Diario Editorial: Complexes and Envy: a bad combination! (In the Natalee Holloway Investigation)


From Diario, Jossy Mansur’s Editorial; December 19, 2005: COMPLEHO Y ENVIDIA: UN MAL COMBINACION!

What a difference there is between some of the Diario news articles and Jossy Mansur’s editorials. In his latest editorial ‘Complexes and Envy: a bad combination’, Jossy Mansur pulls no punches and its is fairly obvious who the finger is pointed at. Wonder why Jossy was never asked to be part of The Aruban Strategic Communications Task Force? Maybe this is why:

The case of Natalee has categorically emphasized this concept. Those who have no opinion, or who do not want to give the opinion that they have, or are convinced that their opinion is worthless, refuse to voice it, but on the other hand criticize those who have to courage to do so.

It is the eternal negative human factor, without prosperity and without remedy. Instead of letting those who can contribute to a solution of the case, or at the very lease avoid the worst for Aruba, do their work in peace, the complexed and envious people employ their tongues as a destructive weapon that gives no respite or rest.

We have not always agreed with Jossy Mansur, but he makes a rather valid point that many in Aruba should at least listen to even if you wish to not follow his advice. A confrontational, belligerent attitude and finding some off the wall comparisons to justify Natalee’s disappearance is not the answer and will only make matters worse.

What they do not understand, because it cannot penetrate the small alley of their brains, is that a confrontational attitude is not going to help solve Natalee’s case, nor avoid a boycott against Aruba.

The People of America do not care one bit for the comparison of Natalee with the many thousands other cases in the US of youngsters who have disappeared. It is this case, the one of Natalee in particular, which has captured their attention, not the others, amen if they will be solved or not.

I would actually ask Arubans no matter what side or degree of attention you have given this case to read Manur’s words. They do speak volumes. First, everyone is told that tourism is fine and actually increased. Then everyone is told that a boycott will not work. Then we are presented with consultants, authorities and an Aruban media blitz blaming actually blaming the family for the lack of results in an investigation. The question does arise, why would Aruban officials care and emphasize a calculated media campaign against the boycott and the family if they did not fear a boycott? As Jossy Mansur references in his editorial, a confrontational approach is the last thing that should ever been attempted. Its damn near suicide.

Closing your eyes to this reality is demonstrative of a level of stupidity more profound that can be imagined, and to go in a confrontation to try to bury that of Natalee comparing her with thousands of others that are missing in the US, proves this level.

With the three suspects having admitted that they had sexual relations with Natalee when she was temporarily unconscious, is categorical and in the Police records.

However, the Aruban spin continues to insult others and make comparisons that they cannot even hope to comprehend. Is Aruba actually comparing itself to Georgia as a vacation spot? Georgia is a state, not an island vacation location. Is an island of 80,000 actually going to compare itself to a US state of approximately 8.8 million? Its apples and oranges. Such comments referencing statistics over many years is simply sophomoric. They would use a number like 65 people missing over a period of time vs. 2005?

Here in Georgia, according to center statistics, 68 children have gone missing over the years and are still unaccounted for.

If you are going to make a comparison don’t insult people’s intelligence. Any missing person is one too many. We have covered way too many accounts of missing persons cases this year. Trying to get focal attention on cases so that maybe someone will recognize a face or come forward with information is paramount. Not passing the buck. Americans are all to aware of missing persons, we wish we only had 1 case a year to investigate. However, it appears that GA had approximately 16 this year. Factored over their 8.8 million population that 1:550,000 people. Aruba’s is 1:80,000. As Jossy Mansur eloquently wrote and maybe some should take heed,

Are they by any chance not aware of them? The American People are very well informed as to what happens in their country and do not need anyone to remind them of all the cases that they seriously lament.

The entire translated editorial: (Hat Tip: Get a Grip)

In Aruba, everyone is aware that there is a big quantity of complexed people, and still more envious ones. What many people do not know is that the combination of both is twice as repugnant. An Aruban, for example, doesn’t have the same grade of acceptance for his merits like any citizen of other countries do, because the theory of the hemchi [basket?] full of crabs exists on our island.

If one of the crabs wants to grab them rim of the hemchi [basket?] to come out, the others pull it down! For them, it’s better to be mediocre than for any one of them to be successful! This is part of the mentality that is an obstacle to the total progress of Aruba.

(The rest of the editorial)

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    2 Responses to “Diario Editorial: Complexes and Envy: a bad combination! (In the Natalee Holloway Investigation)”

    1. Sue on December 20th, 2005 1:38 pm

      Good Article :)

    2. getreal on December 20th, 2005 3:38 pm

      Judge Paulus Van Der Sloot sent Jossy’s nephews to prison for money laundering. Jossy is more than happy to help the Twittys get revenge against the Van Der Sloots. Everyone remember the gardner witness? That was Jossy’s nephew’s gardner! Guess who “found” that witness?

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