Speed Camera’s: For Safety or Revenue


The politicians will pontificate regularly that speed cameras are there to promote safety, and that the high fines that are associated with them are just to slow people down. The UK has been using them for years, and have generated over 1 billion US dollars in revenue through fines.

Well the truth about this hypocracy is coming out. According to a study that was never supposed to come out they have been lying about the safety aspect. When speed cameras are used in the United Kingdom, accidents are more likely to happen 31 percent of the time, and in construction zone where the cameras are used, the accident rate increases 55 percent.

These are truly horrifying statistics, especially when states such as Illinois are planning on implementing them.

Another example of how governments in there lust to take money out of your wallet for themselves to spend will put you in danger.

Hat tip Techdirt.

Posted August 18, 2005 by
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