Kalpoe’s and Gerold Dompig Have the same Attorneys? Has Aruba Ever Heard of a Conflict of Interest?


Isn’t this interesting. Gerold Dompig and the Kalpoe brothers have the same Dompig 4-06representing attorney? According to the Gretawire that is the case, attorney David Kock represents all three clients. If this did not take place in Aruba I would question it as bizarre, let alone unethical.

However, in Aruba this type of story has unfortunately become the norm and not the exception. I guess Aruba never met a “conflict of interest” they did not like. This just fuels the fire of cover-up and complicity, especially since we heard the Kalpoe brothers make mention that it was Paulus Van der Sloot who aided them in getting an attorney.

If you saw Friday’s show, you know that the Kalpoe brothers’ lawyer, Aruba deepakDavid Kock, was on with us. I was told after the show by investigative reporter Tito Lacle that David Kock is also the lawyer for Deputy Chief Gerold Dompig. Could this really be true? That would certainly be bizarre at best. The lawyer for the deputy chief AND the two suspects that the deputy chief was investigating? That is an interesting client list.

Conflict of Interest. In Aruba this term must be as foreign as making one a suspect and searching their property before they are able to sanitize it. We would be told by those in Aruba that we in America just don’t understand Dutch or Aruban law.

A conflict of interest is a situation in which someone in a position of trust, Aruba satishsuch as a lawyer, a politician, or an executive or director of a corporation, has competing professional or personal interests. Such competing interests can make it difficult to fulfill his or her duties impartially. In the legal profession, the duty of loyalty owed to a client is generally supposed to preclude an attorney (or a law firm) from representing persons with interests adverse to those of the client.

No one cares to hear that Aruba is a small island with a shortage of attorneys. It is not Aruba Relativitythat difficult to find one that does not already represent one of the key figures in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. It is beyond comprehension that the ex-chief investigator and two of the three main suspects could actually have retained the same attorney. More positive PR for Aruba. Does David Kock have the exclusive in Aruba of representing all people from Suriname? This is just another bizarre happening coming out of Aruba. As we have stated in the past, when it comes to Aruba … it’s all relative.

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