Beth Holloway Twitty Finally Says it, “Don’t Travel To Aruba.”


In an interview last night with Geraldo Rivera Beth Holloway Twitty finally made a comment that has never been made yet.

“…please, please just consider not traveling to Aruba or within the Dutch Kingdom and territory until Natalee is returned to her country, because they can absolutely make this happen, Geraldo.”

I would please like for them to consider not to travel to Aruba until she is returned, and the Dutch Kingdom territories, Geraldo. You know if we did not feel that they knew exactly where she was we would not be seeking this, but we have been such slapped in the face by the present government that is in place that its just hard for us not to begin to make this request now.

During the interview as well Beth Holloway Twitty she also went on to say that she felt that the Aruban government took complete advantage of the catastrophic situation in the US with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Pretty much implying that they knew the American media would knowingly and rightfully have to cover the events of the hurricane.

Well it’s pretty tough hanging in there with all that has happened, and you are exactly right, Geraldo. It was a PR dream for the Dutch government to take advantage of such a catastrophic event in the United States in order to release these suspects.

It doesn’t quite seem that Beth Holloway Twitty was willing to use the “B” word; however, it was certainly a shot across the bow. Although Geraldo was certainly quick to say boycott. One wonders what a grieving mother is pushed into doing when she states she has known particular information for quite some time and then sees all three suspects let out of prison.

” … Jug and Dave, Natalee’s father and I have had knowledge of since early in July, so we have Joran’s statements. We have had them translated for us, and we have at least five. You know, Geraldo, what has been so difficult for us is that we have had this knowledge that Joran has admitted to having sex with Natalee AT HIS HOME
as she is coming in and out of consciousness. You know we have protected the integrity of the investigation because we felt that was the professional way to handle this but you know when we have been slapped in the face by the Dutch government and . . .”

The full interview can be seen here.
Ian over at the Political Teen has video of the interview.
HyScience also has a good recap.

GERALDO: On Tuesday, Sept. 6th, the Dutch teenager,
Joran Van der Sloot, the prime suspect in the disappearance
of Natalee Holloway, arrived in the Netherlands following
his release from prison a couple of days earlier in Aruba.
Van der Sloot, who has acknowledged spending the evening
with Natalee before her disappearance but has denied any
wrong doing arrived in the Amsterdam airport with his dad,
another potential suspect in the case. He /they ignored all
questions from the reporters and quickly departed the airport.
Our next guest, our dear friend, believes that the government
in Aruba took advantage of our intense, very necessary and
appropriate focus on Hurricane Katrina to make this dramatic
move and let Van der Sloot sleaze his way off the island of
Aruba. Beth joins us tonight from Little Rock.
So, first of all hi, how’s your spirits?

Beth: Hi Geraldo. Well it’s pretty tough hanging in there with
all that has happened, and you are exactly right, Geraldo.
It was a PR dream for the Dutch government to take advantage
of such a catastrophic event in the United States in order to
release these suspects.

Geraldo: Were you down there kind of screaming don’t forget
us as they got to the airport and got on the plane?

BETH: Well, it’s just incredible that they chose to act under
these circumstances. I think it just shows the world that . . .
what all that we have been put through, . . . and when
there’s involvement with the Dutch government, as we have
been in Aruba.

GERALDO: It shows the world, Beth, but never the less the
prime suspect in the disappearance of your daughter is now
free, although technically I guess he remains a suspect.
After the arrest of that other guy and the Kalpoe brothers on
that rape tape of the 14 year old I thought they were going
to be in for awhile, or at least they would be in, but they
are out too, aren’t they?

BETH: Oh, yes, Geraldo. You know when I heard you state
that Joran is still stating that he had no involvement with her disappearance but something that Jug and Dave, Natalee’s
father and I have had knowledge of since early in July, so
we have Joran’s statements. We have had them translated
for us, and we have at least five. You know, Geraldo, what
has been so difficult for us is that we have had this knowledge
that Joran has admitted to having sex with Natalee AT HIS HOME
as she is coming in and out of consciousness. You know we have protected the integrity of the investigation because we felt that
was the professional way to handle this but you know when we
have been slapped in the face by the Dutch government and . . .

GERALDO: You say that Van der Sloot admits in his police
statement that he is having sex with your daughter, whom
I believe was a virgin before she went to Aruba, as she lapses
in and out of consciousness?

BETH: Absolutely Geraldo.

GERALDO: Isn’t there a law , as I recall, one of the things
the Kalpoe brothers were suspected of in the porno tapes that
they did with the 14 year old was having sex with someone
with whom did not have the capacity to give consent. Its seems
to me that if your daughter was phasing in and out of
consciousness she can not legally consent to have sex.

BETH: Absolutely, Geraldo, that’s why we were so shocked
on Sept. 1st because even the Dutch interrogators that have
knowledge of these statements, the lists of inconsistencies
are there, the reasonable doubt is there. We were just truly
shocked that the sudden release of these suspects. We just
can not fathom how this has happened and how rape is not
a crime within the Dutch government.

GERALDO: It is outrageous, Beth. I really didn’t know about
those statements. You say there are more. You should really
share them with me and I will, not necessarily now, but I will
blast them, believe me. I told you I would be there to the end
with you and I will be. I think it is really retched, it really is.
So what are you going to do now?

BETH: Well, Geraldo, I think that we have had so many
millions of people that have supported us in prayer and have
sent of cards and emails. The main thing that we would like
to ask right now is to please, please just consider not
traveling to Aruba or within the Dutch Kingdom and territory
until Natalee is returned to her country, because they
can absolutely make this happen, Geraldo.

GERALDO: Make happen what? What do you want?
Do you want a boycott on Aruba?

BETH: I would please like for them to consider not to
travel to Aruba until she is returned, and the Dutch Kingdom
territories, Geraldo. You know if we did not feel that they
knew exactly where she was we would not be seeking this,
but we have been such slapped in the face by the present
government that is in place that its just hard for us not to
begin to make this request now.

GERALDO: How is your boy faring, starting school,
he’s 16 right?

BETH: Well, actually Geraldo, he is 17 now. I am going
to see him Tuesday. I just flew in from Aruba this morning.
I am going to spend a week in Birmingham and I am looking
forward to that. We are gong to be re-grouping. This is not
over. We are going to continue, Geraldo.

GERALDO: Save your strength. You know we love you.
Courage. Regards to everybody. Really, call me with that
data because I will use it, I will whack them with it.

BETH: Ok, Thanks Geraldo.

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Natalee Holloway | 132 comments

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    132 Responses to “Beth Holloway Twitty Finally Says it, “Don’t Travel To Aruba.””

    1. Tom Onks on September 12th, 2005 11:41 am

      Thank you so much for continuing with this story. I pray everyday that something will break and they will find her…..

    2. tanya on September 12th, 2005 12:39 pm

      Thanks scared monkey by posting the fair facts only an leaving us to discuss our opinions

    3. herb wenz on September 12th, 2005 1:32 pm

      hang in there and keep this alive. perhaps we should not have visited the dutch during WWII. how soon they forget. i agree, do not visit aruba and try to get our government to back this boycot.

    4. Page on September 12th, 2005 1:47 pm

      Thank you Scared Monkeys for keeping us informed with the latest information on Natalee Holloway. I visit your website everyday!!

    5. Marilyn on September 12th, 2005 2:23 pm

      Thanks for keeping the story alive. There are thousands of us who want justice. I have been to Aruba and WOULD NEVER RETURN with what I now know. Marilyn

    6. Annette Gilliam on September 12th, 2005 3:03 pm

      Thank you Scared Monkeys for giving updates on the Nataleee Holloway story. I read your site everyday. I hope justice comes soon for the Holloway family.

    7. Patti Gardner on September 12th, 2005 4:27 pm

      I full hearted agree, BOYCOTT ARUBA. And I too Thank You for this site. It has
      enabled me to keep up with this story. I too pray everyday, please please find something they can use to convict these guys!!!!
      The University he is attending in Netherlands, what a chance they are taking….he could and would very easily take advantage of girls there too.
      Keep praying, something will break….. If Americans would boycott, this would devastate the Island……they might think again!!!!!

    8. Patti Gardner on September 12th, 2005 4:28 pm


    9. Patti Gardner on September 12th, 2005 4:29 pm

      Thank You for the information you have provided. Keep praying, something will break..
      Maybe Netherland University will send him back when he pulls something on one of their women.

    10. micah on September 12th, 2005 4:38 pm

      WE ARE WITH YOU! At first, I agreed that a boycott on Aruba would be unfair to the innocent, decent Arubans who have offered help and sympathy…

      But now I realize that until the island feels the pinch in their pocketbooks they won’t lean on their authorities to do the right thing.

      The outrage toward the guilty parties will eclipse the desire “to just make this go away”. WE WILL NOT VISIT ARUBA OR HOLLAND EVER AGAIN until this very situation is properly resolved.

    11. marie from maine on September 12th, 2005 4:56 pm

      as i said months ago- I was married there- aruba is special to me – i will NOT be returning until there is some justice- nor will my 37 family members and friends!

    12. marie from maine on September 12th, 2005 4:57 pm

      ?? guess im not allowed to post

    13. socket on September 12th, 2005 5:27 pm

      Joran is right where he needs to be. Out in the open…
      no protection from the aruban authorities…i believe it goes without saying his days as a playboy are over…

      satish and kalpoe need to find out how to get to back to surinam in hurry…tick-tick-tick the clock is ticking—time is running out…good luck boyz see you in the fiery pits for eternity.

    14. Allan from Charlotte NC on September 12th, 2005 5:34 pm

      Lets make it so. Now I think we all can make a physical difference in Aruba. Happy to participate. I am so sorry for your pain Beth and family. Will help anywayI can.

    15. sandy leiva on September 12th, 2005 6:07 pm

      What a strong and courageous woman you are and God bless you for it. I often write on the sites that we as Americans and Arubans as countrymen together should SCREAM out for justice for Natalee. Rape with under aged and or Incapasitated females is not a crime in Aruba.!!!!!Bullwinkles….
      The govverment is hiding or protecting someone for some reason, keep pushing sooner or later it will come out. In the name of decency all females, mothers, fathers ,sister s, brothers , family,friends need to stick together, or someone you love and know could be these three thugs next victem. I cant imagine that people in Aruba could not fanthom that if these three get away with this , there will be an explosion of others who will do the same. I have written Goverment officials about thier curropt image they are sending the world and that petitions will be started to boycott Aruba till Natalee comes home. These thugs know where she is and what happened, and Aruban officials are covering up something they dont want anyone to know. I pray every day that you stay strong, for God does not give us anything He believes you cannot handle. I applaude you as a mother and as a woman fighting for whats right. Keep strong and God Bless, you are my hero and one hell of a role model for women around the world……

    16. bizman12 on September 12th, 2005 6:29 pm

      I am going to Aruba this Friday morning for a 5 night stay.I wish the family of Natalee well in finding closure in this matter.However I have a step brother that was killed right here in Memphis 26 years ago and to this day no one has been arrested let alone questioned or interrogated.That is just one example of unsolved crimes here in the USA and there are thousands upon thousands of others that have yet to be solved.So I will not observe the request of the families to not travel to Aruba.

