“Aruba Truth” Response to Scared Monkeys


Aruba Truth Response to Scared Monkey’s post on ‘Actually Aruba Truth Gets Its Wrong, Part 1′

Aruba Truth state the following:

Scared Monkeys has done an outstanding job of covering this investigation since the beginning and the task force is very appreciative of their continuing coverage. However do not think for a second that we exist only as a vehicle for one Aruban political party’s voice.

With of course a however,

Scared Monkeys questions the Strategic Communications Task Force’ motives and wants to know why ArubaTruth would choose to respond to Dr. Phil McGraw’s call for Americans to boycott Aruba. The Task Force has made its position very clear since our first post on ArubaTruth, a letter from Jug Twitty to Alabama Governor Riley urging Americans not to call for a boycott which he feared would damage the ongoing relationship between the Holloway /Twitty families and the people of Aruba.

Scared Monkeys would like to thank and appreciates ArubaTruth.com for their kind words on our coverage as we have presented the facts of the situation and presented information to many that would never been accessible. We also would like to note that we have never called for a boycott of Aruba. In fact the letter that the Task Force referenced from above was first reported on this blog and the MSM picked up on the document in August 11, 2005; Jug Twitty Appeals to the Governor of Alabama for No Boycott. I do find it interesting that the date of their post is the same date of the letter from Jug to Governor Riley?

Just a quick response of our own. Scared Monkeys would just like to remind all that are interested in free speech and the truth that the mere appearance of government involvement and having to answer to a government, no matter who is in power, provides a level of restriction of speech whether it be implied or not. It is not a slight on the fine Aruban people to criticize, ask questions or hold those accountable for the investigation and prosecution or rulings of this case. That is what responsible, thinking and caring people do.

Full post from ArubaTruth.com

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    2 Responses to ““Aruba Truth” Response to Scared Monkeys”

    1. Hyscience on September 19th, 2005 11:11 pm

      HarryTho Natalee Holloway Update and Commentary

      the Aruban investigative effort into Natalee Holloway’s disappearance is facing either a large, on-island conspiracy or international, sex-slave, crime ring. In either case, the investigators have their hands full.

    2. Say It Isn’t So … Obama Administration Behind an Astro-Turfing Anti-Tea Party Web Site … NEVAH! Aruba Tried Same Thing with Aruba the Truth with Natalee Holloway | Scared Monkeys on April 18th, 2010 6:53 pm

      [...] or magazine.  Every cable outlet had every one of their shows covering the story and yet still Aruba felt the need to create an astro-turf site to combat little old us. Moe Lane stated the following that rings so familiar … I am struck with an errant thought: [...]

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