Geoffrey van Cromvoirt Arrested in Aruba; Witness, Suspect or Something else in the Natalee Holloway Disappearance


After 11 months into the disappearance of Natalee Holloway, 19 year old Geoffrey Geoffrey van Cromvoirt GMAvan Cromvoirt has been arrested. It is unknown at this time what his involvement is to the case as to whether he is a suspect or a witness. Geoffrey Van Cromvoirt’s family runs the VCB security company. The company provides security for the Aruban government and private companies on Aruba. Geoffrey Van Cromvoirt also appears to have been a part of the Visibility Team on Aruba as well.


Van Cromvoirt’s family runs the security company, according to Tacopina. The company provides security for the Aruban government and private companies, including the Holiday Inn, where Holloway was staying, he said. The company installed the security camera and patrols the beach. Van Cromvoirt was part of the team that patrolled the Holiday Inn’s beach in the early hours of the morning, according to Tacopina.



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Geoffrey van Cromvoirt also has a sister who is a police officer in Aruba. It has also been speculated by some media outlets that there is a relationship between Joran Van der Sloot and Geoffrey van Cromvoirt; however, Joe Tacopina, Joran’s lawyer denies that there is any relationship whatsoever.

According to Joe Tacopina, van der Sloot’s attorney, the Dutch teen does not know the 19-year-old arrested over the weekend in the case.

“I am absolutely convinced he doesn’t know him, doesn’t hang out with, or socialize with him, did not know his name,” Tacopina said, according to the AP. “This somehow brought Joran back into the picture. He knows nothing about him, has never spoken of him, and certainly did not discuss the case with him.”

(The Post Chronicle)

So after 11 months of investigating the disappearance of Natalee Holloway that occurred May 30, 2005 a new person has been arrested by the ALE, Geoffrey van Cromvoirt, a name that is unknown to the family. Eleven months later, after the release of Dave Holloway’s book, a week after Gerold Dompig steps down as the lead investigator and the airing of ‘Opsporing Verzocht’; Geoffrey van Cromvoirt is arrested.

According to Aruban law, Geoffrey van Cromvoirt can be held for three days before facing a judge. The media has descended upon Aruba to cover this new arrest; looks like deja vu all over again. Please leave comments at:

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