Destiny Norton, 5, Missing in Utah: National Media A No-Show for Destiny Norton Story


If anyone thinks that the purpose of this post is to guilt the MSM into covering the Destiny Nortonstory of Destiny Norton, a precious 5 year old girl who has gone missing since last Sunday, it is. Local Utah media and blogs have been on the story but the MSM and cable shows have been AWOL.

Destiny Norton has literally vanished into thin air. One second she is on her porch, the next no one can find her anywhere.

The last time she was seen, Destiny was wearing an adult-size gray-and-black-striped T-shirt and was barefoot.

Sex offenders in the area of her home have been questioned, neighbors, family and searches have gone on in the 100 degree heat to help find the missing five year old. All to no avail. Some one knows something. Maybe, just maybe if the MSM focuses on this case that it might jog someones memory that they may have seen her or seen someone who may have been with her.

We will be emailing and calling MSM producers in the hopes that they will begin to cover this story. Volunteers by the 100′s have gotten involved in the search including Eraldo Soares, the father of Lori Hacking who went missing in Utah and was later found murdered. Other fathers of missing persons have joined the search as well.

Read more on the story of missing five year old Destiny Norton, make a difference and volunteer. To the MSM, make a difference and report.

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    One Response to “Destiny Norton, 5, Missing in Utah: National Media A No-Show for Destiny Norton Story”

    1. Judy Gail Tallman on May 22nd, 2012 8:48 pm

      I’ve been in Utah especially Westhaven, Utah little truck stop and the Walmart its highly trafficked area horsetrailers park around the Walmart store and usually places like the truck stop motel run the tapes and human trafficking is a multi billion dollar industry liquid bandage is used on spliced tapes so cops cant see whats really going on its very underground and worked like military ops. children that are abducted are even taken to beauty parlors and they are disguised kept drugged and usually in terrible fear its many legitimate businesses who are having underground activity

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