Should Supreme Court Justice Lose his Family Home?


After voting with the majority to take away private property rights from the common citizen and placing them in the hands of the government, some tax paying citizens are showing him the error of his ways.

Logan Darrow Clements is leading the charge to take away David Souters family home in New Hampshire. He is proposing a hotel on the property and tearing down the house on the property. The rational is for this is predicated upon the Supreme Court’s decision that allows the local governments to condemn properties and give the land to private developers for the sake of improving tax revenue.

So Clements wants to turn the Souter property into a Hotel. The makeup of the Weare, New Hampshire government allows the towns citizens to vote on referendums, so this may actually pass.

I would love the example to be set, with Souter losing his family home as he emperils one of the most important rights that our constitution has given us. The erosion of private property rights is one that could undermine our free market economy, and our way of life.

Maybe this personal example will teach the Supreme Court that they have to live under the laws they create.

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