Joe Mammana with more Tough Talk Toward Aruba regarding Natalee Holloway; “I’m not as patient or as nice as Beth is”


Rita Cosby November 5, 2005 Live & Direct.

Once again Joe Mammana has some pretty tough words for the island of Aruba and more to the point the three suspects, Joran Van der Sloot, Deepak and Satish Kalpoe. As Joe Mammana states when asked what he would do with such a frustrating situation, “I’m not as patient or as nice as Beth is.” Joe Mammana is obviously going to let Beth Twitty take the lead and exhaust all efforts; however, Joe did state the following.

This is Beth’s daughter; we’re going to let her take this. But when Beth says go we’re going to take a bite of the apple cause we’re only going to want one bite. It’s going to be deep into the core. I’ll be really honest with you, after speaking to the Philadelphia school board and everyone else a boycott will be so devastating that they won’t get a bar of soap on their island when we’re finished with them.

When asked by Rita Cosby when he thought the boycott may begins, Joe’s answer was “I think that’s going to happen within the next ten days”.

Beth Twitty when asked about the possibility of a boycott and her position on one basically says that the family wants a wants answers and the ability to conduct a thorough and proper investigation.

Well, I know one thing Rita. What the family wants is we want answers. A willingness to conduct a thorough and proper investigation. We have yet to get that. They see the handwriting on the wall. I made it perfectly clear while I was in Aruba for three days that the family wants a new prosecuting attorney and new lead investigator. We spelled it out step by step in the letter everything that has happened to us in this investigation. They know that there is not a choice. So, if they chose it, so be it Rita.

For the full interview:

Rita: You know Joe, you’ve been helping this family a lot how frustrating. You hear chief Dompig saying he knows they are guilty; he just needs to prove it. Yet it has been so many months.

Joe: Well, I’ll be honest with you Rita. I’m not as patient or as nice as Beth is. Beth and I talk everyday. We had a big dinner tonight in the city of Philadelphia. It was bi-partisan; we had Republicans and Democrats, the police commissioner, our attorneys and our PR people. This is pretty much the foreplay. This is Beth’s daughter; we’re going to let her take this. But when Beth says go we’re going to take a bite of the apple cause we’re only going to want one bite. It’s going to be deep into the core. I’ll be really honest with you, after speaking to the Philadelphia school board and everyone else a boycott will be so devastating that they won’t get a bar of soap on their island when we’re finished with them. Again, we’re letting Beth call this. She’s been nice for too long as far as I’m concerned.
These three little pieces of trash over there they gang raped her daughter. They need to experience a gang rape.

Rita: Do you think it’s going to get to the point of a boycott Joe? Sounds like you think its pretty close.

Joe: I’ll be honest with you Rita. Yes, it’s going to go to a boycott. It’s going to be a devastating boycott. Yes, I do feel that.

Rita: When do you think that’s going to happen Joe?

Joe: I think that’s going to happen within the next ten days. I’ll tell you another thing…I receive a lot of calls and emails from around the world now. There are a lot of people after these kids. They have made a lot of enemies. Not just the Holloway family. They really need to watch out for themselves, because they have made enemies around the world. A boycott is going to divide and conquer. It’s going to make the Aruba people against them.
I hope the Aruba people watch this and realize that this doesn’t have to happen. Maybe they need to handle justice themselves on their own island.

Rita: Let me bring in former FBI agent, Harold Copus. Harold how do you think a boycott would impact this investigation?

Harold: I think it would be fantastic. All of a sudden we’d have some push here to make these people realize they have to give us a good thorough investigation. Which they haven’t to date.

Rita: Harold you have been down in Aruba like I have. Beth how many times have you been down there now?

Beth: Rita, I lived there for almost four months.

Rita: Harold when you see this and you see this mother be so determined. Just loves her daughter and wants a resolution, is a boycott the only thing that may push this forward?

Harold: It may be, we don’t seem to have anything else working for us from an investigative standpoint. I’ve felt for some time that might be an answer and I’ve said that privately to Beth. It sounds like it is going to come out now publicly.

Rita: Do you give any credence to the theory from Dr. Phil that she might be alive?