      There are a lot factors involved in this case and Natalee herself contributed to a great many of them as well as Beth herself by allowing her daughter who has been portrayed as pure as the driven snow to go to Aruba in the first place.As pure as she would have the world believe Natalee was one would think that Natalee would have went to Disneyland for her senior trip.

      It is ridiculous for Beth to call for grown responsible adults to not travel to the same paradise that she allowed her daughter to go to.She would be more appropriate encouraging parents to not let their children go to a party island such as Aruba with parental supervision.

      Until Beth Twitty starts paying the bills around my house she will not be allowed to say where I can travel to,no not even suggest where I may travel.

      I will be checking over the grounds of the Holiday Inn for any evidence of Natalee as apparently the investigation was centered around Natalee never making it back to the HI.She may very well have made it back to the HI and perhaps someone from Mountain Brook is responsible.It is a possibility and one that must be investigated.

      I plan on having one helluva good time in Aruba,however I will refrain from getting into any taxi’s with women that I have recently met.

    17. Anooch18 on September 12th, 2005 6:35 pm

      My heart just broke all over again when I saw Beth lastnight. I just feel so helpless for her. It just baffles the mind to hear all the things these boys did and know they are free.
      I am very greatful to Scared Monkey for keeping all of us informed. I have been attached to this story from the beginning and being a mother of three, I can only imagine the pain and emptiness that Beth feels daily. I think she gives new meaning to the word “Mother.”
      To Beth, I don’t know if you’ll even see this but, from the very 1st week, I have driven my car, with the headlights glowing from dusk til dawn, with this message painted across my back window for all to see: NATALEE HOLLOWAY “We shine our lights with love to guide you home.” It warms my heart to see people through my rearview mirror, reading the message and then turning on there headlights.
      My message to your daughter has been there all these weeks and will remain till the end.
      GOD Bless you and your family.

    18. c on September 12th, 2005 6:35 pm

      Keep it up Beth.

    19. Becky from Alabama on September 12th, 2005 6:48 pm

      I agree to use whatever leverage is available to us as Americans. Our $$$ is what is desired from us in tourism dollars and we want Natalee. We should use this leverage until we have Natalee and justice. There are many more warm, beautiful beaches to visit, within and outside of our borders. You can make your own choice as to where your vacation dollars are spent. Thank you Scared Monkeys for all you do to help in the search for Natalee. (P.S. Is it just a coincidence that at the bottom of this page I am posting on the Google ads are promoting travel to Aruba?)

    20. c on September 12th, 2005 6:49 pm

      We are all wanting a resolution.
      I know I have been following this since it happened. I truly believe that Aruba is covering this up. If it wasn’t for Beth going there and finding those guys, they wouldn’t have suffered any consequences. They probably think spending the summer in jail should be enough punishment, but it’s not. Nothing will ever be enough punishment for them. I can’t believe that rape and kidnapping isn’t a crime in Aruba. I can’t believe the government there is getting away with the things that they are getting away with.

    21. molly on September 12th, 2005 6:49 pm

      ah! Where did my post go? It was on here earlier.

    22. Michele on September 12th, 2005 8:08 pm

      Just wait til the flood waters go down…Aruba has a rude awakening coming their way…the american press will be back

    23. SYLVIA - Florida on September 12th, 2005 9:25 pm

      Good for Beth, I am so glad she is not giving up. Jug and Dave you are doing a good job to. I hope all the TV stations keep the story alive until Natalee is brought home. We will not go to Aruba or any Dutch kingdom or territory until Natalee is found and brought home.

    24. Ed on September 12th, 2005 9:35 pm

      Let’s all hope that Bizman12 dies in Aruba this weekend so he can burn in the firey pits of hell with JVDS and the Kalpoe savages.

    25. Koni on September 12th, 2005 10:08 pm

      I saw that the web site where all the friends were is no longer available, does anybody know why, was it because people who might be involved in wrong actions? I visit you site everyday, and thank you so much for the information, my heart goes out to Beth and her family. Keep up the good work.

    26. Alston Manley on September 12th, 2005 11:20 pm

      My reply was the third reply on this thread after tanya Says and before herb wenz says. Where is my reply?

    27. derp on September 12th, 2005 11:22 pm

      Bizman12 Im sorry about your step brother, but like you said no one has been questioned, there are a lot of things in this case that we know are true from statements and they have done nothing, its a little different. But have fun on your trip to Aruba, rape a few girls while you are there, you can get away with it there, you know. I’m sure thats why you are going in the first place.

    28. natalie on September 12th, 2005 11:55 pm

      BOYCOTT!!!! It is obvious that it is a cover-up! Innocent people do not lie and point their fingers at others! What happened to the two security men who were wrongly jailed? I would imagine that they and their families suffered much grief when these three liars pointed their dirty work in their direction! Was this just totally forgotten???? And I think Bizman 12 heartless and cold! Any mother who has had a child vanish would do all they could to find their child. Young people do make mistakes but that does not give anyone the right to take advantage of situations and murder someone! I am sorry, Bizman 12, that you lost your step-brother but obviously you have put it behind you and continued on … Your cruel comments show me that something is lacking with you emotionally here, otherwise you would sympathize with one who has lost a loved one under such circumstances. You would understand and feel for them. You had better hope that your brutal and unmerciful words do not come back and haunt you one day – I have seen it happen many a time. You must be a miserable person indeed…

    29. chris says on September 13th, 2005 12:04 am

      there are other people that might be able to help “Sliva Brown” other psycics with some ability to reach out and connect. My Heart is with your family I will pray for her return.

    30. edward on September 13th, 2005 1:26 am

      Now we have a better idea where she was at.
      Now lets focus on WHO was in Jorans home.
      Joran,Deepak and Paulus. Maybe Satish
      Two others had been questioned and released by ALE
      Max Arends and Johnathan ?
      I hope Beth finds the answers.

    31. Donna from New Jersey on September 13th, 2005 1:27 am

      Keep the pressure on! It is disgraceful that the aruban authorities let JVDS and Kalpoe brothers have been released. It appears the Aruban government is not on the up and up. We (American’s) should boycott Aruba!! Stay strong and don’t give up!!!

    32. bizman12 on September 13th, 2005 7:04 am

      Let me make this clear I have not made any comments that were brutal or unmerciful.And I certainly do not intend on raping anyone while I am in Aruba nor do I intend on dieing while I am there but who knows that could happen anywhere.

      For anyone to think that a boycott will produce Natalee is simply naive.What it will do if successful is make it cheaper for people to visit there in the long run.People who have a vested interest in Aruba will continue to visit there realizing full well that they will need to exercise good judgement just as they do in their very own cities in which they live in.Going to Aruba or any other destination does not give a person a pass to exercise their good judgement.People have to be aware of their surroundings at all times.

      One does not have to look far to see horrible crimes taking place in our great nation on a daily basis,simply pick up any newspaper and in it you will see reports of horrible things happening in your very own cities.

      Heck recently it was stated that Washington D.C. has seen record numbers in tourism.Oh my,was’nt that the location of the unsolved murder of Chandra Levy?Hmmm,no boycott of D.C. and O.J. is living the life as is Robert Blake as is Michael Jackson and many many others who the authorities or juries have turned loose due to no evidence or sympathetic juries.

      I really do not see where the Aruban authorities took advantage of the recent hurricane on the gulf coast in order to release the suspects.It was broadcast for weeks that Sept 4th was the date that Beth was focusing on and she said so in many of the interviews that she did.In addition to Beth claiming the importance of Sept. 4th all of the legal guests on all of the nightly TV shows were predicting that Joran would be released on or before Sept 4th based on what evidence had been presented so far.So I say the whole world or at least those who have followed this case knew about the importance of Sept 4th.The Arubans cant help that a hurricane hit the gulf coast and all of the media resources were diverted to the stricken areas especially to New Orleans.

      What did happen was the date of Sept 4th approached and what was predicted in the weeks leading up to Sept 4th became a reality and it happened without any media coverages due to the fact that the media was covering the hurricane.If anyone took advantage of the hurricane concerning this case it was the MEDIA who dropped the story in favor of wall to wall coverage of the aftermath of the hurricance.

      The truth is the media could have given a little bit of coverage to the case and report on the hurricane at the same time.i mean they could have at least given a 2 minute nightly spot to the case.But they did not do that and they continue to shun the case 2 weeks after the hurricane hit.It is almost like the media is using the hurricane as an out in covering the case.

      What happened to Great owning the story and yet she has not mentioned Natalee in over 2 weeks,no not even a mention of the case on her daily blog.If Beth feels the need to accuse anyone of taking advantage of the hurricane she needs to look no further than the media who have made millions covering the case.Beth stated that the communications people in Aruba have raised the fee for satellite hookup from $800 to $4000 in order to broadcast live interviews.That is simply a business decision afterall why should all of the media networks make all of the big bucks as it seems they are making plenty off of the story so they can afford to pay the $4000 fee.Believe me when it is reported that Greta surpassed O’Reilly in the ratings due to the coverage in this case it means that there are millions being made some of which will find its way into Greta’s bank account when she renews her contract since high ratings yields big profits.

      So yes maybe Beth needs to rethink just who has used the hurricane to their advantage.The Arubans made it public knowledge that Sept 4th was a big day while all of the news media neglected to follow up on what they had been reporting on for months.I mean really now the world has seen the destruction caused by the storm and all of the rescue efforts and endless hours of flooded streets.How many more days will the media neglect the story in Aruba.

      Beth or Dave if either of you read this blog,please make a concerted effort to have the grounds of the Holiday Inn thoroughly searched.No stones should be left unturned.

    33. Lydia on September 13th, 2005 7:36 am

      I agree with Donna, Keep the pressure on. I think E-mails of protest should be sent to Jorans school in Holland. Can someone help get that?

    34. Mark Donaghe on September 13th, 2005 9:02 am

      I think this Bizman12 ought to stay in Aruba permanently. He seems to use the same rationale as the Aruban authorities. First, suspects were questioned in the Holloway case and they admitted to crimes. Second, I don’t recall Beth or the family stating a case for Natalie’s innocence-it was Heraldo playing his drama card once again. Third, Beth Holloway never “said” where you can travel….she really didn’t even “suggest” where you can travel. She did plead with American citizens to refrain from going to Aruba and Dutch territories until the case with her daughter is cleared up BECAUSE she believes the government has the ability to resolve the case now. I think if Beth could turn the clock back, she absolutely would not let her daughter go to Aruba. She isn’t ridiculous in this request of the American people to simply vacation somewhere else. Don’t tear down the wishes of a mother who lost her child to ease your guilty conscious ..go to Aruba and drink your guilty conscious away!

