A Pictorial “On The Record”: Joran Van der Sloot Left Natalee on the Beach … Let’s just go and leave her there.” And, I was like, “OK”


VAN SUSTEREN: In the early morning hours of May 30, Joran van der Sloot says the Kalpoe brothers dropped Natalee and him at the beach agreeing to come back later and pick them up. What happened on the beach could be the key to solving this mystery.

FH boats

(Beach in front of Fisherman’s Huts)

VAN SUSTEREN: Did you drive past her hotel at that point or just drive right to the beach?HI

VAN DER SLOOT: No, we drove past her — past her hotel and then took the road right next to her hotel.

VAN SUSTEREN: And so when you go to the beach you then move down to the Marriott is that right? You went farther north of the Marriott?

VAN DER SLOOT: Yes, the Marriott is right next to it.


(Marriott, Aruba)

VAN SUSTEREN: So you got out of the car. Did you have sex with Natalee?

VAN DER SLOOT: No, no, not… SM Blue hut and shelter


VAN DER SLOOT: Well, we got at the beach. We walked up. I took off my shoes. We walked to the — to the ocean and that’s where we sat down as well. That’s where I left my shoes and then we started walking. And I asked her, you know, let’s — we can walk toward your hotel because there were a lot of people there too. And she wanted to walk the other way, so towards the — starting to go towards the lighthouse.

Video of Fisherman’s Huts area

And, so we started walking — walking in that direction, more towards the fisherman’s hut and, yes, we were holding hands, talking and kissing, just having a good time.

SM Huts toward Marriott

(View from Fisherman Hut’s Toward Marriott)


VAN SUSTEREN: Are you able to — are you able to estimate how long you were on the beach with Natalee? Fishhut3

VAN DER SLOOT: Yes, it was probably an hour, maybe not even an hour.

VAN SUSTEREN: So, besides walking north in the direction away from her hotel what else were you doing?

VAN DER SLOOT: Nothing really just holding hands and talking about, yes, everything. Fishhut1

VAN SUSTEREN: What was her condition?

VAN DER SLOOT: Yes, to me she seemed like she had — she had something to drink but she seemed fine. You know she knew — she knew what she was doing.


VAN SUSTEREN: What kind of stuff were you saying?

VAN DER SLOOT: Yes, I told her that — I lied to her that I was 19. I said that I Joran VDSwas going to go study in the states at St. Leo (ph) University and, you know, I was just — we were just having casual talk talking about stuff.

VAN SUSTEREN: So you never had intercourse right?

VAN DER SLOOT: No, never.

VAN SUSTEREN: How come? I mean that was your intention and…

VAN DER SLOOT: Well, I mean when — when actually at the point that it did get down to that I didn’t have a condom with me and I’ve heard — I’ve heard people say “Oh, that’s strange. Oh, that makes absolutely no — no sense. Any 18-year-old or 17-year-old then when he doesn’t have a condom would have sex anyway.” And I mean that’s the truth though. Holloway3

I didn’t have a condom with me and that’s why I didn’t have sex with her because I won’t have sex with a girl without a condom. I mean I’ve never — I’ve never done that before and I’m never going to do that either. It’s just something that — that I’ve always kept myself to. That’s important for me too.


VAN DER SLOOT: Well, I mean I had — I had to go to school the next day. I was close to my exams to do my final exams and, you know, the bus was picking me up at 6:40 a.m. I mean I had to go home and I didn’t want my dad to go into my room and see I’m not there or anything like that, so I mean I had to go home. So, yes, at one point I told her, you know, it’s time to go back to your hotel and she was just like, “No, let’s stay here. Let’s look at the stars.” She was just saying, you know, “Stay here with me. Just stay here with me the whole night. Tomorrow I have to go back anyway” and, you know, that’s — that’s what we were talking about.

Aruba Crime Scene 2

(Click Picture to enlarge)

(Roads to Beach, Fisherman’s Huts near Marriott)

VAN DER SLOOT: Yes, so she was asking me to stay and I told her I really had to go so, you know, for me to bring her back to her hotel and then I said at the end, I said “OK, well I’m going to call Deepak to come pick me up.” And so, I walked right there. There’s the fisherman’s hut.


(Fisherman’s Hut, appears to be red cross painted on 3rd post in)

There’s a little — because there’s a lot of wind there on the beach, so I walked right next to that and that’s where I called him from. And I — I asked him — I asked him to come pick me up. Then it was his brother that came to pick me up but I asked him to come pick me up.


SM Fishermen Hut 1

SM Fishermen Hut 2

VAN SUSTEREN: Did Satish pick you up in his car or his mother’s car?

VAN DER SLOOT: In Deepak’s car.

VAN SUSTEREN: So, it’s the same car that dropped you off?


VAN SUSTEREN: Did you say “Where’s Deepak”?

VAN DER SLOOT: Yes, that was — of course that was the first reaction when I — when I came there. I walked over and I sat in the car and I was like, you know, “Where’s Deepak”? He said, “Oh, he’s at home on his computer.” And that’s when I, you know, I told him, you know, the girl’s still on the beach and, you know, she wanted me to stay there with her and, you know, I want to go. I want to go home. What do you do?

Aruba map homes 2

(Click Picture To Enlarge)

(Judge the distances between locations and times for yourself)

And he reacted like, you know, OK (INAUDIBLE) “Let’s go, you know, let’s go fast and let’s leave, you know, like, you know, not really caring about her. Let’s just go and leave her there.” And, I was like, “OK” so (INAUDIBLE) we really went without even saying goodbye to her or without even really seeing her and telling her at that point that we were going to go.

A couple questions remain, actually many: 1. Why would Deepak Kalpoe need to lie and come up with the security guard story if all Joran states Deepak did was drive Joran and Satish to Carlos N’ Charlie’s? Then drop Joran and Natalee off at the beach. 2. Why would Deepak and Satish need to lie at all and be implicated with Joran Van der Sloot to the point where they spent time in jail if all they did was be Joran’s chauffeur? 3. Why would Joran show up at Carlos & Charlie’s one half hour before closing, knowing that there was a group of girls there on their last night who had been drinking all day? He states his sole purpose was to hook up with one of them. If that is the case and within a half hour he has Natalee downing 151 rum shots after she had been drinking all day and his purpose was to have sex with her … he doesn’t because he forgets a condom? Because everything he has done at this point, including if we are to believe leaving he on the beach just screams of Mr. Responsibility.

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