Harold: I think there is no more than a 20% chance. There are some things that would indicate that Natalee could have been moved off the island into the sex trade ring. That’s horrible if it is, but there’s always that chance.

Rita: Beth, how do you feel finally as we’re talking about a boycott and where things stand in the investigation? I know you’re frustrated. Do you support a boycott if it comes to that in ten days like Joe is talking about?

Beth: Well, I know one thing Rita. What the family wants is we want answers. A willingness to conduct a thorough and proper investigation. We have yet to get that. They see the handwriting on the wall. I made it perfectly clear while I was in Aruba for three days that the family wants a new prosecuting attorney and new lead investigator. We spelled it out step by step in the letter everything that has happened to us in this investigation. They know that there is not a choice. So, if they chose it, so be it Rita.

Rita: So you think it’s pretty close to heading that way Beth?

Beth: Well, we’re waiting to hear the final word if they are willing to launch a new investigative team.

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    28 Responses to “Joe Mammana with more Tough Talk Toward Aruba regarding Natalee Holloway; “I’m not as patient or as nice as Beth is””

    1. 10061906 on November 7th, 2005 12:12 am

      That is very noble of Joe as the knight in shining armor, but does he understand the full scope of what he is up against. Yes the three probably all had sex with Natalee but it was the others that had their way with Natalee and she died at their hands. Words of warning, do not go up against a tank with a pea shooter. The boycott will get you further. The three will be made scape goats to appease everyone and the real ones will never be identifed nor will you find Natalee. The father and the killers know where she is now.
      Ok I had my say go ahead Joe what exactly is your plan; or is it the sound of fury signifying nothing?

    2. Sjaan on November 7th, 2005 3:35 am

      Proves more and more that Sicilian Joe is a person with a lot of words an no deeds. I haven’t seen him going to Aruba, when he said “and hell is coming with them”. For so far Joe Mamana. Tskk!

    3. Prima on November 7th, 2005 7:03 am

      Having been to Aruba about 6 times in the past 5 years, I can say with regret that I would honor the boycott. It is a shame because the people that will be hurt the most by a boycott are the servers in the restaurants, the hotel maids, casino workers, taxi cab drivers, etc. But if that is what it takes to make the Aruban people stand up to their corrupt Dutch justice system and police officials, so be it. BT is so fortunate to have that kind of “muscle” behind her as she has in Joe Mammana. To her credit, she has been tenacious and relentless and perhaps Aruba and all other Dutch terrorities/islands will appreciate their American tourists and the almighty American dollar a bit more now and get to the bottom of Natalee’s disappearance. As for Dr. Phil announcing he thinks Natalee is alive, don’t know what to think of that. I thought they should have considered that from the beginning, starting with Venezuela.

    4. vicki on November 7th, 2005 8:34 am

      Joe needs to send someone down there to “SPEAK” to that new witness that Dave said knows something, the guy with the boat. Just before the offical boycott. I pray that Natalee is alive and will come home, but we still need to know who took her off the island and why. Someone needs to TALK.
      God Bless

    5. John Staton on November 7th, 2005 9:06 am

      There seems to be a growing understanding of just what Aruba is among the people who live by a moral code. Discussions with my peers have produced 11 decisions to change their plans to visit Aruba in 2006 to going elsewhere. Discussions in our church about Aruba has shown a growing negative sentiment. I assume that like discussions in other churches, synagogues and mosques are taking place. Soon all that will go to Aruba will be pimps, perverts and predators. This is what they seem to want however.

    6. Mezcal on November 7th, 2005 10:23 am

      I like Dutch soap better, anyway.

    7. John Staton on November 7th, 2005 1:09 pm

      10061906 your allusions to Mac Beth is good but in many more ways. This is indeed a tragedy and the tale told by the Aruban authorities is indeed a tale told by an idiot. The people of Aruba should realize that this cover up of a crime will leave their hands forever covered with blood and like Lady Mac Beth they will never be clean. Before this is over many fools may find their way lighted to dusty death.

    8. morgan on November 7th, 2005 1:55 pm

      I have an old lye soap recipe can send as well as an old song about “grandma’s lyesoap”…also will there be a shortage of blond hair color? perhaps prosecutor will get more wisdom without it..

