Aruba had Money to Pay Police Overtime, But not for a Brain Tumor Victim?


There has been an on-going battle in Aruba between the Police and the Aruban government over the issue of overtime. Threatened walk-outs and strikes by the police and the threat of non-payment by the Aruban government. Of course that does beg the question, why would they get overtime in the first place? We are told it is “One Safe Island”. What crime could they possibly be preventing or investigating that would cause a need for overtime? Would these crimes be officially reported?

However, it is interesting how these over-time numbers were never an issue prior to Aruba falling on hard times due to the loss of tourism as a result from the “unofficial” boycott by individual American travelers to Aruba. The loss of tax revenue to the island has exposed so “creative” spending. It would seem that providing over-time to the police was never an issue, but of course one wonders what other forms of spending were hampered by police over-time on an island that claims they are safe and have no crime. So where and why is overtime really paid?

The answer as to who is hurt in the process, Eliza Duym. It seems that private enterprise had to come to the aid of this woman when AZV would not.

When you hire employees you are legally responsible to transfer the contributions to the social security benefits system to the government and the Social Insurance Bank. The system presently comprises old age pensions, widow and orphan insurance, severance pay, accident insurance and health care. For more information on the mechanism of these schemes and thereto related issues visit the website  The government reformed the various health care schemes into one general health insurance fund, called AZV (“Algemene Ziektekosten Verzekering”). AZV will provide health care coverage for the entire population and implement a contribution system. To request detailed information on this universal health insurance (AZV) visit the website:


Thanks to local radio station, they were able to raise the money necessary for Eliza Duym’s medical treatment that AZV refused to pay. Local radio raised 20,000 fl for her in which AZV refused to cover her 10,000 fl request for treatment on her brain tumor. Keep in mind AZV is a government formed health insurance fund. So much for socialized medicine.

AM Digital Radio raise money

(AM Digital, click on article to enlarge)

Amigoe recently printed the article regarding Eliza Duym’s medical plight. She had been previously diagnoses with breast cancer and had a mastectomy. She was then diagnosed with a brain tumor and qualified for gamma knife treatment. Except for the fact that AZV refused to pay for it.

Read the full story below from Amigoe. Interesting governmental spending habits to say the least. I guess this lady did not to increase tourism therefore it was not a top priority.  

Woman with brain tumor asks citizens for financial aid 


ARUBA – The family of Eliza Duym tries to collect 8000 dollars for a gamma knife treatment in Colombia for the woman that has a brain tumor.   The family indicated in a press conference that they had appealed to the General Health Insurance (AZV) with no success. 


Eliza Duym was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago.  She underwent medical treatment in Maracaibo and returned to Aruba, where she had a mastectomy.  The operation was successful.  Duym recovered from the operation and everything looked fine.  However, a year later, Duym started to suffer of heavy headaches and wanted to be examined again. The doctors in Aruba didn’t respond and Duym decided to go abroad again to be examined.   That was a correct decision because from that exam it turned out that the woman had a brain tumor.  The breast cancer has spread out to her head.  Duym and her family went again to the Aruban medical care, but didn’t get help.  The woman didn’t want to wait and decided to go to Maracaibo again for surgery, which was successful, but that was not the end of the treatment. 


The medical specialists told Duym that she qualifies for a gamma knife treatment.  The patient gets a frame around her head, which can calculate the exact location of the tumor via a computer.   The patient gets radiotherapy afterwards, which stops the tumor from further growing and it dies off.  The tumor will finally disappear, but this would take a few weeks to months.  The doctors guarantee that the gamma knife treatment is good. 


A gamma knife treatment costs 10.000 dollars.  The family appealed to the AZV, but they refuse to pay for the treatment and Duym doesn’t want to be sent to the Netherlands or the United States either.  These countries also do such treatment. 

The family can no longer pay for the medical treatment, but the prospects on recovery based on the earlier treatments are positive.  Duym does no longer need a wheelchair and is speaking better every day.   The family is therefore hoping for donations from kind citizens, so that the woman can get the lifesaving treatment.  The hospital in Maracaibo wants a down payment of 8000 dollars before they start with the treatment.


During a press conference last Tuesday, the family appealed to everyone that wants to give their support financially, to deposit money on account number 17002117 of Arubabank.


AZV was not available for comments before this newspaper went to press. 


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