Newsweek Responds to her Critics


Richard Smith, Chairman and Editor in Chief of Newsweek has an in-depth article on how Newsweek is going to manage the news process. The only problem that I see with the article is the problem that invalidates everything he says. I would bet 100 dollars that if these principles were laid out to the editors of Newsweek a month ago, they would have sworn on a bible that they were following them to the letter.

And as they say, there is the rub.

As my Dad used to say, when I did something wrong or told a lie, it was going to take a long time to regain the trust that was violated. Newsweek can come out with special articles and mission statements about how they are going to change. But the truth is, they lied and got caught. People died from it, and the United States was hurt in its mission and image.

Yet, all we have is a nice and well written mea culpa. The same people who would have sworn a month ago they were the most ethical and accurate journalists are still in place.

So when the offer from Newsweek came in the mail to renew, I did what anyone was deceived does. I let it go. Threw it in the trash and never looked back.

Update: Captains Quarters takes a different angle at the Newsweek story, but comes up with the same result. They are just blowing smoke.

Update II: Welcome Michelle Malkin readers. Take a look around, we had some fun taking on more than just newsweek today. We had some fun with the French, Karl Rove, and Holiday Inn.

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    One Response to “Newsweek Responds to her Critics”

    1. Clayton King on May 23rd, 2005 6:09 pm

      Has anyone ever thought that Newsweek could have been pressured to take the fall. It would not be the first time that government has put someone in this position. Maybe I should conclude that if this is true, then it must be the first time.

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