Looks Like Everyone Wants To Sue These Days, this Time its Deepak Kalpoe’s Turn


From the October 18, 2005 Greta Van Susteren ‘On The Record’ comes a rather peculiar interview with Tito Lacle discussing the possibility of Deepak Kalpoe’s potential law suit regarding the Jamie Skeeters video tapes.

One does wonder why anyone would have to wait to see if the video tapes are authentic in order to begin a lawsuit. Doesn’t Deepak know whether or not he made the statements that appeared on the video tape? That would seem to be an easy question for Deepak to tell his attorney. Also, it now seems that the defense now seems to want to say, even if the tapes are authentic, they were coerced.

Based on that, he basically thinks the tapes were coerced, manipulated and therefore enough grounds to start a case. According to him, what Deepak said is not correct according to Deepak’s statements.

It would appear that they person most at fault in all of this would be Deepak Kalpoe. How many times must his attorney told him not to talk to anyone about this? It is pretty difficult to defend a client if they do not listen.

Greta: I take it the lawyer was not too happy that Deepak was talking?

Tito: Exactly, the lawyer was not happy at all. He wasn’t even told until after it happened. But then again, Deepak never knew this was going to be an interview, he thought it was a candid discussion. Which ended up afterward being a recorded version. That is basically the main reason for a possible lawsuit because of taping someone without informing him officially he was being taped.

The fact that Deepak did not know he was being taped for an interview seems almost implausible at this point. If Deepak never knew of the taping and never made these comments that he has already seen on TV one would think that the lawsuit would already be initiated. What would they have to wait for?

Read more of the interview and Tito also discussing the tapes, Aruban opinion of the case and future searches.

Greta: Tito, I understand that Deepak is mad and his lawyer is threatening legal action?

Tito: Greta, that is correct. They have been mad since that interview aired some time ago. As of today, I was told by the lawyers they are seriously considering pressing charges, what kind he doesn’t know yet. Like Vinda said earlier today, they are waiting on the tapes to arrive from the states to see if there are any grounds for legal action. They are seriously considering taking people to court sometime soon.

Greta: The prosecutor is waiting for these tapes, is Deepak’s lawyer also waiting to see what the prosecutor gets? Or is he being more aggressive and going after them as well?


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    17 Responses to “Looks Like Everyone Wants To Sue These Days, this Time its Deepak Kalpoe’s Turn”

    1. Keenstail on October 19th, 2005 5:08 pm

      The backward law on that doomed island does not allow recording of conversations without the explicit consent of all parties involved. WOW!
      My idea is that that r*t actually wants -and promotes- the tape being aired and exposed as much as possible so he can get as much money he can get out of it.

    2. Keenstail on October 19th, 2005 6:42 pm

      The backward law on that doomed island does not allow recording of conversations without the explicit consent of all parties involved. WOW!
      My idea is that that r*t actually wants -and promotes- the tape being aired and exposed as much as possible so he can get as much money he can get out of it.

    3. Lisa on October 19th, 2005 6:53 pm

      Am I wrong? The Holloway’s are the only ones in this case that haven’t threatened a “lawsuit?” What’s wrong with this picture?

    4. NYSOM on October 19th, 2005 8:16 pm

      He’s just determined to make money off of this case one way or another, it’s disgusting. Maybe he can sue himself for being such an idiot!

    5. sandy on October 19th, 2005 9:21 pm

      klassend this ones for you since i cant sign in yet. The article for translation in a nut shell says the k2 went to court to request thier passports back so they could make a trip somewhere. where was not mentioned. also of note it says in the last paragraph that as reported in the paper in aruba that someone insists jvds was seen on the island of aruba with mama at a fast food restaurant. paper says they were not able to confirm that he was indeed back in aruba and was aking for confirmations to that sighting. anyone esle hear anything about that. I dont read papiemento but its close enough to spanish that i can make it out.

    6. Nina on October 19th, 2005 10:11 pm

      Aruba is a truly scary place. You can have sex with someone without consent but heaven forbid you tape a conversation with someone without consent. Are they absolutely crazy?

