Aruba Tourism Authority Wants to Restrict Individual’s Opinions in the Natalee Holloway Discussion


It really is all about the tourism. Tourism and a positive perception of Aruba at the cost of individual opinion is the order of the day. According to a Diario article in Saturday November 19, 2005; ARUBA TOURISM AUTHORITY TA PIDI PUEBLO PA NO PONE MENSAHENAN NEGATIVO RIBA WEBSITE, (Aruba Tourism Authority asks people to not post negative messages on website), The Aruba Tourism Authority asks the Aruban community not to post negative comments on their site and on others.

Aruba Tourism Authority wants to ask the community of Aruba to cooperate by not posting negative, vengeful, destructive and/or threatening messages on its ‘bulletin or message board’ of the official website of Aruba or any other website.

This type of message creates a negative reflection of the community that could and is affecting Aruba’s image to potential tourists.

There you have it from the horse’s mouth, the Aruban Authority talking points. For all of you who post negative, hateful comments here and elsewhere, you must stop. You are fueling the boycott and a negative image of Aruba. You are being told to cease and desist. It would seem according to the Aruba Tourism Authority that these hateful comments are a deterrent to a prosperous Aruban tourism. Thus your personal feelings and opinions against the Holloway and Twitty family are in direct contrast with Aruba. The comments that American tourists are to stay away and good riddance are also being asked by the Aruban Tourism Authority to be stopped.

Aruba Tourism Authority has received notification that some travel agents who have said that they support and promote Aruba, but the fact that there are apparently people who are of who have said that they are from Aruba who are posting extremely negative messages. They have also expressed that they don’t want any American to come to Aruba anymore.

To avoid this, post positive messages that demonstrate that Aruba is a good and civilized country. Despite of everything, we cannot forget that more than 70% of our visitors come from America.

This is actually unbelievable. What the Aruban Tourism Authority is telling everyone to do is lie. In an environment where the Holloway and Twitty’s biggest complaint is the lack of a competent investigation and being kept in the communication loop we get this. Natalee Holloway’s family have endorsed a boycott because they have lost all confidence and trust in the investigation. Now we have the Tourism Authority asking people to basically just say good things about Aruba and create a positive environment even if it is not how people feel. After all that has transpired the Aruban Tourism Authorities answer is to further propagate the image of creating an appearance for the sake of tourism rather then letting people speak their minds.

Then there is this comment from Peter Greenberg, the travel editor of NBC’s Today Show,

“we have to win over and make an impression upon the tourist by offering a unique experience”.

Here is a unique idea, let people voice their opinion as to how they really feel. But its not about free thought, its about tourism at all cost. Freedom of speech has to be tempered with responsibility; however, to make a blanket statement that all should just write happy thoughts is remarkable. So we can expect from all our anti-Holloway/Twitty commenter’s and poster’s here and everywhere only positive ones from now on? Why? Because Aruba has told you to.

Scared Monkeys says your comments should be much like those that will either boycott or not boycott Aruba; its your choice what to say and do.

(The full article translation) Hat Tip: Get a Grip

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