    35. vicki on September 13th, 2005 9:20 am

      bizman seems to stress that the HI be searched more…. does he have some inside information????Of couse we should boycott aruba…

    36. vicki on September 13th, 2005 9:40 am

      Bizman- I am so sorry for anyone who has lost loved ones at the hand of others, as i have been there too. But! were you willing to go to the lengths Beth Twitty has to get an answer? I think she left EVERYTHING at the door when it came to finding her child! The love of a mother will forsake all things you normally hold dear just to know where that child is. I wouldn’t be too proud to do ANYTHING to find my baby.By the way, why aren’t the citizens of Aruba doing something about this corruptness.After all, they are the ones that have been out all the $ to keep this little immoral perv out of trouble?Well, most of it? If people like you stay at home and out of Aruba and there is no money coming in, maybe they can’t pay that corrupt police force and government and the people in Aruba will get some law that will protect everyone . Not just the rich and their friends! Have you noticed that the Kalpoe boys Mom has been very quiet? She knows if it does hit the fan her boys, not being of the elite , will be the ones who get stuck. The only reason the two black security guards didn’t go down for this is due to Beth Twitty and all the AMERICAS who backed her with protests!Look to the ring leaders in this deal- Joran(the perpetrator) and Paulus(the make it all disappear guy).


    37. Dave on September 13th, 2005 10:33 am

      You need phyciatric help

    38. Carrie on September 13th, 2005 11:55 am

      I agree with Bizman, anyone who believes that people not going to aruba is going to make natelee show is is very naive and if we wissh to go to aruba then we have every right too

    39. bizman12 on September 13th, 2005 12:15 pm

      Mark Donaghe,
      Of course Beth said not to travel to Aruba.The heading of this post,yes the one you replied to says so and it reads as follows:Beth Holloway Twitty Finally Says it, “Don’t Travel To Aruba.”

      There have been no statements revealed publicly that any of the suspects have admitted to any crimes.No news media has made public any info that anyone has confessed to anyone or anything.The only ones who claim such is Beth,Jug,Jossy and a few others who cannot back up their claims and or suspicions.She claims to have these documents,well where are they?Why have they not been made public?With todays technology she could send these documents to Scared Monkeys and I bet they would be translated and made available within a few hours time.If in fact these documents were the bomshell that she and Jug said they possessed and would reveal at a later date then now is the time to reveal the facts and just maybe more people would oblige her call to not travel to Aruba.So far she has done exactly what she has accused the Aruban authorities of doing and that is withholding information.She says she has it and will not stay quiet any longer so she needs to produce proof of her claims.It is not hard to provide the info if one has info.And I do mean hard documented evidence and not more mere grasping of straws.

      At this point apparently the Aruban authorities do not have any evidence and apparently neither do Beth or Jug as neither side has revealed anything to the public.If Beth has any evidence now is the time to show her hand in order to validate her call for others to not travel to Aruba.Suspicions alone are not enough to get done what she is calling for.

      Why is it ok for her to travel to Aruba and not others?She has stated that she intends to go weekly while at the same time she is asking responsible adults to not exercise the same privelege.

      No I do not have any inside information regarding the HI or the investigation and apparently neither do the authorities or the Twitty’s .The investigation was centered around Natalee never making it back to the HI.Just suppose that she did make it back to the HI and whatever happened to her happened there and possibly her remains (if she is deceased) were disposed of on the grounds of the HI.Fact is for several months no evidence has surfaced to back up any of Beth’s claims or suspicions so perhaps that is because all of her assumptions are wrong and her tunnel vision of the ones she thinks are guilty(not saying that sex never took place between her and Joran or anyone else for that matter and if sex did occur between Natalle and whoever does not make that said sex a crime just because Beth said it was a crime,the reality is Natalee got into the car willingly and that lends itself to consensual sex between Natalee and Joran or as at least as valid as Beth claiming a crime occurred) needs to be widened to include a 360 degree angle and look at all possibilities instead of the only angle looked at so far which has yielded nada.

      It is very strange that the Twitty twins would have left the island while their step cousin was missing.It is as if everyone of the MB students made a B line to the plane with no afterthought of where Natalee was.Very strange indeed,so what if they missed their flight as it is well documented that their dad is in the banking business and arranged for a private jet to Aruba so they had the resources to even buy another ticket home if they had to.It seems that they were not even concerned with Natalee missing or were they simply getting out of dodge while the getting out was good.Who knows maybe some of the other MB kids were ragging the twins about Natalee’s behavior with the locals or other tourist and it was giving the twins a bad reputation for that matter and maybe they confronted Natalee when she returned from being with Joran and then something bad happened.

      I am not saying this is what happened, I am only saying that all angles need to be looked into and investigated and if they were none of it has been made public.Out of all of the areas of interest that has been searched the grounds of the HI have not been searched thoroughly or if it has there has been no coverage of such a search taking place.It is going to take some thinking outside of the box to solve this.Yes there is a possibility that she made it back to the HI.

      Again,I hope that Beth and Dave will closely examine all angles of this case and I do think that Beth needs to be admired for keeping the case in the spotlight but it is obvious that the spotlight needs to be broadened and all avenues need to be investigated and eliminated.However I think Dave will have to be the one who investigates all possible angles as it is evident that Beth has a one track mind and nothing will change her perspective of what she thinks happened,yes that’s right not what she knows but what she thinks she knows.

      If evidence ever surfaces to validate Beth’s claims and assertions then and only then will Beth be able to substantiate the claims and scenarios that she has put forth as absolute truths.

      May the truth come out.

    40. txchic on September 13th, 2005 12:47 pm

      we need to be talking to our legislators about passing a boycott. we can only get the aruban people to force their goverment to act if we hit them in the pocket book.

      we also need to look into a boycott of american funds being spent on internet gambling based in aruba. there are plenty of online gambling sites where the money stays in the states. websites need to be forced to make public their location.

      no teenager is a saint & no teenager deserves to be treated like this.

    41. Linda on September 13th, 2005 1:49 pm

      Beth is doing what any mother would do! No one deserves to be murdered for flirting with a good looking guy on a party island! Nor did she ask to be drugged and forced to do things. I have always believed that the father also was involved with what happened to Natalee. His wife was out of town and I think Joran shared this unconconsious girl with his father. They were more friends than father and son. They gambled in the mothers absence. They partied in her absence and I think they both had sex with Natalee in her absence. Then the father and his friends took care of the accident. Now they all walked!!!
      BOYCOTT ARUBA!!!!! They know what to do!!!!!

    42. Bodo on September 13th, 2005 2:43 pm

      Haven’t been there since 99. I was impressed — with the Pan Bollo bread pudding. Nothing more than that tempts me to revisit to the parched little island. Anyway, after 9/11, we decided best not venture on foreign turf — we Americans are too easy prey off home turf. We discovered Wailea Beach in Maui in Feb. 02 and went back again last year. No Pan Bollo on the menus at the Grand Wailea or Four Seasons Resorts, but the waters are calm and the depth drops off slow, snorkeling is great and white sand beaches are BIG! And it is not a parched desert island like Aruba — just a beautiful lush garden-like island and a pure pleasure to explore. I don’t even miss Aruba’s great Pan Bollo pudding anymore!

    43. Mommy on September 13th, 2005 3:27 pm

      Well I am so glad I found this blog.

      Finally a straight shooting just the real facts no Beth bashing blog.

      Thank you scared monkeys Red and Tom for posting this interview, as a mother myself
      I don’t get to watch much TV, so I missed this.

      God Bless you for this and other cases you are following.

      God Bless this beautiful woman for her grace and courage. I do not know for the life of me how she held this information back. I am not sure I could do the same.

    44. FB in Tennessee on September 13th, 2005 4:10 pm

      Though my heart aches for those affected by the disaster from Katrina never leaves my mind, neither does Natalie Holloway and her family leave my mind either. I hope and pray everyday for the truth and justice for Natalie.

      I sure hope that Beth, Jug or Dave reads this site, because I have been wondering if they have considered a good psychic to consult and take to Aruba. Lots of people don’t believe in psychis, but they have sure aided and convinced a lot of law enforce- ment officials and detectives alike with their help in finding people or remains, as well as being able to help with the evidence and capture of the criminals. I also see Dale Hinman, (FBI Profiler), who works in Florida who might be able to help. I realize without Natalie’s remains, it could be harder for a profiler. Please try that too!!

    45. JEWEL on September 13th, 2005 4:18 pm

      You know – I think everyone is about sick of this case. The Arubans have bent over backwards for Beth Twitty and now she stabs them in the back. I think the hotel should quit putting her up every trip she makes to Aruba. I know for a fact that her daughter liked Joran because her friends said so in the beginning. People are sick of this case and don’t really care anymore to hear her whining. There are many people without homes in New Orleans and Mississippi – go help those poor people, Beth!

    46. bizman12 on September 13th, 2005 4:35 pm

      There has not been any evidence to support that a murder took place.Also Linda there is no evidence that she was drugged or forced to do anything.BTW Joran is not a good looking fellow IMO.Those are simply scenarios that could have happened,but the truth is no one who has submitted an idea that has panned out as of yet.Everything that has been presented so far including the scenario that you made as well as the one that I made are excellant theories.But fact is theories are simply theories until they are proven to be true.And my theory as well as yours is just as credible as anything that Beth,Jossy,Jug,T.J. Ward or any of the others who have aired their opinions on air.Until proof is produced(not manufactured)we are all wrong or the flip side is we are all right in our theories.I think we will all be surprised to find out that the answers to this mystery will be unveiled in Mountain Brook or at least the investigation will end there.

    47. Scared Monkeys on September 13th, 2005 5:50 pm

      Gee JEWEL,

      Aren’t we the compassionate one?

      Jewel said …”People are sick of this case and don’t really care anymore to hear her whining.”

      You don’t have to read it, no one is forcing you to. You however, are in the minority as it is still one of the most searched topics on line.

      Then Jewel say … “There are many people without homes in New Orleans and Mississippi -”

      If you haven’t noticed, Beth is without a DAUGHTER!!!
      I think that trumps a house. You would actually compare the loss of a child to the loss of a home???


