Good Riddance To Bad Rubbish; aka 60 Minutes II Goes Bye-Bye


CBS has announced it is cancelling the Wednesday edition of “60 Minutes.”

CBS Chairman Leslie Moonves insisting the decision was made because of poor ratings and not last fall’s ill-fated story about President Bush’s military service.

Moonves said CBS News President Andrew Heyward was telling his staff of the decision on Wednesday and it was too soon to tell if any layoffs will result.

So I guess George W. Bush will not be blamed by the MSM for these loss of jobs?

The newsmagazine spinoff was where Rather reported last September that Bush skirted some duty while in the Texas Air National Guard and a commander felt pressure to sugarcoat an evaluation of him.

Hat Tip: Michelle Malkin. Who’s gonna get whacked. If 60 Minutes II had such journalistic creativity maybe they would still be around. Update: More from the NY Times

But the cancellation is expected to have reverberations throughout the news division as correspondents, producers, editors and others are perhaps moved around. If the show does return, Mr. Moonves said, it would only be in occasional one-hour specials. In his remarks, Mr. Moonves stressed the fact that the Wednesday edition of “60 Minutes” had some of the oldest viewers of any program on the network. “This was a ratings call and not a content call,” Mr. Moonves said. “I know that’s a question.”

Sure it was Les, content was not an issue what-so-ever. Mr. Moonves have you seen the show lately? Is it possible that the “content” may have contributed to the poor ratings? What a concept.

Update: For those coming over from Pandadon, welcome. We do not preach at you, we offer our house as a nondiscriminatory and open place. We welcome all. Even those who come from sites that call other people derogatory names.  We even have a book to read for just this occasion.

Monkey and panda

“Can’t We all Just Get Along”


From the Amazon review:

Editorial Reviews
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Lean, lively Monkey causes havoc in the village. Fat, friendly Panda spends her days quietly munching bamboo. Who is more lovable? The Chinese villagers cannot decide, and call in a wise old monk to help them choose. Antonia Barber’s “The Ghosts” was runner-up for the Carnegie Medal.

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    1. Red on May 18th, 2005 8:17 pm

      Oh yeah, the Fake Doc report had nothing to do with 60 Minutes II being canceled. Just like I guess it had nothing to do with Rather & Mapes leaving the show either.

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