Jamaican tourism had record growth for 2005


Diario; January 11, 2006; Everett Clay Associates ta orguyoso TURISMO DI JAMAICA A CONOCE CRECIMENTO RECORD PA 2005

While Aruba continues to not report their tourism numbers for the second half of the year; for the month of November alone, Jamaica experienced an increase of 25.4%.

Everett Clay Associates are proud
Jamaican tourism had record growth for 2005

ORANJESTAD (AAN): The news that shook up the Caribbean on Tuesday was when the government of Kingston indicated that the island of Jamaica received a record number of tourists for 2005, some 2.6 million. This is an increase of more than 4% compared with 2004.

It is more than clear that Jamaica is happy with this. In the happiness DIARIO noted the American promotion company, Everett Clay Associates. They are doing the promotion for Jamaica now, and this success made them very happy.

In the past, Aruba was also represented by Everett Clay Associates, who did a very professional work to promote Aruba.

However, when the MEP government took power, Minister Briesen dropped this group and selected another one for reasons that are not yet very clear.

Many observers believe that if Aruba was with Everett Clay Associates as partners during the dark months of the missing Alabama student, they would have surely done a better job of defending Aruba. It can still be recalled the questions of many people during June and July 2005, who wanted to know where were those in the U.S. to defend Aruba.
(the rest of the translation) Hat Tip: Getagrip

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