    48. kimberley mursell on September 13th, 2005 7:54 pm

      Im from Australia and have been watching the Holloway story since day one. Beth my heart and soul cry for You daily no family should ever have to go through what Your family is going through. I totally agree NO ONE should travel to Aruba untill Natalee is returned HOME. The 3 boys know where she is and the Government know they know it makes me sick to my stomach. Im a big believer in ‘KARMA’ so watch over your shoulders boys yours will come one way or another.

    49. Stefani on September 13th, 2005 10:16 pm

      IF an Aruban were missing in the USA, do U EVEN think that they would NOT act WORSE perhaps than Nat’s Mom?She is perfectly within the limits of having to endure such an unnatural catastrophe to her child!I do NOT pay anyone’s bills, but my own, but ……I would NOT give a dime of our $$ to the Aruban’s BECAUSE of their TOTAL lack of justice for Nat!This was screwd up from the start, NO proper statements, NO proper investigation, due to the fact that this does not happen often there !1998 ~ AMY missing in the same area ~ NO answers ever given.I agree and hope the USA Gov’t. will also agree to BOYCOTT ALL USA travel to Aruba.The Aruban’s need to see what our $$ do for their Island, and why support Key Stone Cops, and potentially a dishonest Gov’t there ?ONLY an IDIOT would travel to Aruba ~ the SAME thing could happen to anyONE of us on a trip there. Natalee was not a dumb girl, had dank there, and was LEGAL 2 do so. Was Joran legal to drink or gamble ? In the USA these matters are handled within the law and punishment issued. WHY was JORAN ABOVE THE LAW AND ALLOWED TO CONSUME ALCOHOL AND ALSO GAMBLE, Underage ? SOmeone kept an eye closed to his actions, and they r now also !!!!So, BOYCOTT Aruba travel…………….they do NOT deserve our $$$$$ ~ spend on somewhere else, SAFE !!!!!!

    50. Stefani on September 13th, 2005 10:22 pm

      bizman~ I assume that you are young and VERY naive. WITH age comes maturity, maturity brings a wealth of insight regarding unfortunate situations, as this one. Have a great vacation, and I hope I do NOT see u on the news after your trip to Aruba !Do as your “gut” tells u to do, but I personally am in the mood to BOYCOTT Aruba.

    51. alison on September 14th, 2005 12:25 am

      Who is bizman12 in real life, I wonder? He sure has some anxiety eating at him about this case. He is earnestly trying to push everyone’s attention away from the Aruban suspects. Also, curiously enough, his writing style is strikingly similar to that of a guy who posted nearly similar comments under a different alias on Hmmm.

    52. Stephanie on September 14th, 2005 2:08 am

      Bizman 12, instead of searching the already searched beach, why don’t you look up the Kalpoe brothers and ask what they did with Natalee? I’d love to see a steady stream of people questioning them and recording their reactions.

    53. wantingrealanswers on September 14th, 2005 2:27 am

      BOYCOTT IGNORANCE…It does seem incredibly unfair that The Holloway family is pleading for everyone in the Dutch Territories to be punised for something they had nothing to do with. Her daughter is missing, but two wrongs don’t make a right. I remember hearing Beth Holloway thanking all the people who have been kind and supportive in Aruba, from airlines and hotels to newspapers, volunteers, and store keepers who posted flyers. Why is it ok to ask that those people be hurt? Why is it ok to ask that people on islands and countries that none of the Holloways ever set foot on be punished? Why is that not wrong? I understand the Holloway’s are suffering, but why does that give them the right to wish harm to so many others who have done nothing to them?

    54. Kelli on September 14th, 2005 7:18 am

      I would like to know if bizman12 has any children??

      I would never leave Aruba and I would beg people not to travel to Aruba. Apparently the government doesn’t mind the “negative” publicity on this case…..maybe if their pocketbook suffers – that would get their attention. I would do ANYTHING to find my child.

    55. bizman12 on September 14th, 2005 7:21 am

      Are you always wrong when you make assumptions?Actually I am 42 years old and not naive at all.Age may make a difference to some point but it should not get in the way of being open to other possibilities regardless of what the situation may be.Sometimes maturity brings about stubborn mindsets that often hinder progress in situations.Just because a person is advanced in their years does not mean that their hunches are any more valid than anyone else’s.

      I have been looking forward to this vacation and I realize that time waits on no one especially those who have as you called it matured.If I were to boycott Aruba because a person is missing then I would have to boycott my planned spring trip to Washington,D.C..As you may or may not know that is where Chandra Levy dissappeared and body eventually found and as of this writing the perpetrator in that murder has not been arrested.So I say should we boycott any place on earth where people have disappeared.I think not.

      Do you really think there is a chance that I could actually be on TV like so many others who have produced no evidence despite their intentions?

      I have no anxiety about the case.If I were to blindly believe everything tha Beth has said on TV the I would be just as confused as she is.Also if I did believe everything she said would that alleviate the perceived anxiety that you think I suffer from,LOL.

      I am hopeful that the families of Natalee find closure and I hope that it is a positive ending.With that being said it is now time to open up this investigation to a 360 degree angle and leave no stone unturned.Three months of doing what has been exhaustive and extensive investigation into what Beth believes wholeheartedly has produced no proof to back up any of the scenarios that she has presented.In the end she may be correct but there has to be realization that other possibilities exist.If she were to spend half the effort investigating the MB kids there is no telling what she may have found out by now.But the tunnelvision that she has and that she has instilled in those who believe everything she says may very well be the reason why this case has stalled.I am not saying she should abandon her theories but at some point she has to be persistent in finding out more than she has thus far.And the only way that is going to happen is if she is perceptive to other possibilities that do indeed exist.

      God bless Natalee and families.

    56. bizman12 on September 14th, 2005 7:27 am

      Yes I have 3 children,an 18 year old son,15 year old daughter,14 year old son.So what’s your point.

      I too would do anything to find my child and that includes setting my ego aside and accepting that I could possibly be wrong in my assumptions.Yes I would be open to all possibilities and I would investigate all avenues not just what my gut was telling me.

      The govenrment of Aruba has no choice but to accept the negative pubicity that they receive.What else can they do?Where there is a TV ratings to be had nothing will stand in the way.

    57. Alan Sherman on September 14th, 2005 8:50 am

      Me and my family are joining the boycott of Aruba. We’ve been vacatiomning there for the past eight years, and have visitd at least ten times—BUT NO MORE!!!

    58. Floor on September 14th, 2005 9:10 am

      She travels there, but we’re not allowed to???

    59. Kelli on September 14th, 2005 11:00 am

      Everyone has an opinion – I don’t think ego has anything to do with this. I would stay in Aruba until my child was found or I could bring their body back to U.S. I don’t know enough about the case to discuss specifics but I would use the media and boycott if necessary if it would help.

    60. patricia sayen on September 14th, 2005 11:02 am

      The Hollaways are a better family than most. Raising three sons and having grandchildren, it would have been pretty hard for me not to take their life into my own hands and spend my remaining days on earth in prison. After loosing a child, what would be left anyway. I am a Christian and God alone has given me a heart of forgiveness towards so much in life. Yet this is pretty hard to swallow knowing the Hollways can’t even bury their child, if it came to that, or have any closure in this. I admire the way they have been able to hold together and that is from the grace of God.
      Aruba, no one should even consider going to that place until they can get their legal system in order. Who would want to travel to a country that allows such vial actions to take place? They know those boys are involved and yet they are back on the streets.
      God help you Aruba. As Able’s blood cried out of the ground to the Lord, so does Natalies. Justice will come about but maybe not in our lifetime. To the Hollaways, I have never felt so much anger and hate towards anything in my life as I do these boys and I have experienced quite a bit at 50. I only pray that I can get through this small issue. God only knows what you two are going through. Our prayers are with you.

    61. Stefani on September 14th, 2005 1:07 pm

      bizman~are your children ALSO going to aruba with u ?what would u do IF the event replayed with one of your babies ? would u NOT think of boycotting aruba to financially pinch them where it counts ? a boycott is the BEST way in my opinion, because without the american tourist bucks $$ spent there, they have no lives and have NO prosperity. there r TOO many places for americans to travel to that are GOOD, decent places, law abiding~ and who have an efficient law enforcement agency in place and gov’ts. of HIGH integrity. Again, i hope that i do not see u or your family in the news…..God’s speed with all of your family IF u choose to travel to aruba. this recent incident with natalie is proof that there is much MORE to that island than we realize !might i suggest u read the miami herald when u have an opportunity to. some interesting facts in there about a realtor with aruban connections and corruption. have a wonderful day and God bless !

    62. Stefani on September 14th, 2005 4:17 pm


    63. bizman12 on September 14th, 2005 6:29 pm

      The judge did not order them to be detained any further due to the lack of evidence which is what was expected since they were released for the very same reason.Back to square one where the investigation has been for a couple of months now.It is now time for Beth to provide all of her proof and documents that substantiate all of the claims that she had made.No more games as it is now time to take the gloves off if she has any on.

    64. Stefani on September 14th, 2005 7:26 pm

      bizman~u SCARE me ! U think as if u r an ARUBAN, or have some specific reason to protect these 3 ! Wasn’t Joran the last to be seen with Natalie, so it makes sense that HE KNOWS WHERE she is.I believe in offering the benefit of the doubt to anyone, but the fact remains that IF this were YOUR child would u not fight for resolve and grasp at all straws ? The fact remains that the Dutch appear to NOT have the best system in place……where is Amy Bradley who has been missing there since ’98?This entire investigation has been botched from day ONE, and admission was made to that fact by the ARUBAN authorities. I, as an American for 53 yrs., have raised 4 sons, and am knowledgeable about the evil in the world we live in. Yes, we NEED to watch our backs when we leave the country, but WHY promote tourism in a country who could care less about a missing white girl. Missing belt, cell records from the 30th of May, and a “filled in” dump after Jossy and USA paid for the equipment to dig it up.DOES the criminal info leed any American to believe that the Arubans are doing their best to recover Natalee ? I say not, and Natalee was a guest in Aruba. The Dutch officials have a responsibility to see that Natalee’s body, or parts of it are returned to her Mother, so that she will have closure in the matter. To accomplish this, the Dutch need to spend MORE $$ and MORE time to complete this. NO teenage boy can commit the perfect crime. I leave u with this, before u pack for your cruise to the “PARADISE” of Aruba, what about AMY BRADLEY ??? Where is SHE ????I say BOYCOTT Aruba ~ let their IGNORANCE and corruption feel the American tourist $$ pinch. IF an American travels to Aruba, they need to remain there ! The US NEEDS to stand firm and show Aruba that we are NOT going to take this lethargic investigation and corruption !