    9. Dave on November 7th, 2005 2:48 pm

      To bad all teh boycotters arent really interested in solving crime….Just interested in this emotional case. So very very hollow
      If people really were interested in solving crime theres lots to solve
      rather than boycotting an entire country….although in a MILLION years there never will be a real boycott… The US would never get involved in this case as a country….Nor would the us corporations doing business in aruba or with aruba….
      Just a few monkies will boycott and that isnt going to hurt aruba in the least which is why travel to aruba is UP and not down
      Just what do you boycotters expect….They cant give something back they dont have???? This is so very silly and imature…I really wonder what it is the boycotters really want?
      Nobody wants her to be missing…..But why punish a country for what might be the actions of one or two?????

    10. commonsense on November 7th, 2005 4:37 pm

      John Stanton,
      Travel is not hurt by this boycott. JoeMama is all talk, no action. All this with a big ego. Was he taught as a child that words are the most effective way to handle a situation? That’s right – look at his rap sheet. Nice convictions by our superior legal system. He was not.

    11. commonsense on November 7th, 2005 4:38 pm

      The Holloway family associating with Joe Mammana is like hiring OJ Simpson as a marriage counselor.

    12. Keep it Realistic on November 7th, 2005 5:52 pm

      I’m not sure that America has the economic power to bring their Island to a halt from a tourism boycott that so many of you think we do. If you look nowadays in Las Vegas, most of the high-rollers are Japanese businessmen who come to the US and spend our money like it’s water. I would guess that as beautiful as Aruba is, they can probably draw enough tourism from Japan, the UK, and other wealthy parts of the world that I’m not sure a boycott is going to have the desired effect. If they see us essentially trying to hold the noose around their neck, they’re only going to do something if they’re sure the knot is tied. I think continuing to work with them and particularly the Dutch government is the best way to truly bring Natalee home

    13. Dave on November 7th, 2005 5:57 pm

      Joe needs to be worrying about the egg business as hes going to have some issues now that the Bird Flu making the jump to humans

    14. SB on November 7th, 2005 9:08 pm

      I think Joe needs to get Joran to one of our US “secret” prisons and try some of our not so geneva convention interrogations.

      Seriously, has anyone considered offering this bonehead a million dollars to tell the truth, or just storm the island and search it (like the abandoned well at the VDS house?

      How about a 1960′s ”
      sit in”? Maybe 20,000 Americans arriving all at once???

    15. MF on November 7th, 2005 10:50 pm

      commonsense is always so very arrogant with his/her posts. I find it interesting however, that commonsense has no problem making fun of everyone that thinks there could be a cover-up in Aruba, yet can turn around and point the finger at BHT, the grieving mother, and a possible cover-up in Alabama. Every chance you get, commonsense, you bash her. Do you really think she cares who likes her and who doesn’t? All she wants is justice for her daughter. Like her or not, we can all learn something from this situation and it may just help another family in the future, and that lesson is to never give up, use the media to your advantage, don’t take no for an answer, etc…the list goes on.

    16. Marci on November 7th, 2005 11:31 pm

      The Aruban people should not be victims, however Natlaee is a victim, and many others will be, so says ????Jacobs, he says this happens all the time. Does that mean the Polis have a sex trade business? Or do they do worse to the young girls that don’t want to go with them. I believe the Americans that are still going to Aruba are the ones that made reservations a year ago, and they can’t get out of their committments. Also those with Condo’s there.
      Wait until next year. I believe the negative publicity that Aruba has gotten has already hurt the tourism business. I think a boycott will hurt the Island even further.

