really think that’s over the line,” Ailes said.

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    1. dan g on April 15th, 2009 8:38 pm

      Hey Msnbc. What is your reasoning for keeping Olberman and Maddow and Big Mouth Matthews around. These people spend their entire show ripping Fox. Why dont they try to create their own show instead of ripping O’Reilly and the rest of Fox. Obviously no one cares about your 3 clowns. You had a good person in Dan Abrams but he obviously wanted to be fair which your nazi channel knows nothing about. Oh they tortured some terrorists at Gitmo. Shame on you. 911 changed everything and those who lost lives then didnt get tortured. They were murdered. You make me sick.

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