    65. MC on September 14th, 2005 7:38 pm

      Beth, you stay out of Aruba first, or is this do as I say and not as I do? If it is good enough for you, it certainly good enough for the rest of us. If NH was the saint you proclaim her to be, she would never had at Charlie and Carlos’s anyway, let alone get in the car with unknown guys. In fact, I believe you said that your step son warned NH about C&C’s before she ever left for Aruba. Bet you money, that if you had your hands on her now , you’d kick her little ass.
      I fully beleive that you are more angry with yourself and her than you are the Dutch government and the Aruban police. Get a gripe girl, you are losing it. Blame, Blame, Blame, yes put it anywhere except yourself.

    66. Madaline Harrison on September 14th, 2005 7:45 pm

      I have a daughter that is a sophmore in college. She asked me just before she went back to college what I would be doing if the situation were involving her. I told her, her father and I would have never been as polite and careful in the words we used regarding the way the government in Aruba and Holland, etc., were handling the investigation. They would definitely end up with a lot bigger and louder stink on their hands. I told her that I did not want her to ever go to Aruba. If you cannot send your child there and at least expect a fair, good faith effort to solve the crime and bring about justice, regardless of who committed the crime then everyone should boycott Aruba. Once they get enough pressure from the residents of Aruba because of amounts lost in decreased tourist activity — they will magically be able solve this case. And I can tell you this, if it were my son(s) or husband involved, and I knew they were involved, the living hell they would face at home would force them to beg to be arrested. Each and every opportunity I would be mentioning that child’s name and questioning what really happened – they would just think they faced tough interrogations at the police station. I think now that the initial shock of Katrina has passed and we are on a rebuilding path, all Americans should start pushing the Aruban and Dutch Governments to ‘ DO THE RIGHT THING!’ I think the very fact that everything appears to have been swept under the carpet, is a clear indication as to why you don’t have more residents of Aruba come forward .

    67. Madaline Harrison on September 14th, 2005 7:59 pm

      And to bizman, etc. my understanding of the commentaries I have heard, and explanations given as to Aruban law is that there is a type of kidnapping crime a person can be charged with if they were the last individual with a person and the person then ends up missing. If corruption does not run deep within the Aruban and Dutch governments — then why wasn’t, at the very least, Joran charged with that crime? He was the last known individual to be with Natalee.

    68. Cara on September 14th, 2005 8:28 pm

      Hi everyone- I’m new here
      As I read the Geraldo interview w/ Beth Holloway I remembered something that I heard months ago. I’m a news junkie and had been listining to the John Gibson show on Fox the day that Greta got the interview with the Van Der Sloots at their houe. John Gibson said he had been watching the tape as it came in and was shocked to hear that Natalee was at the Van Der Sloot house the night she disappeared …at 2 AM- Nothing was ever mentioned again. Now if his (Joran) sighned statement says that he was with her at 1:40 that makes sense…though this would also mean that the 2AM info was obtained by Greta from the Van Der Sloots themselves- does this make sense to anyone?

    69. Stefani on September 14th, 2005 9:16 pm

      madeline~right on ! charges do NEED to be filed, but obviously kidnapping and rape are not ?? crimes in aruba, IF they r, blind eyes are in motion…….corruption and cover ups ? yes i think so ! what 17 yr. old american is allowed to drink in clubs, and gamble ?and……have an open acct. with free credit at their disposal ? sounds to me like the aruban laws are for the people they choose to apply them to, NOT a judge in training’s son……

    70. Nancy on September 14th, 2005 10:37 pm

      To Bizman 12 -

      Stay in Aruba

    71. Sarah on September 14th, 2005 11:46 pm

      Bizman 12, I hope you get raped and killed in aruba

    72. leonard Krozendijk on September 14th, 2005 11:49 pm

      This is Aruba, and please read and whip.:
      Report for the last 10 years in Aruba
      Assassination 1 case.
      Lost people 2 cases
      ( Natalee, and one drunken man that was found dead of a heart attack)
      Lost child ” none”
      Lost tourist : one case Natalee Holloway”
      We feel sorry and support Beth and all their family, but do not mess with our island , we will not allow this. period.

    73. leonard Krozendijk on September 14th, 2005 11:52 pm

      Common Sarah get real , don’t be stupid, what are the odds in USA 1 killing every 30 second
      In the Aruba one killing every 20 years, please don’t make me laugh.

    74. Stefani on September 15th, 2005 12:14 am

      MC ~ GO TO ARUBA AND STAY ! U sounded off about Nat and her Mother as a heartless person ! KARMA what goes around comes back 10 fold !! USA BOYCOTT Aruba ~ I would prefer to throw my $$ in the ocean than give it to these corupt people !!

    75. Stefani on September 15th, 2005 12:16 am

      leonard~where is amy bradley ? duh ???

    76. Scared Monkeys on September 15th, 2005 12:16 am

      Actually instead of calling individuals ignorant Americans lets compare apples and apples. Please do not make the comparison of a tourist island of 80K people with a nation of over 300M.

      To make the proper comparison to what has occurred in Aruba, once would need to compare in to a tourist town or city of the same size. Being from the New England area I can’t remember hearing such a story taking place in Bar Harbor or Kennebunkport, ME.

      Also, some have understated the crime rate as well in some of the pro-Aruba comments. Many of you that defend the situation are missing an important point. People expect even less crime than this when they go on vacation and they expect the suspects to be charged.

    77. Stefani on September 15th, 2005 12:21 am

      the stats u listed are ONLY those which the dutch gov’t. ALLOWS u to KNOW about. corruption and coverups are not good ! ONE American girl missing in Aruba in YOUR stats is ONE TOO MANY in our books ! Don’t mess with the US ! As the USA Boycott’s travel to Aruba, the dutch gov’t. will have to export a lot more _ _ _ _ _ in order to pay its bills ! With paradise come MANY closeknit, corrupt people, and you people are TOO IGNORANT to even know it !

    78. Stefani on September 15th, 2005 12:27 am

      leonard~ u DO NOT be stupid ! the usa does have a lot of murders. the comparison to the rate in aruba does not even compare, due to its size difference ! we are BIG and we are MEAN ! BOYCOTT ARUBA ~ starve them ’til they tell us what happened to nat and WHO did it !BOYCOTT BOYCOTT TRAVEL ANYWHERE, BUT NOT ARUBA ! PERIOD.

    79. Stefani on September 15th, 2005 12:28 am

      this is the USA ~ news flash ! Immediately: BOYCOTT Aruba at all costs ! No travel until we receive justice for our LOST American !!!!!

    80. bizman12 on September 15th, 2005 8:05 am

      You are correct no teenage boy can commit the perfect crime.All the more reason why no evidence has surfaced to implicate these 3 boys.However there were numerous teenage boys on the trip including the Twitty twins who could not have possibly committed a perfect crime,evidence is somewhere it just has not been discovered as of yet.Yes the same teenagers who fled the island knowing fully well that their cousin or classmate was missing.You may ask what kind of teenager or cousin would leave one of their own on an island and simply go back home.Well quite possibly the same kind of teenager that claims to have left her on the beach to walk back to the hotel.It seems that Joran cared as much for Natalee as did her cousins who fled the island.No, teenagers are not that much different regardless of where they are or what nation they are from.

      The above observation simply begs for an investigation of the same magnitude as the one that was done on the 3 boys.It is a possibility that Natalee walked back to the HI and was perhaps assaulted on the premises of the HI.Like I said the grounds of the HI need to be searched thoroughly.Also since Beth wanted the suspects to take polygraphs she should be demanding that the MB kids take polygraphs and they should start with the Twitty twins and when all other avenues are thoroughly checked out then perhaps the focus will return on the 3 suspects but until all other possibilities are eliminated there are a lot of unanswered questions that remain.

      I encourage anyone who is of age to travel to whereever they want to travel to.I am looking forward to going to Aruba in less than 24 hours.I intend to have one helluva good time while I am there.If anyone wants to boycott anything then boycott Beth until she publicly calls for a broader investigation into all possibilities or at least boycott her until she produces all of this proof that she claims to have,yes the proof that will back up the claims that she has made everytime a TV camera is around.Yes all of the proof,the phone recordings need to be aired on TV,the documents that she smuggled out of Aruba need to be handed over to a major news outlet to be translated and then aired.The 911 call that she made to the FBI.Any and everything that she has claimed needs to be verified and brodcast to the public.Then and only then will a boycott stand a chance of being successful.The seriousness of a boycott needs to be justified on facts and not hunches.If the public is presented with authenicated facts then she just may garner enough sympathy to justify calling for a boycott.BUT UNTIL THEN EVERYTHING THAT SHE HAS SAID HAS BEEN BASED ON HUNCHES.IT IS TIME FOR BETH TO STEP UP TO THE PLATE AND JUSTIFY TO THE WORLD WHY SHE IS CERTAIN OF HER HUNCHES AND NOTHING SHORT OF SOME PROOF WILL DO.Until then I urge people to travel wherever they desire and in doing so please do not get into taxi’s with virtual strangers no matter if you have the hots for one of them.


    81. Cara on September 15th, 2005 9:59 am

      you know Leonard
      I don’t think thoses crime statistics are quite aqurate….though you must understand this isn’t about crime in America…this is about cover up in Aruba. That’s the issure most of us are having with this. Guaranteed here in the US you wont’s see anyone that has admitted to rape let go…you wont see any behind closed door trials here either…that’s kind of nutty and it sure doesn’t build confidence, addd to that the drug and money laundering reputation Aruba has it doesn’t look good…..not where I would feel comfortable vacationing again.
      I’m not intending to be insulting…just trying to get you to see my point of view….it’s a bit scary.

    82. Cara on September 15th, 2005 11:43 am

      Wow, Dr Phil has posted much of what will be on the show today with Beth Holloway…transcripts…look:

    83. Michelle on September 15th, 2005 12:52 pm

      I agree with Beth Halloway, I do think we should not travel to Aruba until her daughter is returned or she knows all the information to lead to her daughter. I have to say I have been reading about the missing teen since it started. I do think that the Aurthoties in Aruba had all they need to have this case to a close by now, but what I do think is that the father that is a Judge for the one boy had alot of pull. I also think that the family should aloue the police to search there homes and poperty in order to find what they need. I do think that the mother knows about it and the father and the 3 boys have something to do with it. No they have something to do with it. How could any buddy just leave some one on the beach and then she is gone, ya right. I do not beleive that and I am sure alot of people beleive there was a cover up in Aruba. I agree with Beth Halloway on not traveling to Aruba.
      Beth you hang in there. God bless you

    84. Svancamp on September 15th, 2005 2:15 pm

      BOYCOTT ARUBA!! Don’t give up Beth!!! We’re with you!!

