Democrats Embrace Voter Fraud


There can be no more simple way to be the first line of voter fraud than have the present a photo ID to confirm the identity of a voter before casting a ballot. Seems pretty straight forward, simple and a common sense approach, right?

WRONG. Not for Democratic, Wisconsin Governor, “Jim Doyle vetoed a bill Friday that would have required voters to show government-issued picture identification at the polls, saying it would disenfranchise elderly voters.

Republicans had argued that the bill would help eliminate the potential for fraud during elections, in which registered Wisconsin voters — like those in many states — need only give their name and address to cast ballots.

In true Democratic fashion not only instituting measures that will help prevent voter fraud, but the WI Governor also manages to use the elderly as his rational. Disenfranchise elderly voters? Democrats will use anyone I guess to let voter fraud to continue, to allow dead people to vote and have individuals vote more than once.

These actions coming from the party that are constantly whining that elections were stolen from them because of voter error and the disenfranchisement of democratic voters. Once again Democrats like to demagogy the issue, but never want to fix it. What a novel concept to actually have voters prove who they are before actually casting a ballot in an election. WHAT A RADICAL IDEA.

Under the bill, voters would have needed to present a Wisconsin driver’s license, a non-driver’s ID issued by the Department of Transportation or a military ID at the polls. Without one, they would be able to cast only provisional ballots, which could be counted in a close election or if they proved their identity by the following day.

Jayson at PoliPundit has a great post on the very same issue pointing out the absolute “BS” of the Governor’s reason for the veto. Also brings up some nice Democratic voter fraud that took place in 2004.

To borrow a line from Jason, elections do matter. The people of WI if they are at all serious about voter fraud in their state should vote Governor Doyle out of office at the earliest chance.

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