Amigoe: ‘The families Van Cromvoirt and Van der Sloot not friends’


Amigoe; April 21, 2006: ‘The families Van Cromvoirt and Van der Sloot not friends’

ARUBA — “The Van Cromvoirt family dissociate herself expressly from all the statements that associate Geoffrey van Cromvoirt to the disappearance of Natalee Holloway”, stated Eline Lotter Homan, lawyer of family Van Cromvoirt in a written press release. “Due to persistent speculations, it is advisable to rectify the many completely untrue propositions put forward”, was her reaction on the many questions she gets from the different media.

Lotter Homan says that it is impossible to react on all possible propositions that are going around. She also didn’t want to react as regards content on the current judicial preliminary investigation. She states furthermore in her press release that “the facts that are being described in this are not meant for a restrictive refutation.”

In May and June of last year, Van Cromvoirt hadn’t worked for the Visibility Team or VCB Video Camera Security Systems & Consultancy. The lawyer confirmed that the family Van Cromvoirt had not at all been interrogated in connection with the investigation on the disappearance of the American girl. Rumors about Joran van der Sloot and Van Cromvoirt being friends are heavily denied. “Geoffrey is not a friend of any of the earlier arrested persons in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway and has also no other relationship with any of them.”

The lawyer indicated that VCB had not provided any security activities to the Holiday Inn in May and June of last year and neither up till today. The company had not installed any security cameras, neither did it manage any for the Holiday Inn nor any of the other hotels on the hotel-strip. Lotter Homan says that VCB didn’t have access to the security camera systems of the hotels on the strip. “The company had not interfered with any of them.”

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