    17. Debby Calogero on November 8th, 2005 2:51 am

      Sorry this is long but I have finally had it and have a lot to say. I have been going to Aruba for over 15 years and believe the call for a boycott is absurd. This will never happen! There are not enough people willing to support this idiotic notion. It’s only demonstrating why we as Americans have reputations as being arrogent. Nothing justifies a boycott and it wouldn’t work. How many times have mistakes been made in the U.S. during police investigations? Many! How many murders go unsolved here? Remember Chandra Levy? Seems like Joe Mammana and everyone else forgets when foreign tourists renting cars were being killed back in the early 90′s in Miami. If people from their countries called to boycott America we would have defended our country in force screaming how unfair and unjustified it would be to blame the whole country for actions of a few. The people of Aruba do not deserve the attacks against them by any one here. And th media is fueling this arrogance. Especially people like Rita Cosby and Joe Mammana. He is NOT someone I want representing me as an American. His high and mighty arrogance is disgusting. His talk reminds me of when I grew up in Philadelphia and it was run by loud mouth thugs! The Holloway & Twitty families should realize that his close involvement doess NOT making them look any better. They look like puppets controlled by people with their own agendas. The police in Aruba and the FBI CANNOT invent the evidence needed to arrest and convict the suspects. Though we all know the 3 jerks did do something, unfortunatelly there is NO EVIDENCE as to what – yet. Everyone was happy when they arrested the first 2 security guards. People said they were guilty the day they picked them up. But has anyone appologized to them when the truth came out and they both had a solid alibi and they were cleared. No! The people who did harm Natalee will probably get convicted when the shoot off their mouths and brag something to the wrong person. If Mr. Mammana had his way I have no doubt he would create the evidence needed. Or he would probably have “confessions” beat out of them. People are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law here and in Aruba, even if everything leads to their guilt. No one here has the right to dictate to the police how to run an investigation. It shouldn’t happen elsewhere either.No matter what mistakes have been made it is arrogant and distracting to authorities. All the mouthing off distracts the authorities and FBI from the case. Facts are facts. There is NO evidence of ANY crime. If re-interviewing the teens who were with Natalee offers just 1 extra little clue it might be the one to solve the case. I wouldn’t want to be the one who kept this from happening. And neither should any one else.

      Mr. Staton’s above comments about Aruba demonstrates how shallow too many people are and how they just follow others without looking at facts and forming their own opinions. The people of Aruba are NOT crude and uneducated. Aruba is NOT like some other caribbean islands. The people are intellligent, well educated, kind, family oriented and hard working. Just like the U.S. there are a few bad apples. But this does not represent the majority of people of this beautiful country. Anyone who would support a boycott should look in their own back yards before jumping on the band wagon. Also, there has NEVER been a woman taken from Aruba and sold to the sex slave industry as reported on the Rita Cosby’s show last week. This has happened on other islands but NOT in ARUBA. Again, the facts were not checked before people started shooting off their mouths. There are enough examples in our own history showing how often this happens and it is a disgrace. If people want to talk about corrupt justice systems, they should look in their own back yards first. We have enough corruption in our own government to make us all ashamed.

    18. aw@aruba on November 8th, 2005 9:07 am

      Once again, Joe Mammana. Who does he think he is?? Of all people, he is one that has a mile long list of crimes commited and he thinks he has the right to meddle??? Let him come here and we will be sure to remind him of everything he did. Like was said: throw the first stone if….??? I am sure that there is something to gain for Joe Mammana otherwise he will not be helping Mrs. Twitty. Why isn’t he helping the family of Tara Grinstead? Well she hasn’t gained as much publicity as Natalee Holloway or shall I say Mrs. Beth Twitty? It seems that the fight isn’t anymore about looking and finding Natalee but to see how much airtime Mrs. Twitty can get. Book deals, movies. What is this about? Trying to fill up the allready 4 million US$ she got?? She said some is being used to help the search for Natalee, in her own words:”$37.000 was used (on I don’t know what) to look for her. $37.000 is nothing compared to $4 million!!!!! She came here on our island with a troop of Paramount pictures. To do what?? Degrade my island further? Does she really think we would have allowed that? I feel pity for her, because with her actions she is just pushing and shovelling the people that ones helped her look for Natalee, believe me I helped and now after everything Mrs. Twitty is doing I will not move one more finger to help her. Joe Mammana needs to know that no matter what he does we will not be left only with a bar of soap, we will survive not matter what ugly tricks they use. Not everyone on the world and in the USA is so smallminded as them. Joe Mammana & Mrs. Twitty: Remember that everything you do to hurt another human being will come 10x back at you. You will pay for all the hurt you want to bring on one innocent community, God will make sure to do just that, not us, but God. So may God forgive because we will not!!!

