Diario news translations; Natalee Holloway Disappearance


Diario; November 4, 2005: Oportunidad pa Gobierno mustra un cara nobo! FAMIA DI NATALEE TA PIDI PA FORMA UN TEAM INVESTIGATIVO NOBO Peticion pa no laga Comisario Dompig ni Fiscal Jansen sigui cune!

Opportunity for Government to show a new face!
Natalee’s family asks a new investigative team
Request for Commissioner Dompig and Prosecutor Janssen to be removed!

ORANJESTAD (AAN): Beth Twitty made her lightning visit to Aruba with only one goal. To hand over a letter signed by all 4 members of the direct family of Natalee Holloway, to the Attorney General Croes Fernandez-Pedra.

Today DIARIO published this letter in its totality and in its original language so that the people can see how certain steps were not right, from the first days of the search, as well as the strange attitude of the functionary Dennis Jacobs, as well as certain statements of Commissioner Dompig and also prosecutor Karen Janssen.

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Diario, November 4, 2005; BETH TWITTY A BANDONA ARUBA

Beth Twitty leaves Aruba

ORANJESTAD(AAN): After Beth Twitty’s arrival a few days back, where she expressed that she wants to speak with prosecutor Janssen and Gerold Dompig, she left Aruba Thursday afternoon.

Mrs. Twitty came to Aruba with people of NBC, as well as people from Paramount Television, who put many people in Aruba to started asking them what their intention was.

Mrs. Twitty granted a few interviews, while she was able of meeting with the police corps, as well as prosecutor Karen Janssen.

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Diario; November 4, 2005; JOSSY MANSUR A DEFENDE ARUBA ATROBE contra ponencianan di Dr. Phil

Jossy Mansur defends Aruba again Against Dr. Phil’s comments

ORANJESTAD(AAN)—Last night, in an interview with MSNBC Mr. Jossy Mansur tore apart Dr. Phil’s comments related to the disappearance of Natalee Holloway, and strongly defended Aruba.

Despite that he is in Miami for health reasons, every night various TV channels look to interview him, and last night he also showed that the probability that the young woman is alive is very small, and also that Aruba doesn’t have anything to do with the sex slave trade, nor cases or issues related to ‘sex slaves’.

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ORANJESTAD (AAN): Last Wednesday night, Dr. Phil was a guest of the Tonight Show on NBC, and revealed that he is convinced that Natalee Holloway is alive and kept captive as a sex slave.

Dr. Phil didn’t what to say why he believes that with “too much information”. The conversation with Jay Leno was serious, when he discussed the issue of the teenager from Alabama who went missing in Aruba. “Without giving up too much information…we believe Natalee Holloway is still alive”. Dr. Phil showed as the principal focus of their investigation what he calls the “sex slave market”.

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