    85. Anne Braun on September 15th, 2005 2:25 pm

      Want another good reason not to go to Aruba or any other Dutch Governmental jurisdiction? BECAUSE YOU’RE NOT SAFE THERE. You have no protection. There will be no fair and unbiased investigation of your mysterous missing or whereabouts, whether you’re lost in the sea or your bones are incinerated. No one will give a hang if you’re forcably dopped up, raped, murdered, or shipped off the island and into the lost dark world of forced prostitution, like Amy Bradley. And possibly Natalie. Ever wonder why they have such low crime rate statistics? Because it’s swept under the rug by their low-life underbelly with those claiming to investigate behind their highly secretive closed-doors court system. Would you honestly expect credible statistics, even from those sympathetic fair-minded citizens living there who DO have knowledge of the real facts? Could it be that they live a quiet life and go about their business in fear of disappearing themselves? Ever think about that? Didn’t Natalie’s family just prove to you that there’s no cutting through to the hard-core of their crime element? So stay away from there. And keep your kids away from there. BECAUSE YOU’RE NOT SAFE THERE. NEITHER ARE THEY. Didn’t Natalie Holloway and Amy Bradley and doubtlessly many others that we don’t even know about, already prove that to you? GET IT?

    86. Anne Braun on September 15th, 2005 2:40 pm

      To Bizman and anyone else who thinks they have all the answers, but no solutions; and who can’t even muster up a little heartache for Beth Twitty and all of Natalie’s sad family; get your butt on over there. Have a large time! Enjoy. You probably wouldn’t be missed very much should you never come back. And just in case you don’t make it back, maybe you deserve it. Go for it!

    87. cooley on September 15th, 2005 6:51 pm

      Aruba was a safe and fun place to visit, before Natalee vanished. The island was not boycotted when young American man disappeared. Knowing this,Beth let her daughter go away. As I understand , it was against her father, Dave’s wishes.
      Do you think that only Americans vacation in Aruba? While we are boycotting, let’s boycott Japan. Don’t we have young American man missing there too? Or has he been found, I haven’t heard anything on the news lately about him. Let’s boycott Alabama too. I have read where there are 19 teenagers missing from that state. How about the African-American woman that vanished in Al about the same time that Natalee did in Aruba. What about the distinguished black school principal??? Yeah, let’s boycott Alabama…don’t go there you might disappear too. I truly believe that the boys left her on the beach, because she was to meet someone else there. Why didn’t Beth get the CIA in on her investigation? All of my sympathy is for Dave Holloway.

    88. bizman12 on September 15th, 2005 8:04 pm

      We dont even know if it was actually Deepak’s voice was on the recording that was played.Obviously the content of the recording was approved by Beth Twitty before it was allowed to be aired or it would not have been aired,we all know how the TV interviews are done by now.One thing for sure whoever’s voice was on the recording was heavily edited and how can the tape be taken seriously if it was not shown in its entirety.What we do know is there is no proof to hold anyone at this time.I agree with Dr Phil that whoever was on the recording was wrong to say that Natalee was dressed like a s**t and talked like one too,that was wrong.

      Here is another valid scenario,yes just as valid as anything else that has been submitted so far.

      It sounds like she was willing and ready as she sure got into the car with them.Would it make anyone feel any better if they lied about having sex with her?It sounds like they are being truthful about the sex that was involved.And then she walked back down the beach and was confronted by the Twitty boys and or her ex boyfriend since they were more than likely pissed that she left with three guys.It is almost a given that the conversation amongst the teenagers who returned to the HI was more than likely about Natalee acting that way and one or both of the Twitty twins were extremely embarrassed by their step cousin’s behavior and confronted her on the beach and that is where I believe is buried,yes somewhere on the grounds of the HI.The grounds of the HI have never been thoroughly searched since the story is centered around her never having made it back to the HI.

      Hence the quick exit of the Twitty twins or anyone else involved who was on the trip.What kind of relative would leave an island without their kinfolk,blood or by marriage.Most decent people would want to know where a missing relative is.Maybe they did know where she was and they got out while the getting was good.

      If anyone here from Aruba is reading this please urge your elected officials to order a thorough search of the grounds of the HI.I will be arriving in Aruba tomorrow and will be doing a visual for anything suspicious but the human eye can only see so much.All and equipment should be used to search the grounds of the HI.

      For some reason her own kinfolk left the island without her.Dammit it is time those kinfolk and all male students on the trip to take a polygraph and submit DNA samples to see if there is a match with the toothbrush that has male DNA on it.This case can be solved if the right places are searched.But until the rose colored glasses come off and all possible suspects are investigated this case will remain unsolved.

      On hearing that Dave Holloway will be returning to Aruba tomorrow to search some areas of interest I hope that he reads here and WILL AND CALL FOR A SEARCH OF THE GROUNDS OF THE HOLIDAY INN.DO IT DAVE,DEMAND THAT THE MB CREW BE INVESTIGATED.

    89. Denise on September 15th, 2005 11:42 pm


    90. cynthia on September 16th, 2005 6:25 am

      What can I do to help you? I can tell you that the mouth on Joran will be his undoing before his 2nd year in college. I can also tell you that he is a sexual preditor. He will try this in the Netherlands and get caught. When this happens you’ll have your daugter. No more deniles.

    91. Minime on September 16th, 2005 7:13 am

      Im a dutch student and while reading this, im truly amazed.
      How can you think that Aruba/the Netherlands arent trying to find her? How does not spending your nights in Aruba’s hotels bring back natalee? And why not travelling to the Netherlands? In what way does that contribute to finding her?

    92. Lynn on September 16th, 2005 10:12 am

      Do people realize there are 200,000 unsolved murders in the US? It is a good thing tourists don’t boycott our cities because of all of the crime here. There have been over 90 murders in my town this year and many are still unsolved.

      Bizman makes a lot of sense and all I see are people telling him that they hope he dies in Aruba, now that is very mature.

      My heart goes out to this family AND all other families that have missing children, some for many years that NEVER find out what happened to their children. Natalee left willingly with these guys and why didn’t her friends try and stop her? Many people in Aruba depend on the tourists for a living and it is their government that is corrupt, just like in the US. I have never been to Aruba but, one missing person’s case is not going to stop me from going.

      Some people here act like we should just all stop our lives because this ONE girl is missing that left willingly with 3 men she did NOT know in a foreign country. And of course she doesn’t deserve what happened but, she did put herself there.

    93. Cara on September 16th, 2005 10:16 am

      bizman and cooley,
      THE PROBLEM IS THE COVERUP……if it wasn’t a coverup then why all the secrecy, why fight to keep certain things from being searched…why can’t the FBI see what they are doing…I’ve lived in Europe (following the Dutch system-bah!)…in Europe it’s not normal to have a trial behind closed doors.
      It’s not safe to go to a country that refuses to let you know what may have happened to your loved one, should they turn up missing. A country where there is no rule of law!
      AND as far as some of the student behavior at Carlos and Charlies- Beth and Dr Phil and numerous others say that it was due to the drugs slipped into their drinks- some believe by the bartenders. Family and friends have SAID she would never normally have gotten into that car without being under the influence of a drug. Why is her reputaion on trial? She’s the victum remember, are you saying that we should all wish the VDSloots well, wish Joran well and go vacation at the happy corupt island, and forget it because she asked for it???? Not Deepak’s voice, why would they make it up? They’re trying to get to the truth remember- it’s the Aruban Govt. that has a problem with the truth. Aruba has never- NEVER been a safe place. There are years of some really scary history- check for yourselves. Sadly, it took Natalee’s tragedy to point out that Aruba isn’t safe. So however she disappeared, the fact that Aruba will do NOTHING to reveal what really happened makes it a BAD VACATION CHOICE- BEWARE! I can’t believe more people aren’t outraged that they put on this Mickey Mouse (apologies to Mickey) legal thing and really thought we were that dumb to believe they were working on solving this thing. I suppose the good citizens of Aruba are used to being duped in this way- and possibly see how ridiculous it is themselves- and are afraid to stand up- but I don’t believe we are.
      I know what that whole Aruba legal system thing reminds me of- Russia during the cold war(- and sometimes even now).

    94. tl on September 16th, 2005 11:18 am


      This is my first time to visit this site. After reading all comments, I believe there are good point of views that could seriously be looked into. Such as a thourgh research of the HI. And DNA samples from MB twins & x-boyfriend. Not to point fingers. But as Beth has stated in the early interviews “This is a process of elimination”. It has not been uncommon for friends, family, x-boyfriends,girlfriends and spouces to hurt one another out of jealousy, hatred and such.
      Nor does it mean Juran , Deepak & Satish are not guilty of a sexual crime.
      For I feel they are indeed. It’s just unnessasary to lay blame or whatever you want to call it on Beth. I’m sure she has dreamed this was a terrible nightmare and if she wakes up it will be over. And if she could go back to her last moments with Natalee, she would have said more, hugged her longer, even have went with her. For she carries her on share of guilt. Any parent feels guilt for there child. Even to displine your child, and you see thier tears and their broken hearts, it makes a parent feel guilty for doing the right thing. So I can’t image the enormous pain she lives with everyday. I guess for her, she has to keep going, to help ease her mind. I have all the respect in the world for this lady. Not to mention Dave & Jug.
      I have a daughter, and if I had the information Beth has, I don’t believe I could be as strong as she has been. I’ve always said “Dogs get mad” “People get angry”. But I believe the Dog would come out in me. I WOULD GET JUSTICE!!

    95. Charming on September 17th, 2005 6:10 am

      To Cara
      so you`ve live in europ huh ? well don`t think so .. this trial is not behind close doors … the people don`t care if u stop going to aruba or the netherlands not all the money is commin from the US thats really stupid to think that…. and there is nothing wrong to our Dutch system .. the case isent closed yet !!!!!

    96. Rose on September 17th, 2005 7:01 pm


    97. sheerasheera on September 17th, 2005 7:49 pm

      My prayers are with the Holloway-Twitty family. I too have been following the story and am very saddened by it. I do think that the students from MB should be questioned again. Something doesnt seem right, how could they w/the chaperones just leave the island with one of their own missing? And I saw an interview with some of the girls on the trip and when one was asked a question they would all look at each other before they would say anything, never really giving any information.
      I think we should all be careful about where we send our kids on these class trips. This is a scary time not just in Aruba but also in the states.