    7. Pat on October 19th, 2005 11:05 pm

      Does anyone know if this opens up discovery in Aruba, where the party being sued could ask for documentation in the case to prove various points of their defense? Would it be possible that Deepak would have to testify in a resulting case, and be cross-examined? He would be an idiot if he put himself in that kind of position!

    8. Jim hanson on October 19th, 2005 11:17 pm

      A VIDEO of Joran talking to Current Affair, answering questions, has been shown publicly through the media. A VIDEO of Deepak’s Mother answering questions has been publicly shown through the media.

      Why is it that this Video of Deepak answering questions HASN’T been shown publicly through the media? Why is it that the AUDIO portion has only been HEARD, with no video to back it up? Take a wild guess.

      Why is it that when you listen to two responses through headphones, as I have, “Yes she did” .. quick pause .. “You wouldn’t believe how simple it was” … these two statements were in response to the question “Did Natalee have sex with all of you?” ..

      I taped the first version of this snippet of audio off the Nancy Grace show when it was first aired, and the response “Yes she did”,s volume is much lower than it should be, and “you wouldn’t believe how simple it was”‘s volume seemed a little high. As well, there is no audible fluidness wth the two consecutive statements.

      I heard this snippet once again on the Nancy Grace show, and it had been RE-EDITED once more … the volume of the two statements seemed more realistic, but still lacked fluidness and realness. One doesn’t need to be an audio expert to hear this. A good set of headphones and ears is all it takes.

      This is why we haven’t seen the VIDEO of Deepak actually speaking these two statements to the question “Did she have sex with all of you?” It’s also obvious that since these kids have been released, it was a very hard blow to Beth Twitty. I’m not trying to offend her in any way shape or form here, but I think she has become willing to do just about anything to have these boys re-arrested, hence the recently past statements by her that Joran admitted to police that he had sex with her etc etc and the police claim he never said that etc etc. I won’t go any further with this. It’s her business.

      All I’m trying to say that if the audio portion is sent, it’s a very sketchy thing for the police to look at, especially since Deepak has publicly said the AUDIO portion of the tape has been altered.

      This case seems to be turning into a political mess right now, and I won’t comment on that either … it’s none of my business as well.
      I’ve never seen anything like this, except for one case in the nineties where a female reporter went missing in Jamaica, and her parents made several trips thereafter claiming the case didn’t look “right” … she was last seen with a bartender the night before and was supposed to meet him the following day on the beach, which she was seeing doing and was never seen again. But what I’m seeing here is just unbelievable.

      Anyway, I think it’s proof that since other interviews have been shown on video regarding this case, but this one strange sounding interview is audio ONLY, and very questionable at that, … well, I’m not going to say it. There’s no point. This is just my opinion about something I have personally listened to twice, and each one (the tape snippets) sound a little different from each other but both unrealistic (the two above mentioned statements to a question).

      I think some people aren’t objective enough and har only what they want to hear. I take sides with no-one here. I’m not Aruban, I’ve never even been there. And I really feel the best way to look at any crime case is to look at facts and not take sides and point fingers when the “crime” took place thousands of miles away and none of us were there involved in the investigation.

    9. John Staton on October 20th, 2005 8:04 am

      I hope at this point that nobody wants to question the truth that the 3 committed gang rape and murder.

    10. Dutchlady on October 20th, 2005 10:38 am

      Looks like Deepak is losing it, his medication should be changed, or stop using the AOD’S.

      In being in the media and courting it as he did in the tickle sites which is self publishing he is permitting individuals to comment and to interpret what he is putting out. In going on a tv show of course it will be taped, and recorded same as Ian Huntley on his performances to the demise as last person seen of Holly and Jessica. In being first to show self publishing it is impossible for people like me as expert profilers not to see ‘hidden language’ and pass and comment to Law Enforcement. He and those who are exposed cannot take away that character that is exposed.

