Michael Dompig, Son of ex-Lead Aruban Investigator Gerold Dompig Questioned by ALE

Michael Dompig, the son of the former lead investigator in Aruba in to the Dompig michael1disappearance of Natalee Holloway was questioned as a witness following the arrest of Geoffrey van Cromvoirt. Gerald Dompig made the following statement regarding his son Michale being questioned.

“Michael was merely one of the many people who were questioned as witnesses in this investigation and was never considered a suspect,” Dompig said in a telephone interview.

Dompig, who is no longer lead investigator for reasons that have not been publicly disclosed, spoke with the AP after his son gave an interview to Fox News on Saturday saying that the Holloway family and others who have alleged incompetence and conflicts of interest in the investigation have been “trying to bring my father down.”

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Was Air Force One Vandalized?

One of the great internet hoaxes of all times. Watching the video makes you think that there guys defaced Air Force One, but instead it was a 747 they rented for the film.


Click the Image to Watch The Video

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