    98. jeannie caldwell on September 18th, 2005 5:45 am

      how about how the donations are being spent for the twittys
      frist of all you hire lawyers, & investergators to do the work
      the twittys are well to do they should use there own funds for there search
      i never got so tired of anything as seeing beth & jug making false statements & the ruling from the appeals court should clear up all the false information the twittys are trying to make the public believe
      as far as boycotting aruba ,are they crazy? we should all stop living until little miss rich girl is found. please give the people with common sense some credit
      if you have been watching the
      dan abram geraldo,& greta there questioning the so called statements that beth is trying to say is evidence to put tll three
      back in jail
      i think the people of aruba have bent over backwards to help in the holloway case
      there are so many missing people that arint geting near the coverage natalee is getting guess money talks
      its time to put it to rest chances of finding natalee are slim to none & finding who is to blame is even greater
      this may sound cold to many people but enough is enough

    99. sherieb on September 18th, 2005 8:33 pm

      I’m disappointed in some of the comments about natalee hollaway…one being that at 18 years old and just graduating from high school irregardless of her intellectual capacity as an honors student she was still a kid…kids do stupid things like being attracted to the wrong person, getting into vehicles when they shouldn’t, not staying with the group when out on the town…when I was young I would have made, and have made bad choices, I was lucky in that nothing horrific happened to me…some of the comments that because she was dressed in a provocative manner(when all the girls she posed in a picture with were dressed the same, as are girls in this country on a daily basis) or that she drank at a club(attended by others from her school), or left with someone in a car…does this mean she deserved everything she got? that is a rapist mentality and it is apalling that anyone would excuse kidnapping, rape, or murder on the grounds that the person screwed up so they deserved it, she made bad choices but her friends didn’t do much better, did they? at that club they didn’t try to stop her, left her behind the next day, why, because it was a group of kids who really don’t know how to handle these kinds of situations, foremost, they just don’t think period. I’m sure her family is wishing a million times that they had not allowed her to go on this trip…my parents didn’t allow me to go on a class trip back in the day (1973) and bad things happened to some kids then, but my parents realized that I didn’t need to be jaunting around without them to supervise because anyone with children knows that the person who will watch your child the closest on a trip is you. I feel for this family, I have a 13 year old daughter and don’t know what I would do if she disappeared…I know it won’t be from a class trip to anywhere because she won’t be going, in country or out. As to the boycott aruba…I personally will go to u.s. held or controlled areas, when you go to foreign countries you have to deal with their laws, or lack or as we understand them. I too have noticed all the tempting discounts on trips to aruba being posted…doesn’t tempt me….

    100. mary on September 18th, 2005 11:53 pm

      Your smart ass comment about not getting in any cars with strange women you meet was very hateful and hurtful. You wait until your 15-year-old daughter does something stupid and see if you don’t find a heart. Kids do dumb things, which doesn’t mean they deserve to be raped. Also this is an issure reagarding violence and hatred toward women, which is a world-wide problem. This behavior and attitude will one day affect your daughter.

    101. Cara on September 19th, 2005 11:25 am

      come on Charming- your little Dutch country is KNOW for is porn and drugs for sale. Red light districts that have buildings with plate glass windows with unclad women….and at any bar you can purchase any drug your heart desires…people in parks drugged out of their minds…..most of Europe’s seedy porn flicks come from your little Dutch country…….everyone in Europe knows this…….oh ya great place.
      I guess we’ll find out if the boycott of Aruba by Amricans makes an impact- I bet it will. If it doesn’t effect the corup little island- good for them-my gusee is it will, or they wouldn’t have worked so hard on their cover up……their very LAME cover up.

    102. carolyn ramirez on September 19th, 2005 1:57 pm

      I want to know how stupid can we be? How about the large fishing cage and knife that was reported missing and the fisherman called the police and they have never responded! It doesn’t take a rocket science degree to figure out they gave her a date rape drug, raped and murdered her!!!!! I urge Beth to fight and hope the media sticks with her!!!!! It’s all been a cover up from the beginning.

    103. lynn on September 19th, 2005 5:17 pm

      We will continue to dry out our homeland in the gulf states, but make no mistake the american public will never let these satanic, arrogant scum bags live in peace. Nalalie is an american girl with a great american family, all of us. The parents of the creeps should also never live peacefully. Who would raise their children to drug, rape and murder and lie to get away with it, and how would they handle it was one of their precious losers. Don’t worry Holloways and Twitty’s, the american people have got your backs and will stick in until we get your daughter back. Much Love

      Lynn in Florida, Boycotter

    104. lynn on September 19th, 2005 5:39 pm

      could post both of my emails, i just my computer and its been a long time. I think biz12 is either counsel for Joran van der s*** or it is Joran himself. If he is not either, I would like to expedite his Aruban residency. Good luck to his daughter in Joran’s & Kalpoe’s town.

      Lynn, Boycotter

    105. lynn on September 19th, 2005 5:52 pm

      I need to clarify who I am . I am the Lynn who lives in Florida and I am not in denial. I did not write until I found this site today. i am appauled at what I am reading. To Biz12 and charming, go to Aruba and stay, live in Aruba and shut up. The real people who represent this country, family, friends will always stick together. That is our basic foundation. All of you who think about those Aruban porn kings, good luck to your kids. And to all of us who will never give up on finding Natalie, move forward in the search, never give up and BOYCOTT!

      Lynn in Florida, BOYCOTTER

    106. Stefani on September 19th, 2005 6:43 pm

      carolyn~I agree and WHY is NO ONE being held accountable for the items missing from the fishing hut ? Keystone Cops……fingerprints all evidence GONE ~ just like the night they did NOT CHECK any cars in Aruba ! They murdered her and even a lay person wioth NO forensics degee KNOWS that !

    107. chuck on September 19th, 2005 7:27 pm

      What a disgrace for people not to stick with the Hollaways and boycott ARUBA !
      I am with you Beth and I will Boycott Aruba,..and I have influenced many to NOT go there.
      Those that rationalize going there are the part of the divided unpatriotic American’s that make excuse after excuse for their own comfort and not for justice to a raped and murdered young girl. The MEDIA HAS GOT TO KEEP EXPOSING ARUBA !!!!

    108. on September 19th, 2005 7:36 pm



    109. Kelli on September 20th, 2005 9:38 pm

      I never see anything about Natalee on TV anymore! Does Greta or Geraldo talk to Beth anymore??? When is it on the news??? BOYCOTT ARUBA

    110. nancy on September 20th, 2005 10:30 pm

      Keep it up. You are doing a great job defending your daughter and I (mother of 3) hope to never be in your shoes… I was going to vacation in Aruba this coming winter from the states and cancelled. We usually spend A LOT of money on trips and this time, they can just forget it. I will never travel to Aruba until Natalie is back or justice is served… We will travel back to Rome this coming year instead.

      I can only hope that you eventually find peace… I don’t know how but I believe that God will lead you somewhere that is positive and peaceful.

    111. Sharon Beacham on September 21st, 2005 12:39 am

      I have followed this case from the beginning. There is no doubt in my mind that Joran van der Sloot knows what has happened to Natalee Holloway, whether or not he actually caused her death or ultimately knows her wherabouts may be questionable, but I am sure based upon everything that has surfaced that he knows what happened to her. How about a simple lie detector test. If all else fails, doesn’t he need a wisdom tooth pulled, and a little sodium penthathal? It worked in World War II. Isn’t is a shame that in modern society it is forbidden for someone to tell the truth induced by a simple drug that may solve a case that has taken countless hours, 5 months of manpower and could possibly be solved in 5 minutes time?

    112. julie on September 21st, 2005 2:37 am

      i think that bizman 12 is seriously mentally ill and a woman hater.he sounds like he would be a perfect candidate to rape murder and kill birds of a feather flock together.god please change this cold and cruel man in the name of jesus

    113. delire, from Cape Breton on September 21st, 2005 10:03 am

      the holloway case sickens me …the cover ups by Dutch authorities….Icould not travel to Aruba knowing about this case…..howcould one have a good time inAruba knowing the facts.

    114. Jo Ann Almeida on September 21st, 2005 5:23 pm

      I would like all americans to boycott Aruba. I loved visiting Aruba. I have been there 5 times, but will never go back in respect for the Holloway family. The government botched up this case. How dare they let those three men take advantage of american women. I have a daughter of my own.

      You can publish this. I will be ready and willing to help with any boycott program.

      Jo Ann Almeida
      548 Stangle Road
      Martinsville, NJ 08836

    115. Christy on September 22nd, 2005 9:25 am

      Someone needs to hack the website and put a big picture of Natalee on the front page with a a slogan like “Justice Lost”. Come on hackers… we know you like challenges.

      I’m from Birmingham, AL and this is a horrible tragedy.

    116. Linda on September 23rd, 2005 8:49 pm

      This is such a horiffic crime, I can’t imagine these sexual predators getting away with this, especially noting their involvement with rape and pornography. We have been to Aruba 3 times, but never again after our daughter told us she was chased as she was jogging on the beach near the HI. Obviously this is routine there. We support the boycott and pray for Natalee and her family.

    117. Linda on September 23rd, 2005 9:19 pm

      This is a horrific crime! I can’t believe these sexual predators were released , especially knowing their involvement with this crime, pornography, implied rape, drug, and murder charges! We have been to Aruba 3 times but never again, especially since our daughter told us she was chased on the beach near the HI while jogging!
      Our hearts go out to the Holloway/ Twitty families. We pray for Natalees return.

    118. Cara on September 25th, 2005 2:46 am

      I just read that the US State Department report on Aruba and the other Dutch Islands in the area reguarding the problem with trafficking in woman and children for sexual exploitation, it was published this summer. All the more reason to stay away. I made a comment about this on the Aruba site, I said I think people should be aware, and they refused to post it. A country of censorship as well as kidnaping of women and children, it’s not the happy picture they would like to paint.
      The report is here
      see page 165.

    119. William All on September 26th, 2005 12:42 am

      The #1 man in charge of the investigation for the first ten days to two weeks was reportedly a good friend and previously an employee of Paul Van Der Sloot. During that time the main suspects were intentionally released. Do you think it was for the purpose of being briefed and time to destroy all evidence or are you just terribly nieve. I think when the new officials were brought in to investigate it was too late because the evidence was gone.

      I take a cruise and fly to a vacation area every year but I will never go Aruba regardless of how long I live.NOT EVER NOT EVER

    120. jeannie on September 26th, 2005 2:46 pm

      so far no hard evidence dont see how anyone can be blamed
      there isint even a crime scne
      as much as everyone wants to find natalee until we do i think so many are being unfair to the arubans
      they have bent over backwards to help the families
      if this had happened here in the states the threemen wouldint have spent an hour in jail also they would have been able to lawyer up pronto
      i hear so much about missing people but none of them are getting the coverage natalee is getting
      we are going on four months i think enogh is enough

    121. Linda in L.A. on September 26th, 2005 11:45 pm

      Added in L.A. to my name since there are 2 of us on here. Bizman…I do not hope you go to Aruba and die or stay or anything else bad happens to you. What I’d really like is for you to feel free to express your opinions…but be more caring about the way you express them.

      I am amazed you are a father…of teens no less…but yet you state Natalee helped bring this on herself. Its not just that that was your opinion…it was the way you stated it…almost like you were gloating.

