Aruba group seeking divers to search for Natalee Holloway


From The Tuscaloosa news, the Aruba Search and Rescue Foundation seeks more divers to continue to search for Natalee Holloway in waters off Aruba’s east coast.

An Aruba group is seeking divers to continue the search for Natalee Holloway, the Alabama teenager who went missing nearly three months ago on the Dutch Caribbean island.

The group wants to lead the divers in exploring waters off Aruba’s east coast, where Holloway was staying with 124 Mountain Brook High School classmates, said Eduardo Mansur, co-founder of the Aruba Search and Rescue Foundation, which has been helping search for the teenager since she vanished May 30.

Although the waters have been searched before, the group wants to try again with the help of a machine invented by an American who claims it can detect human bones and teeth under water, Mansur said. The inventor, Joe Walker, came to Aruba to help in the search, Mansur said.

I really have to tip my hat to Jossy Mansur no matter what the motivations may be, he has done a tremendous job in helping the Holloway-Twitty families in the search for Natalee. I cannot even imagine what this search or investigation into witnesses might have looked like without his efforts or financing.

“We have been working very hard on the case from the beginning,” Mansur said. “We are following all leads.”

Mansur said he and Walker are recruiting local divers. He said they will start when enough divers volunteer.

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