NY Times Caught with Hand in the Cookie Jar?


The New York Times, aka The Grey Lady, aka “All the News Fit to Print”, aka the most trusted newsource, has been caught trying to gain access to Supreme Court Nominees John Roberts adoption records for his children. Normally we have not been posting on topics such as this, but this is one on the more horrible things I have heard of from the press in a long time.

I can understand looking at all of the facets that John Roberts professional and public life, but adoption records for children are about as personal as it gets. The media continues to lower the bar on the personal lives of politicians, trying their best to get the scoop, no matter what social and ethical barriers that they are crossing.

The New York Times reputation, shredded over the years with partisan reporting and a newsroom that has had serious problems (remember Jayson Blair?), needs to recognize that although they want to stop the nomination of Roberts, there are lines you do not cross.

Click here for a link to the story.

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