      So no lawyer can win, only bankrupt Mr Ramirez. So it would seem in personal appearances those on the tickle and other self published sites show characters that are still suspects and show deviances that would be accurate in behaviours of abnormality due to mental illness, sensation seeking and AODS.

      That is fact produced by the self publishers in stills, verbal, and video. What a skunk cannot hide is its smell. But a monster can hide behind paper.

    11. Freebrid on October 20th, 2005 1:03 pm

      Deepak don’t need to try and sue anyone. He brought this upon his self. If he was dum enough to set down and give anyone any information its his own problem. Everyone is always putting all the blame on someone else. It seems like no one wants to get any information that could help in finding any answers or justice for Natalee, they are to busy worrying if Beth is getting air time or not. It seems he is wanting to talk, I hope if he does know something that it will weight so heavy upon his heart that he can’t sleep, eat, or stop thinking about all the time. We all know they know something because they have changed their storys so many times, they are like a child when they know they have done something wrong and tell lie after lie to cover but finally they tell the truth. Well most normal people do. Mr. Skeeters was sent there to get him to talk and he did, now Deepaks lawyer is pissed but Deepak did this all himself not no one else. I hope something breaks soon for Natalees family. I know her father Dave is tired, and Beth is too. The thought of a missing child is one trumra but for your child to have been murder(possibly) and raped(possibly) and druged(possibly) is unbearable).

    12. commonsense on October 20th, 2005 2:47 pm

      John Staton -
      Where is your “proof” that these three commited gang rape and murder? Especially the gang rape. Having Jossy the tabloid reporter translate an unsigned document hardly is rape. I suggest you read the above post by Jim Hanson. He sees the same things that I do. There are too many questions to have a decisive answer to the question of what happened to Natalee, and who may have killed her. To take sides and have a closed mind is a sad thing.

    13. Linda - L.A. on October 20th, 2005 5:36 pm

      Good point Pat. I wonder if this wasn’t the plan all along???

    14. Pat on October 20th, 2005 11:56 pm

      common sense:

      A closed mind, like a door, depends on which side you are standing on.


      This could be the only way they will get any information.

    15. Prima on October 21st, 2005 7:20 am

      Bring it on Depak. You think Beth is afraid of you and your little threats? What an “—”!

    16. Liz on October 21st, 2005 11:12 pm

      What a joke. . . The authorities can turn these people loose after telling numerous material lies in a murder investigation yet these same people want to turn to these same authorities for protection from the media for taping a conversation??? If this is justice in Aruba, I hope the people in the United States do boycott them. If this can happen to one of our 18 year olds, we would be foolish to “roll the dice” with our own lives or the lives of anyone we care about. Obviously, the laws and/or the authorities in Aruba are intent on protecting “their own” regardless of the seriousness of the crime. To hear these boys discribe Natalie as “slutty”, etc. just disgusts me. I don’t care what she was wearing or how she acted. There is absolutely no excuse for their behaviour or their lies. In the United States, just the fact that they were caught in lies of this nature would be taken as a sign of their guilt (as it should be) and they would be tried for the crime. Obviously these misguided boys feel justified in whatever they did. It is my feeling that they need to be rearrested and tried. Furthermore, Joran’s father should be tried as an accomplish as there is no doubt that when he advised them regarding the significance of finding the body that he was well aware of what had taken place. While I don’t think that the people of Aruba are at fault, we need to take a stand for Natalee and all United States citizens that we will not stand for this kind of treatment. If not, none of us are safe in a foreign country.

    17. Joanne on October 23rd, 2005 12:37 am

      The evidence points to Joran Van der Sloot and the Kalpoe brothers being the last persons to be with Natalee Holloway. That, in itself, does not prove anyone of them is responsible for her death, if, indeed, she has died. In combination with the many lies they have told and their individual accounts of being with her the night before she was to return to Alabama, they fall under serious suspicision as to what caused her disappearance. After, what is it, 5 months?, the answers are still being pursued, despite what I think was a negligent investigation from the outset. My hope is that Natalee’s parents and family will find the answers they have to know, and that whoever is responsible for her disappearance will get the justice they definitely deserve.

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