GMA: Paul van der Sloot, “Joran Van Der Sloot Not the Same Boy”


This morning in an event-less and some what over-hyped Good Morning America interview with Paulus and Anita Van der Sloot, Paul van der Sloot made the following comment, “Joran Van Der Sloot Not the Same Boy.” Guess what Paul? Neither is Natalee Holloway!!! No where is this first part of the interview did the Van der Sloot’s ever deny Natalee Holloway was dead.

The Van der Sloots talk about their son not being the same? Do they ever think that maybe he brought this on himself?

But the parents of one of the prime suspects in Holloway’s disappearance say the investigation has also devastated their son.

“I think Joran is not anymore the same boy,” Paul van der Sloot said in his first interview since his son was released from prison.

In what has to be one of the most insulting and eye opening comments come when the Van der Sloots’ comment regarding raising Joran to trust people. Anita, did you ever bother to tell Joran about the honesty and telling the truth? To be trusted, one must first be trustworthy.

“We tried to raise our kids in a way that they are able to trust people, and I think a lot of trust is gone,” Anita van der Sloot said.

This isn’t about whether Joran can trust anyone, Joran is not the victim. This is a matter whether anyone can trust your son or any comment that comes out of his mouth. First, he lies to his parents and sneaks out of the house to join his friends at Carlos & Charlie’s. One wonders why he would do such a thing? If we are to believe Joran’s past interviews and that many pictures we have seen on the internet, Joran has no problem attracting girls. So what was so important about this night? Are we supposed to believe that this was the first time that Joran ever snuck out of his parent’s house? How would they know? According to the many late night visits by Joran Van der Sloot to the casinos, why would his parents even care?

On the night that Holloway disappeared, Paul van der Sloot drove his son home from McDonalds. Without his parents’ knowledge, Joran van der Sloot later snuck out of the house with two friends and went to a local bar where they met Holloway. She has not been seen since leaving the bar with the Kalpoes and van der Sloot on May 30.

Then Joran Van der Sloot lies again as to where he drops Natalee Holloway off that night. Leaving Natalee at the Holiday Inn suddenly becomes leaving her at the beach. What happened to the part where they took Natalee Holloway back to Joran Van der Sloot’s home? Then is becomes consensual sex.

Greta: More details?

Beth: He didn’t say where it happened. I am certain now, that with Joran’s statement that they took her to his house, this is where they raped Natalee.
(Friday, September 16, 2005 By Greta Van Susteren)

Then the GMA interview goes from the ridiculous to the absurd; Parents Stand by Son, Deny Being Uncooperative. Uncooperative? Does the phrase “No body, no crime ring a bell? Exactly what part of any of this investigation has been cooperative? Imagine Natalee Holloway’s family thinking that Joran Van der Sloot is lying?

Some people, including Holloway’s mother, Beth Holloway Twitty, have accused Joran van der Sloot of lying, insisting he knows more about the teen’s disappearance. But Joran’s parents stand by him.

Imagine that? Joran Van der Sloot accused of lying? HE HAS LIED!!! It is not an accusation, IT IS A FACT. And we wonder where he gets it from as GMA asked about being uncooperative.

Paul van der Sloot has been accused of advising his son to keep quiet and not to cooperate. He has denied both claims.

“I told him to cooperate so much as possible,” Paul van der Sloot said.


No wonder we get such phrases from this disappearance as “Big people lie and something bad happened”.

Maybe some one can answer the one simple question. How does it go from dropping her of at the Holiday Inn, to leaving her on a beach, to having consensual sex … to Natalee Holloway never being seen from again? Many people have consensual sex and they show up the next day.

I guess we need to point to question to Ben Fawley about consensual sex? Or maybe Steven Avery, the last person to have seen Teresa Halbach alive? But then again, that would not work. Because the investigators actually searched the entire Avery Salvage Yard to find evidence.

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