Desperation; Zarqawi Tape Says Killing of Muslims Is Justified


Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in order to justify his being has now transformed the Muslim religion from one of “peace” to one that states the killing of fellow Muslims is justified in attacks against U.S. soldiers and Iraqi security forces. Now it is OK for Muslims to kill Muslim’s in order to kill Americans, this will forever be know as the Zarqawi Principle.

The Zarqawi Principle states that the friend of your enemy is your enemy as should die even tough they are your own people and follow the same religion. The Principle also states that ant death that Zarqawi does is justified at any cost. Who really thinks that Mohammad is buying this?

“God ordered us to attack the infidels by all means … even if armed infidels and unintended victims — women and children — are killed together,” the speaker said. “The priority is for jihad so anything that slows down jihad should be overcome.”

The speaker on the tape argues that deaths of Muslims in insurgent violence are justified if it is impossible to avoid such bloodshed, saying the call to holy war is too important to be hindered.

Didn’t Jim Jones make this same comment right before everyone drank the Kool-Aide in Jonestown? At least Jim Jones took part in the drink himself which is more than I can say for Zarqawi killing innocent women and children and sending suicide bombers off to do his dirty work while he plans the events. I guess the war must be “too important” for Zarqawi to take part up close and personal?

So not only is Zarqawi saying that its OK to kill Muslims, but all people who try to rebuild Iraq in the Government are traitors and can be killed as well.

The man purported to be Zarqawi, who like the bulk of Iraqi insurgents is a Sunni Muslim, denounced Iraq’s Shiite Muslims as collaborators with the Americans and said leaders of the country’s Shiite-led government were traitors to Islam. The recording accused Shiite militias of assassinating Sunni leaders, kidnapping Sunni women and seizing mosques since the U.S.-led invasion two years ago.

This menace will stop at nothing to promote violence among his own people.

“We know who is killing the imams and preachers of the mosques. We know who is killing people going to prayers. The ones responsible for these killings are the Badr Brigades,” Harith Dhari, the head of the Association of Muslim Scholars, a Sunni religious organization, said in a televised address.

What kind of an individual promotes such hatred, violence and death among his own people? The promotion of death of Muslims. The Iraqi people are beginning to see what this mad man is all about. But remember this same man that justifies the death of people of his own faith is also considered a freedom fighter in certain circles.

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