Diario: Car confiscated. Investigators are on the right track about the cruel case of Guadirikiri



According to other articles, the victim’s name is Dinesh Djoegan, born in Suriname, 5/29/1980 and lived in Pos Chiquito 89-B.

Car confiscated Investigators are on the right track about the cruel case of Guadirikiri Dinesh Djoegan

ORANJESTAD (AAN): From the time that a lifeless body was discovered outside a cave, all burned in an apparently mutilated manner, the case has started to point in the direction of a settlement of accounts.

Immediately, authorities formed a special team to start to hit the streets seeking information and compiling it to solve this terrible case. The identity of the person is already known, and even his red Chevrolet Celta was confiscated to investigate this in depth, if evidence can be found that can point towards the person or persons who were involved in this cruel murder.

There are different speculations related to this event that once more has shocked the community and also authorities. The victim’s body is still in custody and the medical examiner has much work ahead to determine and examine parts that are not completely burned. Apparently, the victim had tattoos which allowed him to be identified.

By now, his identity was discovered, which is an essential part for those involved with the investigation.

In the meantime, they are looking for information about who circulated with the victim, and also to find out if there were people who had problems with him, either in his past, or recently.

The victim’s occupation was a very troublesome one, given that he was a bouncer, and in this position, friends could have turned in to enemies for a certain reason. Everything is in the hands of those in charge of the investigation and it cannot be permitted to leave any stone unturned to risk losing the person or persons who are suspect while they still have them in sight.

The person or persons who committed this act, surely also know that they have to get rid of all evidence in order to not be connected.

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