      Natalee DID NOT bring this attack on herself. To be honest…I don’t care if she was a prostitute…when a woman is going in and out of consciousness…she can not consent. Any boy/man knows this. These were not 3 confused young school boys thinking all along she was enjoying herself. These boys either gave her the drug…or took advantage that someone gave her the drug. In doing so…they committed rape.

      To then place blame on her mother for allowing her to go…absolutely amazing. Ya know…I’m very sorry your step brother was killed in Memphis and it went unsolved. But I doubt very seriously if someone had come forward and said they did it…but he deserved it…that the police would just let the matter go. And I doubt also if you would be ok with that.

      I’d be interested to know what your wife’s opinion is of all this. If it were your daughter…would you shrug you shoulders and say she helped bring it on herself so oh well? No…you wouldn’t…you know it and I know it.

      You probably aren’t reading this because you are enjoying yourself in Aruba. As for your comments about interviewing the kids. Sure…interview them. Again and again if need be. But maybe they have been and we just don’t know it. And if they haven’t been…isn’t that one more signal that there is something wrong with this investigation?

      As for Natalee liking Joran. So??? What difference does that make? Is date rape ok because the girl liked the guy before it happened? As for getting in the car…I agree…bad choice. But given the fact the girl was barely coherent at that point…why wouldn’t she? She had met him earlier in the visit I understand and he had told her he was staying at the same hotel she was. What possible difference does it make? Would you have felt better if they had arranged a date and he picked her up for the date. Unbelievable. Wait until your daughter starts dating. Its the scariest thing in the world for parents.

      And to Jeanne Caldwell…what exactly are you angry about? The call to boycott? It sounds like you are angry that you think her family has money. I’m unsure what your definition is of being well off…but from what I understand…they certainly are not well off. How would you like the donated money to be spent Jeanne? Isn’t the fact that they have posted a large reward for information enough for you?

      Finally…have you given any thought to your statement about so many others being missing and you don’t hear about it like Natalee….and that you guess money talks??? No…not money Jeanne…Beth. Beth is talking…and talking…and for all of you who keep saying their sick of hearing about this…turn off your televisions…turn off the radios and computers when it comes up as a topic. You don’t have to be involved in it. You could always go take a nice relaxing trip to Aruba like bizman has done.

    122. jeannie on September 27th, 2005 2:50 pm

      i wish the media would have dave on as he is sincere he dont throw out false statements
      there is so much pain in his face
      just because he dont hog the media like the twittys does not mean he cares less
      if anyone finds out what happened it will be dave he shows so much common sense & class

    123. A Habib on September 29th, 2005 1:26 am

      I think we should all boycott island of Aruba until they solve her case. PERIOD.

    124. jeannie on September 29th, 2005 11:15 am

      sorry but i dont think there are very many people that will boyctt aruba to make a difference

    125. Anne Braun on September 29th, 2005 11:38 am

      Well Bizman; I see that you haven’t had much to say letely. Maybe you have finally stopped barking and tucked your tail between your legs and walked away, like the dog that you are. But just in case you’re still reading, I suppose you would say that I should have been raped and disposed of for the occasions I put myself in the way of, that happened to me at a very tender young age when life was so bright and full of hope and I was beautiful and innocent. Wanna hear about the time when I worked behind a soda fountain in a drug store in Montgomery, Al? Coming from your mentality, I would have deserved to die the time that I was offered a ride home after work by a member of a male quartet that I recognized from an evangelical visit to our church; just because I accepted the ride and then he spent the next hours trying to rape me before I was able to get away from him on a dark country road, then running from him with his car following right behind me? I guess it would have served me right had he dragged me back into the car, or just ran right over me like I thought he was going to do! For sure, I guess I should have died the next time, due to “my own fault” when I accepted a ride from another young attractive guy who had been hanging around the soda fountain, begging me to let him drive me home after work, which I finally accepted. But then, he stopped and picked up two of his friends along the way. Wanna guess what happened? Again, for several desperate hours, I spent way into the night fighting off THREE guys who took turns trying to rape me before I was able to get out of the car and run; and again, I walked and ran for hours hiding in the woods, and on a dark road trying to find my way home. And my parents would have never been able to find me either… But according to you I would have deserved whatever happened to me just for being there? And of course, my parents should not have greived or wasted time trying to find me because I deserved it?! Or, are you saying, “ah, she didn’t pick these guys up in a bar so she deserved to get away?” Wrong. A little later on, this too happened to me and I nearly got the daylights beaten out of me! Oh, but I guess I deserved that one?! Oh, there’s more I could tell you concerning other incidences over the next several years, but your little closed up mind could never feel or comprehend the persuasive and overpowering cleaverness that a man can exercise over a young woman; and then the horror that the young and beautiful woman can be subjected too (never mind that I had an IQ that would make you quake in your boots, that you also could not relate too!); all for making niave, youthful and bad judgements, and for being in the wrong place at the right time. But you know what Bizman? Among the many things I’ve learned about people like you along my journey, is that they never change. They just go on and on with their weariness of useless prattle until at long last they come to their own mind-boggling misery and sorry end; then turn around and ask “what did I ever do to deserve this?” Well, here’s your answer Bizman: Plenty. They deserve plenty when life finally doles out their pay-back and just due, basically because they had no compassion for others whom they hurt along the way with their cold, uncaring judgements, fierce words and wrongful deeds. I’ve actually wondered if some people even have a soul, or maybe their soul is already dead and awaiting judgement, and their conscience is seared. That’s a real pity. These people would never stop to think about Natalee pleading and begging her assailants to stop, and the fear, horror and pain she must have endured on that fateful night. You have no idea as to the panic and dreaded thoughts that are going through a young woman’s mind in a situation where she has no control against just one man, much less three men; not to mention the searing pain she had to suffer at their hands. Now being a mother myself, I’m sure Beth Twitty has laid awake many, many nights and early mornings, reliving what her daughter must have gone through, right to the end. And the many, many days she has sought so hard to find her daughter and to find out what happened to her must have been a nightmare all to itself. OF COURSE SHE WANTS ANSWERS, you idiot. This was her baby, her beautiful child, her lovely and beautiful daughter; violated, disposed of, then forever terminated by strangers as if she were nothing more than useless garbage… And now that poor woman has had to literally fight for months the other families involved and the powers that be in a foreign country, who have also made it clear to HER that her precious daughter is nothing more to them than useless garbage; for which they TOO will get their just due in the end…. But I guess you don’t comprehend this either. I submit to you Bizman, and all those like you who are traveling on the wrong road; if you are REALLY a truth seeker (there are very few); then you need to sit down with the Bible and READ it. I read all of your emails and you are obviously not stupid. So pick up the book and read it. You will be amazed at what you find there! You will find yourself there. I did not write the book, but I know the one who did. You will find all the answers there to every question you could ever think to ask and then at long last you will learn wisdom and compassion for others. You will also learn how to handle your great and many sorrows when they come down on your own head, for believe me, they will. No one has to wish these things on you, they will just happen due to unforseen forces that are greater than we are and for which we have no control. You’ll see for yourself in time to come…. Better think these things through with a clear mind while you still can….

    126. mike on September 30th, 2005 7:08 am

      Met you last night at the Kelly gathering in Philadelphia, and your courage and strength are a testament to your love and devotion to your daughter.
      Please continue to have the strength to deal with the corrupt and evasive authorities of Aruba, and the courage to continue speaking out despite the irrational rants of detractors who are fortunate enough to not have to deal with the possible loss of a child through such tragic circumstances.
      God bless you and Natalee.

    127. not_buying_the_story on October 3rd, 2005 1:16 pm

      Well, with the justification on this board, it is time to boycott Virginia and its colleges because your daughters will disappear if they go there. Ask Taylor Behl’s mom. Boycott Colorado, since little kids will wind up dead and ten years later their killers are still at large. Ask the Ramseys. Don’t send your kids to Ohio State because your daughter will be murdered for going out to a club. Ask Julie Popovich’s family. Stay far, far away from Florida since 45 minor children went missing in 2005 alone and have yet to be found! Not to mention the two that dropped dead at Disney World on rides/attractions. I guess this means that American law enforcement and the FBI are incompetent and/or corrupt since none of these crimes have been solved.

      I would not boycott a country just because some feel there is some whacked-out conspiracy theory featuring three teenage doofuses and a failed judge in training (who failed out before this case ever came to light.) Otherwise I would have to boycott my own country for the same things.

    128. Lynn on October 5th, 2005 2:24 am

      Hmmm. Well, maybe we do need to stand up here in the US and complain more loudly about the violent society we are towards women and children. Sociopaths are everyone and our judges and courts barely slap their hands, unless they are women and minorities. And parents need to take some responsiblity for raising their children. I think people have pretty well accepted Natalie is not coming home. This entire investigation was botched from the start. Thank God for Beth’s persistance.

    129. sherry on October 11th, 2005 11:37 am

      I think that Beth is doing what any loving mother would do. I don’t think that anyone has the place to say anything bad about this family, until you go through what they have and are going through, you don’t know what you would do. God Bless this family and give them comfort through all this. I pray that they can get a closure on all of this very soon. God Bless

    130. Kelli on October 12th, 2005 2:25 pm

      Has Beth Holloway been on t.v. recently? Is anything happening? I check this website for updates but haven’t seen anything!! Is there another website that covers the corrupt Aruban goverment? I agree ….Thank God for Beth’s persistance.

    131. Candy on October 13th, 2005 10:34 am

      Three people have admitted that they were with Natalee Holloway the night she went missing and are the last known people to have seen her. Before there was any formal investigation they admitted they were with her and then immediately lied about where they left her. Because of these 3 young men and their lies two other men were arrested for Natalee’s disappearance. That’s just the beginning of the story but it certainly doesn’t put Joran and friends in a good light. If they had left Natalee alive and well there would have been no need to lie about when or where they last saw her. Beth Twitty would like to know where her daughter is, I don’t think that’s too much to ask. And I’m not sure anyone knows where she is right now but I can guarantee that Joran knows what he did with her body. Let’s stand together and let it be known that the answers coming from Aruba are not acceptable. BOYCOTT ARUBA.
      My thoughts and prayers are with the Holloway-Twitty families.

    132. Ann on July 25th, 2007 5:32 pm

      Our whole family is boycotting Aruba: we are urging people to go to Barbados instead. It was just unbelievable that they didn’t search the well and party house on Joran’s father’s property. As a teacher, I hate hearing people smear Natalee’s reputation–as Natalee’s mom will admit, young people do careless things when they let down their guard and go into spring break mode. But these things aren’t necessarily criminal. Let’s keep focused on who the real criminals are, and who the authorities are who are coddling them.
      There are lots of other beautiful islands out there that take women’s rights more seriously. Beth: you have many people pulling for you who hope to bring Natalee home!

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