Another Girl Approached by Joran and the Kalpoes?


It looks like Beth Twitty’s perseverence has paid off to a small degree. She has found another girl who met Joran Van Der Sloot and the Kalpoe brothers at Carlos and Charlies.


All it took was one person to come forward,” said Beth Twitty, mother of Natalee Holloway, who has been missing from Aruba since May 30.

Twitty says the young woman told her, like Natalee, she had met Joran van der Sloot and his friends, brothers Deepak and Satish Kalpoe, in an Aruban bar while on vacation.

A young, beautiful, blonde 18-year-old tourist, she happened to be at Carlos and Charlie’s late; it was getting close to closing time,” said Twitty.

Twitty described the anonymous witness account of a night at the same bar Natalee was last seen at, driving away with the three young men. How Joran was continuously scoping Carlos and Charlie’s.

“He approaches these three tourists and it’s just interesting how he just instantly begins to try to connect with, begin to try to relate with them,” Twitty said. “And he was telling these girls that those are his gambling buddies, that they play poker together. And then he proceeds to lean across the bar and tell the bartender, “I need four shots of 151.’ He just leans across the bar; the bartender just lines up four shots of 151. These girls had no idea. It makes me wonder, is this the shot he was buying my daughter right before closing time? A shot of 151? I wish Natalee would have been able to see that those three were tightly connected. She didn’t have that privilege. All she thought was she was getting into an Aruban cab. She didn’t have a chance. She didn’t stand a chance.”

CBS News also has an angle on this story.

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    1. Hyscience on August 6th, 2005 11:25 pm

      Saturday Night Natalee Holloway Updates With HarryTho Commentary

      It’s now Saturday night, 6 August, 2995 – and again, still no resolution in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. So, as has been the case for many nights before now, we have yet another night to update both the lack…

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