Worst Cruise News in 2005


The Cruise Industry has had an up and down year. The traffic has been up, but the issues the industry has had to face have been many. Linda Garrison at About.com has a post on the 5 worst cruise news for the year.

(the rest at the Travel Bloggers)

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    One Response to “Worst Cruise News in 2005”

    1. Dennise Bishop-Meeks on October 19th, 2007 1:32 pm

      Thanks for the commentary regarding the percentage of children (40%) on a cruise I was considering. It made a difference between booking and looking elsewhere. I raised 6 boys who are all gentlemen down to pulling my chair out for me to opening opening doors for me and allowing me to enter first. Their late father and I always were strict in the area of edicate and manners. They are all 28-35 yrs. old now and they treat all women with courtesy. I too am appauled at parents who fail to properly decipline a child…escpecially BEFORE they reach the teen years of life. Thanks for the insight!
      Happy Traveling: From a still single widow -Dennise @ 4537 N. O’Connor Road Condo 1229 Las Colinas Texas 75062

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