    19. monkey wench on November 8th, 2005 12:27 pm

      I really wonder what the Beth haters would do if their child was missing. Since they bash Beth for using the media, I suppose they would just quietly search for the missing child and then give up when the keystone cops tell them they don’t have a clue. I feel sorry for those children who have parents that would give up on them so easily. Beth and Dave are couragous, wonderful parents and I admire them both tremendously. God bless them and the entire Holloway-Twitty family.

      commonsense, maybe you should get some of your own. You are laughable if you think the answers lie with the Mountainbrook students and not the VDS-2 and the K-2.

    20. rapsone on November 8th, 2005 2:37 pm

      Perhaps the boycott might just extend to Dutch products as well, maybe even GASOLINE? Buy stock in British Petroleum now investors. Perhaps those countries who are U.S. allies and sympathetic to the cause might just join in as well. If just a fraction of what could potentially happens, does happen, what do you think the impact would be? I hope that dutch soap is some pretty versatile stuff.

    21. commonsense on November 8th, 2005 4:17 pm

      Monkey Wrench,
      I do have children, so whatever. Would I give up – No. Or course not. Have the parents -no. My point is this – Why is Beth protecting the MB students? Why don’t we have PUBLIC statements from the adult supervisors of the trip? Why would Beth say to go to the FBI for PREVIOUS statements from the students? She does not want them to talk. There is no proof, NONE AT ALL, that the three kids murdered Natalee Holloway. None. That is why they are not in jail. No conspiracy. Just no proof.
      You say I am laughable to not think the kids and Joran’s dad murdered Natalee. I am saying where is the proof? Prove it and I will say they can rot in jail. But without any proof at all, why would you not want to explore other options? The students know more than they say.
      To you wrench – go to Hyscience and Riehl World View. Read it well. Then tell me how you could not want more.

    22. P. Pratt on November 8th, 2005 8:36 pm

      I’m from Florida and want to appauled Beth and Alabama govt. I wish our gvt would take a more active role in the boycott. Who knows…maybe time will tell..

      I pray that Beth and family gets answers soon. God Bless

    23. Joanne on November 9th, 2005 4:46 am

      Whatever options were available to Beth Twitty to help find her daughter, I find no fault in her taking them. She has conducted herself in a gracious way in Aruba, IMO, iln her desperate searchl for her daughter. To those who chose to critize her for talking to Deepak Kalpoe, I must ask, “Would you not take take the possibly only opportunity to question someone known to be with your lost daughter last?” If you say no to that question, I’m sorry; I don’t believe you. If a U.S. boycott hurts Aruba economically, the guilt must fall on the Aruban excuse for an honest and thorough investigation of this case. These three young guys, Paulos van der Sloot, Van Straaten, Karen Jannson (however it’s spelled), and others own the guilt if the island of Aruba suffers.

    24. Joanne on November 9th, 2005 4:51 am

      Sorry for the typos I noted after reading my post.. No excuses!

    25. Joanne on November 9th, 2005 4:55 am

      I can only hope Joe Mammono is true to his word. He is not the first “tough-talker” I’ve come upon. We’ll wait and see. Should be interesting.

    26. Martijn (The Netherlands) on November 9th, 2005 10:11 am

      Just stay at home American people. Never leave your country!

      Of course no-one has ever been murdered and no-one has ever gone missing within the borders of the USA. And no crime has ever been left unsolved by the American law enforcement, as they’re so efficient.

      Since your country is so perfect, just stay there and be happy with it!

    27. Boycott Supporter on November 9th, 2005 11:22 am

      I support the Aruba boycott! I have vacationed in Aruba twice and even though it is a very beautiful place I will not spend another dime on that island. Americans spend alot of money there and when those U.S. dollars dry up the Dutch government will take notice. There has already been alot of media coverage just today about a boycott. It’s only just begun!

    28. Reporter (in the Carib.) on November 10th, 2005 4:33 am

      NL- A spokesperson from the US Embassy in the Hague announced today that the United States government does not and will not support in any way the suggested boycott of Aruba by gov. Riley. Yesterday, the Dutch Secretary of State requested the U.S. for an explanation.
      The Dutch government stands fully behind Aruba’s Prime Minister and his officials, and believes also that the steps envisioned by Mr. Riley are outrageous.

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